The Tokyo department of the Attacked Mystification Police was started in 2023 by Rally Cheyenne. Her reason for creating such an eclectic police force were simple: Rally wished to protect the people of Earth from the nightmarish horrors of Nemesis. Since she herself was part Entity, who else would be better suited for the job?

Initially, the Tokyo Attacked Mystification Police force consisted of four people; Rally herself and officers Kiddy Phenil, Linda Maverick and Nami Yamigumo. In 2024, Katsumi Liqueur joined the force, followed shortly by Yuki Saiko. In 2027, the AMP gained two more officers, Miko Akizuki and Noriko Kobayashi. Following the AMP's climatic fight with a Lucifer Hawk in 2028, Linda Maverick decided that she wanted to return to Los Angeles and form a new AMP office there. Rally gave her the okay and in late 2028 Linda, Katsumi and Kiddy moved to America to found the new Los Angeles division of the AMP.

The years from 2028 to 2033 saw the AMP expand greatly. A large number of new officers were added and a new office was opened in the city state of Osaka. Mana Isozaki, former Osaka police detective, was brought in as head of the new department. By 2033, the AMP had gained another half-dozen new officers and the LA office was fully staffed. During the course of this transition several officers left (or were dismissed) from the AMP, while one (Takahashi Jones) was killed in action.


The primary purpose of the AMP is to defend their jurisdiction from incursions by Entities (aka Lucifer Folk). The secondary purpose of the AMP is to combat various supernatural threats, including ghosts, vampires and demons. The AMP is also used to investigate preternatural situations, as well as evaluate unknown magical items and places.


The AMP is based out of MegaTokyo, which is where the main office is located. Currently, they are secondary offices in Osaka (Japan) and Los Angeles (America). Rally Cheyenne owns and runs the AMP as a whole, while each of the three offices has its own director (Linda Maverick - Los Angeles, Mana Isozaki - Osaka and Noriko Kobayashi - MegaTokyo). Each director then appoints a 'sub-chief', who is responsible for directing field operations.

As a side effect of Rally Cheyenne's philosophies about the organization of the AMP, male officers were not added until around 2030, almost seven years after the inception of the AMP. Contrary to many companies, women hold all the top management positions, and the few male officers are all patrol officers. The reputation of the AMP as an all-female unit has led to a lot of interesting speculation among local police units especially in Los Angeles), and male officers attached to the AMP may find themselves treated with anything from awe to scorn by the so-called 'normal police'.

In Tokyo and Los Angeles, the AMP is considered a specialized division of the normal police. Thus, they are a part of the police force, but are not under the direct control of the director of the police department. In Osaka, the AMP is its own agency, completely separate from the regular police (much like the division between federal agents and local law enforcement).


The MegaTokyo AMP occupies a part of the top floor in the main offices of the Tokyo Police Department (Station 00). Aside from the main office space, which includes officer's desks, Rally's office, armory, computer room, officer's changing rooms and so on, the AMP has a series of warded detention cells (set with mystical guards to confine persons with access to supernatural powers), and a garage where the Department's various spinners are kept.

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles AMP sits in the top floor of the LAPD central police station. The office is housed in the top two floors of the southern corner tower and is adjacent to the landing pad (which is where the AMP keeps its spinners). As with the Tokyo office, there are detention cells and the like. The LA office is noted for having its own gym and exercise facilities, built at the request of several officers.

Osaka: The Osaka AMP has its own separate building, which is a fairly small structure located near, but not adjacent to the main police station in Osaka. Aside from the patrol officer's work area, the Osaka office has its own criminology labs, garage, armory and detention cells along with a number technicians and mechanics to run everything. Although these people are employed by the AMP, they are not officers.

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