In general, the AMP does not have a very good relationship with the local police department that it is attached to. There are several reason for this. The first is due to the fact that the AMP is it's own agency, outside of the control of the local police. Second, the AMP is known to be staffed by strange and abnormal personnel who possess bizarre powers. Third, the AMP deals directly with Lucifer Folk, occult occurrences and similar supernatural manifestations on a regular basis. Such things tend to drive ordinary officers mad.

This does not mean the the AMP is despised by other members of the local police department. It does mean the the AMP and it's officers have a reputation for being highly unconventional as well as 'not normal'. Most regular patrol officers will try to physically avoid AMP officers if at all possible. This avoidance is usually restricted to face-to-face meetings within the local police station.

There is some dislike for the AMP among regular officers as well, as the AMP charter allows them to simply can take over any situation - if the AMP feels that the problem falls under their jurisdiction This jurisdiction is defined as any case involving Lucifer Folk, creature manifestations, occult occurrences, or that is mystical in origin. Of course, on the other hand, most officers are only to happy to let the AMP handle this sort of case.

As it is the oldest established AMP office, the Tokyo branch of the AMP gets along fairly well with the officers of the Tokyo Police Department. The two groups work together in many cases to eliminate Entities, with the TPD handling crowd control and security, while the AMP tackles the monster directly.

There is less animosity between the rank-and-file police and the members of the AMP than there used to be, mainly because of the marriage of Katsumi Liqueur and Robert deVice. The romance between Kiddy Phenil and Ralph Bowers has also helped to smooth things over. Still, most officers treat AMP officers carefully, keeping their distance both physically and personally.

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles AMP have a fairly interesting relationship. As stated above, the Los Angeles AMP is noted to be the home of some very unusual people with some very unusual talents. Although the average LAPD officer isn't exactly 'scared' of an AMP officer, they certainly are uneasy round them. Rumors concerning the habits of the Los Angeles AMP abound in LAPD lockers rooms, few of which are accurate and some of which are downright derogatory. The insular nature of the AMP (and the fact that many of the officers are female) has not helped to alleviate these rumors.

Osaka: In Osaka, there is a great deal of animosity between the AMP and the chief of the Osaka police. This animosity is further heightened by the fact that the director of the Osaka AMP, Mana Isozaki, used to be a detective for the Osaka police. Thus, the current chief feels that Mana has betrayed her roots and her fellow officers by leaving to work for anther (rival) corporation.


On the street, regardless of city, the AMP is considered to be just another form of police special forces. Most people associate the AMP with the strange occurrences that are usually described by the media as relating to terrorist incidents. The general public is largely unaware of Lucifer Folk, although there are those (usually magicians themselves) who have some small idea of what is going on.

In MegaTokyo, the AMP have a great deal of control over he civilian population. They can declare news blackouts almost at will (and do so as part of the required procedures when dealing with an Entity), can order large-scale evacuations of a building or a city block and can erase the memories of anyone who sees an Entity or the AMP in action. These actions are condoned by the city government, which feels such draconic measures are necessary to maintain the peace.

Los Angeles: Because of the American legal system, the AMP in Los Angeles not allowed to be so heavy handed as is the case in MegaTokyo. The Los Angeles AMP is allowed to order evacuations (in the interest of public safety), but cannot declare a media blackout or alter the memories of civilians. As with most other cities, the average citizen knows nothing of the Lucifer Folk and is only vaguely aware of magic and what it can do (much in the same way that the modern day average person is only vaguely aware of how most movie special effects are made or how computers work).

Osaka: The Osaka government is just as strict (or even stricter) than the city-state of MegaTokyo when it comes to dealing with its civilian population. Any and all media reports are reviewed and censored by the government and blackouts all common for all police activities, not just those of the AMP. Memory adjustment is used as well, but unlike MegaTokyo, the AMP must request the procedure, and not expect it as a matter of course. Naturally, due to the friction between the AMP and the Osaka police, this procedure is not granted very often.

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