(Based on Silent Möbius the Movie 1 & 2, as well as the Silent Möbius manga)

[Author's note: this is not an attempt to quantify all of the material seen in Silent Möbius. Instead, it is an attempt to adapt Kia Asamiya's material to a game setting. Thus, some of the following is only loosely based off of the original material, or is made up whole cloth. However, in general, the desire is to capture the flavor and spirit of the original material.]

In Episode Two of the Silent Möbius TV series, Rally states that the AMP has divided the Lucifer Folk into three categories. The descriptions she gives are:

Category 3: Are the most common, but also the least resourceful [intelligent].

Category 2: Are endowed with some intelligence and can be communicated through speech.

Category 1: Have a high degree of status in the world they call Nemesis.

Rally also goes on to state that the only thing these three categories have in common is that they will hunt down and eat humans.

Appearance: The appearance of a particular Entity depends on how powerful it is. Low level Entities are usually slug-like or snake-like in shape. Others looks like crustations or arthropods, while some combine aspects of several different creatures. Many Entities seems to have slightly mutable forms, and can change shape to some degree. In general, this seems to manifest as the ability to sprout extra tentacles, mouths and eyes.

Entities vary greatly in size; the smallest Entities are about a foot across, the largest are great snakes that are fully 60 in length (or longer). Most Mid- to High-level Entities are very large, standing anywhere from 7' in height to well over 12' tall. A full-sized Lucifer Hawk is downright huge, and is at least 15' tall or greater, and very wide, possibly 30' across.

In general, the more powerful a Lucifer Folk, the more humanoid it will look. In Side 2, Grospolina tells Katsumi that Lucifer Folk must "... follow the rules of this world...", which is why they often have such humanoid shapes. The humanoid Lucifer Folk are usually asymmetrical however, having one limb longer than another, or a single leg, mismatched eyes and so on. Limbs are usuallyvery long and some are virtual tentacles. Legs, if there are any, are often didgitgrade in construction. Note that a very powerful Lucifer Folk can shapeshift into a form that resembles a human

Ecology: Entities come from Nemesis, although how they travel to this world is not fully known. High-level Lucifer Folk can probably cross the dimensional barriers on their own, and bring lower-level creatures with them. Some Entities may be sent to this world by agents on Nemesis, or summoned to this world by human sorcerers. Entities that are loose on Earth, and that are not under any form of supervision or control (which is usually low level Entities) tend to feed on anything they can catch, which often includes humans.

Motivations: Low-level Entities are driven by the most basic of needs. They are constantly hungry and do little else than search for food. Mid- and High-Level Entities usually have some sort of purpose or plan, and will work with regards to see that plan completed. Because of the inimical attitudes Entities have towards humans, these plans usually involve work counter to the aims of the AMP or ease the passage of more Entities to this world.

Combat Techniques: Entities have no set combat style. The virtually mindless, low-level Entities attack with out hesitation, using whatever natural weaponry they have. This includes teeth, fangs, claws and tentacles. Mid-level and higher ranked Entities will usually use their innate powers, combined with spells, to shatter any opposition and wreak havoc among their opponents. In general, higher ranked Entities prefer to use spells and other powers when fighting, as opposed to any sort of natural body weaponry.

Other Names: Entity, Lucifer Folk, Lucifer Hawk

Notes on Entities:

Characteristics: Low-level Entities are very slow, having a DEX of 8-13 and a SPD of 2-3. Mid-level Lucifer Folk are quicker, having a DEX of 15 to 21 and a SPD of 3-5. A Lucifer Hawk has a DEX of 18-20 and a SPD of 4-5. All Entities are very strong, having a STR of 30 or better. As the Lucifer Folk have an 'unnatural' appearance, COM is 0.

BODY: BODY for the Lucifer folk is tricky. They are usually of great size and seem to have a lot of BODY. But, in several cases, we see an AMP officer destroy an Entity with a single blaster shot. For gaming purposes we could presume that low-level entities have very low BODY scores (since they are mostly slime and/or goo this might not be far off), but also have 50 to 75 percent Damage Reduction vs things like firearms. Lucifer Folk may also take extra damage from magic, or don't get any extra defenses vs magic, which is why Nami's ofuda and holy water, as well as Katsumi's spells, work so well.

It is highly likely that low level (and low BODY) Entities are encountered by the AMP all the time, it's just not shown 'on-camera'. Since these creatures are mainly window-dressing, they don't need more than a single shot from a blaster to destroy. The creatures that the AMP run into during a game session are usually more important to the plot, and can take more abuse before being destroyed (thus, they have more BODY).

Weaknesses: There is no one specific weakness that can be attributed to an Entity. Nami's holy water and ofuda seems to 'burn' Entities that they strike, so one could presume that other sacred objects (such as Christian holy water) will work in a similar manner. Religious icons, such as crosses or a Star of David, will not serve to drive any Lucifer Folk away. Scenes from the manga seem to indicate that Entities can be killed by normal means (ie. guns) but their sheer size makes this a troublesome prospect. Energy weapons are somewhat more effective, which is why the AMP is issued blasters. Magic and fire work quite well, and is the most effective way to dispose of any sized Entity. Naturally, even the largest of Lucifer Folk can be damaged by a Graviton, but more powerful Entities can deflect the implosion round with mystic walls of energy.

Classifications: In the manga, the AMP makes such broad statements as "It's a low level B-H type." or "Low ranking! B-31 level!". One Lucifer Folk asks "What am I ranked in your classification? Medium class? Or high class?". Kiddy calls one Entity a "reviver". Thus, it seems that although Kia Asamiya presumes the AMP has some sort of method of classifying Entities, he certainly doesn't try to make it clear to us, the readers. In general, one can break Entities down into three broad categories, Low, Medium and High level. For purposes of Silent Möbius Zeta, a low level Lucifer Folk is an Entity and a high level Lucifer Folk is a Lucifer Hawk. Players are encouraged to further subdivide creatures as they see fit.

As a side note, one cannot really classify Lucifer Folk the same way one could classify the monsters from Doom or Doom II. Unlike Doom, one cannot instantly look at an Entity and say "That's a cacodemon, get the chain gun, it works best." Lucifer Folk seem to have no set form, and one could easily run into numerous Entities without seeing two that were alike. Game Masters could establish certain base-line creatures and reuse them so that the players will become familiar with certain low-level Entities and their powers, but any Mid- to High-level Lucifer Folk should be relatively unique.

Suggested Powers for Lucifer Folk: Typical powers common to all Lucifer Folk are:

Low-Level Lucifer Folk (aka Entity) abilities: These creatures are unintelligent and driven mainly by such basic impulses as hunger and fear. They have no set form, appearing as blobs, snakes, slugs, multi-limbed crustaceans or insects. They are not very tough, and can be destroyed with a few shots from a hand blaster (or magic). A single AMP officer should be able to destroy a single Entity.

Mid-Level Lucifer Folk powers: These creatures are reasonable intelligent. Some can talk. All have a rough, humanoid outline. In many cases they will have mis-matched arms, multiple limbs, thick armored plates and oddly-spaced eyes. A single Mid-Level Lucifer Folk can tackle 2-3 AMP officers. Note: not every Lucifer Folk will have all of the listed powers.

High-Level Lucifer Folk (aka Lucifer Hawk) powers: These are the most powerful creatures that the AMP will face. A single Lucifer Hawk is huge, with multiple limbs, wings and tentacles. A Lucifer Hawk can easily take on a whole AMP squad. Lebia states that a Lucifer Hawk can "...control time and space...". They seem quite capable of freely altering the surrounding reality. A Lucifer Hawk has all the same powers as a Mid-Level Lucifer Folk, plus the following:

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