This following list is an attempt to collect all the people, places, gadgets and other terminology mentioned in the 30-odd translated issues of Silent Möbius put out by Viz Graphics. I am also including a great deal of material gleaned from Sides 1-10 as well as a wealth of tidbits from Mobius Klein.

In some cases, I will list multiple names, showing the differences between the original Japanese and the translated versions. I will also list any differences between the original Silent Möbius version and my own Silent Möbius Zeta campaign.

Aida - Tokyo Police officer. Member of the squad that was injected with minute quantities of Dommel in order to make him a 'super-police officer'. Aida was accidentally given an overdose and mutated. He was killed by Robert De Vice, who was his best friend on the force.

Akitaka Mobile Craft - A company that had its data stolen by Holonic in Side 3.

AMP - The Attacked Mystification Police. The AMP is a special police force set up in 2023 to combat supernatural and paranormal threats. Membership is restricted to female officers. Both Streamline Video and Viz Graphics changed the name to 'Abnormal Mystery Police'. In Silent Möbius Zeta, the name remains 'Attacked Mystification Police' and male officers are allowed.

Anapple Japan - A company that manufactures cybernetic hardware.

Annie - Annie is the most powerful creation of the government sponsored YLEM Project (see). She was a very powerful psychokinetic, capable of toppling buildings; crushing vehicles; teleporting herself and others, and ripping cables out of the ground to assault her foes. She was killed when Doug and Hiroko caused her powers to backlash upon her own body. She is also known as Annie the Ylper Weapon, or in Viz Graphics version, Annie the Esper Weapon.

Apollon -

Avalanche Wong - A member of Gigelf's magic guild and Lum Cheng's Grandfather. He fought Lucifer Folk in the early part of the 21st Century.

B-007 - Yuki Saiko's designation number in the YLEM Project.

Bay Area Hotel - Hotel Gilgelf stays at in Mobius Klein.

Bar Nexas - Bar that Mana Isozaki visits in Side 4 to witness Katsumi Liqueur's fight with a Lucifer Folk.

Barrier - This is a defensive spell, also called a 'Shield'. Katsumi has several of these, with a variety of visual effects.

Brighton A member of Gigelf's magic guild. Obnoxious, but good natured.

Buildings, Blue Dragon and Kirin - These are buildings that were built and matained as spiritual defense buffers for Tokyo. Mnay were destroyed in the Great Kanto Quake and during World War II.

C-6593 B - A code for citizen evacuation.

C0-201 - A megadyne (replicant) model number.

Cheyenne Corporation - The compnay that Rally owns and is the president of. As of 2030 the Cheyenne Corp. owns and runs the Tokyo police department.

Clara - Katsumi's co-worker in Hawaii.

Code C-207 - A code for citizen evacuation.

Compiler - Mega-powerful entity from Asamiya's other series "Compiler". Compiler is tall and very beautiful and could end the entire Nemesis problem in an eyeblink. She appears briefly in Mobius Klein.

Computer Worm - A virus program that can move inside the network by itself.

Creature Trap - Term used to describe an Entity assault. There seem to be several categories of Entity assaults, a 'Creature Trap' is a Type Three.

Crestring Arms Co. Blaster - AMP issue sidearm that was in use circa 2023-2024.

Damia-Rounasm Varast - A very powerful Entity that pursues Katsumi and Roy off an on. He first appears in Side 4 and is killed by Ganossa in Side 8. Also known as Damia Ronazumo Varasto.

Demon Sword Medium - Powerful enchanted weapon that will possess anyone foolish enough to pick it up. It can speak and calls Ganossa 'master'. It also looks to be capable of generating massive energy blasts. Ganossa uses this sword to control Katsumi after she turns to the side of Nemesis. Also called 'Magic Sword Medium'.

DHP - Abbreviation for Dummy Humanity Projection. This device first appears in Side 4, where Katsumi uses it to simulate the rest of the AMP while dealing with a Lucifer Folk. Asamiya defines it as such: "DHP - Short for Dummy Humanity Projection. Electronically made imitated personality. Often used for answering terminals, or as a substitute for humans. When connected to a Dimension Photon, it can project three dimensional pictures.".

Dilos - Tokyo Police officer. Member of the squad that was injected with minute quantities of Dommel in order to make him a 'super-police officer'.

Disuent - A rather powerful Entity that shows up in Side 1. Destroyed by Katsumi Liqueur (with some help from the rest of the AMP).

Dogura - An Entity that acts as Rosa's minion in Side 8. Dogura had been killed by Katsumi "several years ago", but was brought back to life by Rosa. Eventually killed by Ganossa.

Dommel - Drug made from the internal fluids of an Entity. It causes massive growth of the muscle tissue and nervous system, but an overdose will mutate the user into a grotesque monstrous form. Dommel is mentioned as being used by the military and sports teams. Robert DeVice and the rest of his squad were injected with minute quantities of Dommel in order to make them 'super-police officers'. In Silent Möbius Zeta, Dommel is highly illegal, and any case known to involve the drug falls under the jurisdiction of the AMP.

Donald - Lebia's orbital data satellite. It is armed with a powerful laser cannon.

Doug - A survivor of the YLEM Project. Doug was killed by Annie and Professor Tajima. His genetic material was incorporated into Annie's body, in order to make her a more powerful Esper.

Dragon Fly - A type of computer worm. Naturally, it's illegal.

Duey - One of Lebia's AI devices. Duey first shows up in Side 2, operating a computerized automatic taxi. Sam Lysinger describes it as a mobile data collecting robot.

EG Couterun - Company that Tooru Washiro owns in the year 2030.

Entity - A common name for the Lucifer Folk.

Esteem - The model of car that Nachi Igarashi is driving in Mobius Klein.

Flecks - Gigelf Liqueur's assistant during Mobius Klein.

Freeze Vaccine - A computer program (virus perhaps) that Lebia uses to immobilize an Entity for 30 minutes. Mentioned in Side 10.

Fuyuka Liqueur - Wife to Gigelf Liqueur and Katsumi's mother. She is a powerful sorceress in her own right. Before meeting Gilgelf, she was a television reporter. We see evidence of this in Mobius Klein and in Side 4 (the scene where Yuki and Tooru are watching TV). Gilgelf first meets Fuyuka in 1992 while she is covering a magician's conference. Fuyuka is killed in 2024 fighting with a Lucifer Hawk. It is her mother's death that spurs Katsumi to join the AMP. Fuyuka's maiden name is Hadzuki. She is apparently an old friend of Rally's.

Gaia Cyclotron - Immense cyclotroan built as part of Project Gaia. It is designed to help open a gate between Earth and Nemesis.

Ganossa Maximilian - Very powerful human sorcerer who has sided with the Lucifer Folk. Ganossa is tall and has very long hair. He first appeared in Side 2, where he killed Mouba Dudooz Badina and destroyed Police 65. He shows up again in Side 7, where he captures Katsumi and makes comments about making her his bride. He then imprisons Katsumi and sends his minions out after Robert Device. At the end of Side 7 he kills Robert, thus driving Katsumi over the edge.

Ganossa also appears in Mobius Klein. He has very short hair, but the same arrogant attitude. There it is revealed he used to be Gilgelf's assistant. Ganossa's first act in the book is to destroy portions of Narita Airport, just because he can. He then perverts Project Gaia, opening the gate between Earth and Nemesis.

In Silent Möbius Zeta, he hasn't done anything so extreme (yet), instead he has made several tries to seduce certain members of the AMP over to his side (at last count he had gone after Katsumi, Amara Asano and Aye Tehano - in that order). Note, due to a translation error, Ganossa's name was originally believed to be 'Gasossa'.

Genvara - A member of Gigelf's magic guild and original possessor of Jesso. Logic states that Genvara is Lum's father (meaning his full name is Genvara Cheng). At one point, Genvara was romantically involved with Mana Isozaki.

Geodrive - Device used to extract genetic material from one person and implant it in another. This machine is also known as a Genedrive.

Gigaroom - The AMP's computer room in Police 00.

Gigelf Liqueur - A native of France, he is Katsumi's father and a very powerful sorcerer (the most powerful of the 20th Century, in fact). He was a major player in Project Gaia. Gigelf was killed in 2006.

Glover - An aged visionaire that Lebia meets with in Side 3. Viz Graphics gives his name as Grover.

Go-Rei - The five spirits. These spirits are the: Dragon, Kirin, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise (or Turtle). The Yamigumo clan has a mystical artifact for each spirit, charged with a measure of that spirit's power. Two of these artifacts are shown in the course of the series, they are; The Dagger of the Kirin and The Sword of the White Tiger.

Graviton - Also known as the AMK-02 GW Graviton (aka the 'Heavy Load Gun'). This is a very large and very heavy pistol that looks to fire some form of magnetically accelerated round. It is very destructive and its use is forbidden on humans. One translation of Side 1 states that the weapon fires "a ball of particles charged with a specific gravity", (aka a mini-gravity well). Another description says the weapon produces a mini-black hole (which is sort of the same thing). In any case, it is a very potent pistol. About the only drawback to the weapon is the fact that it only has three shots.

Grospolina - The name for a huge sword that once belonged to Gigelf Liqueur. Locked away in an obelisk for 22 years, Grospolina was freed by Katsumi Liqueur and bonded himself to her. Grospolina is also known as The Sword Emperor or the King of Swords. He seems to be a living being, who happens to take a sword-like shape on this word. In Silent Möbius, Grospolina is broken in half by a Lucifer Hawk in Side 4, but seems to have been repaired by Side 7. In Side 9, he is handed over to Avalanche Wong to be repaired after Katsumi turns evil. In Silent Möbius Zeta, Katsumi still bears her father's sword in the fight against the Lucifer Folk. It should be pointed out that the exact spelling of Grospolina is difficult to determine, with Viz Graphics using at least three different versions of the name.

HBG-35 Hi-Power Blaster - AMP issue sidearm is use since circa 2026 (or before). It has two settings, 'basic' (for use on human targets) and 'creature' (for use on Entities and the like).

Hiroko Suzuki - A survivor of the YLEM Project. Hiroko was killed by Annie and Professor Tajima. Her genetic material was incorporated into Annie's, in order to make Annie a more powerful Esper.

Holonic - Name for the rogue computer program that tries to absorb all the data in the Tokyo Net.

Huey - One of Lebia's AI devices. Huey first shows up in Side 2, where he appears as a large motorcycle. Huey looks to be Lebia's personal spinner.

JAF - Japan Automotive Federation.

Jeff - A visionaire and friend of Glover (see). His attempts to prove himself a better visionaire than Lebia results in his getting taken over by Holonic in Side 3.

Jesso - Enchanted spear used by Genvara and Lum Cheng. Also known as the Emperor of Blades.

Jin - Fuyuka's cameraman in Mobius Klein.

Jose Gilliam - Tokyo Police officer. Captain of the squad that was injected with minute quantities of Dommel in order to make him a 'super-police officer'.

Kanto TV - The TV Station Fuyuka Hadzuki works for. Also known as TV Kanto and TKB.

Katsumi Liqueur - AMP officer. Katsumi is the daughter of the Gigelf and Fuyuka Liqueur, two powerful magicians. She joined the AMP in 2024, following the death of her mother at the hands of a Lucifer Hawk. In Silent Möbius, her fiancee (Robert Device) is killed by the sorcerer Ganossa. This act causes Katsumi to turn to the side of evil, attacking both the AMP and Rosa Cheyenne.

In Silent Möbius Zeta, Katsumi moves to Los Angeles to help Linda (aka Lebia) set up a new AMP office. In the SMZ: LA 2033 game, she moves back to Tokyo and ends up marrying Robert. An interesting note about Katsumi's name; it's a man's name, the closest female name I know to Katsumi is Kasumi.

Kenryuu -

Kiddy Phenil - AMP officer. Kiddy is an Australian native who served with the Tokyo police before being literally cut to pieces by the megadyne known as Wire. Rebuilt as a cyborg, she joined the fledgling AMP in 2023. Perpetually unhappy, she eventually falls in love and moves in with Detective Ralph Bowmers. Kiddy, who's survival in the series was always suspect, is killed in Side 11.

In Silent Möbius Zeta, she moves to Los Angeles to help Linda (aka Lebia) set up a new AMP office. As a side note, Sam Lysinger thinks her name should really be spelled Kidi Fenir. The author of this page thinks that if you're going to do that, go all the way and call her 'Kidi Fenris'.

Kramer - A member of Gigelf's magic guild.

Kouhou Yamigumo - Head of the Yamigumo clan responsible for defending Japan from evil spirits. Father of Razan Yamigumo and a friend of Lufa Cheyenne. He is also the man in change of the magical side of Project Gaia.

La Sharon Chocopuff - A candy.

Labyrnth Coffee Mill - Coffee grinder given to Yuki that ends up sending her back in time 37 years to the year 1991.

Lebia Maverlick - AMP officer. Lebia is known as Lebia Maverick in both the Streamline and Viz versions of Silent Möbius, while in Silent Möbius Zeta, her name is Linda Maverick. Lebia joined the AMP in 2023, along with Kiddy and Nami. Lebia is a visionaire (or visionary), with the ability to project her consciousness into the world-wide computer net. She also has a number of cybernetic systems implanted in her body to help her in this regard. In Silent Möbius (as of Side 8) she ends up hospitalized by Katsumi. In Silent Möbius Zeta, she returns to her hometown of Los Angeles to set up a new AMP office.

Liquid Enterprises - A company that had its data stolen by Holonic in Side 3.

Lloyd Vota - Ralph Bomers' boss in Police 74.

Logic Space - The term Lebia uses to describe that which is more commonly referred to as 'cyberspace' or 'The Matrix'.

Louey - One of Lebia's AI devices. Louey first shows up in Side 2, where he appears as as a large monolith like structure similar to the one from 2001: A Space Odyssey. The resemblance is not lost on the other members of the AMP.

Lucifer Folk - Extradimensional beings from the plane (or planet) of Nemesis. Lucifer Folk (also known as 'Entities') come in all shapes and sizes. Most are mindless, driven only by hunger and instinct. Others are creatures of great power, with a numerous mystical powers at their command. What exactly the Lucifer Folk want with Earth is unknown.

Lucifer Hawk - Generic term for the more powerful types of Lucifer Folk. This term may refer to any Entity that possesses such abilities as speech and self-awareness. In Silent Möbius Zeta the term is used to refer to the most powerful form of Lucifer Folk known to exist (such as the creature Katsumi fights in Silent Möbius the Movie I).

Lufa Cheyenne - Rally and Rosa's mother. Rally looks almost identical to her. She has extensive magical powers, the most notable of which is telekinesis. A close friend of Kouhou Yamigumo. She appears in Mobius Klein, and her fate as of Silent Möbius Side 1 us unknown. She is a member of Gilgelf's magic guild. In Mobius Klein she states that she can speak many languages and has traveled in many countries.

Lum Cheng - Lum is a native of Hong Kong. She joins the AMP after Katsumi turns evil. She carries the enchanted spear Jesso (aka The Emperor of Blades). Lum wants to be as powerful as Katsumi, and resents being considered a substitute member of the AMP. Her magical prowess is impressive and looks to be based around the classical elements (earth, air, fire, water). In Silent Möbius Zeta, she has yet to appear, mainly because the writer hasn't created a character sheet for her.

Magura - An Entity that acts as Rosa's minion in Side 8. Magura had been killed by Katsumi "several years ago", but was brought back to life by Rosa.

Mana Isozaki - The very mysterious leader of the AMP who first appears in 2028 (Side 4). She given the rank of Section Chief (Rally's old rank) when Rally is promoted to Station Chief. She is a powerful sorceresses, but next to nothing is known about her. In Side 4, Lebia uncovers the following: "Chief Detective at the Police Headquarters. As of April 26, 2028, she was transferred to AMP as Section Chief." It is known that she is a friend of Nana Yamigumo and used to be Genvara's lover. In Silent Möbius Zeta, Mana doesn't appear until 2031, when she is appointed to head the Osaka AMP office. Otherwise, her background is the same.

Marui Department Store - The store where Yuki was supposed to meet Hiroko for the 'family' reunion, but instead was captured by Annie. Mauri is chain of stores all across Japan.

Megadyne - An artificial humanoid (aka replicant). Megadynes are superior to normal humans in strength and agility. They are mainly used for combat and labor purposes.

Mouba Dudooz Badina - A mid-level Entity. Mouba fought with Gigelf Liqueur at least once and showed up in Side 2 with the intent of testing Katsumi's power. He was destroyed by Ganossa. Viz Graphics gave his name as 'Mova deBadina'.

Nachi Igarashi- Compiler's... 'friend', seen briefly in Mobius Klein.

Nagata Heavy Industries - A company that produces megadynes. Manufacturer of Wire.

Nakamura katana - The name Razan's sword that he is carrying in Mobius Klein.

Nakamura kuri-kinton - A chestnut dessert.

Nakasoni - Compnay that owned the police until the Cheyenne Corporation bought them out in 2030.

Nami Yamigumo - AMP officer. Nami is a Shinto priestess. At the age of 15, she was sent by her grandfather train with Rally Cheyenne. Her successful use of the Dagger of the Kirin ensures that she will be the next head of the Yamigumo clan. In both Silent Möbius and Silent Möbius Zeta, she remains an AMP officer with the Tokyo office.

Nana Yamigumo - Nami's elder sister. She knows Mana Isozaki personally, but the exact circumstances are unclear.

Narita Airport - Airport blown up as a power demonstration by Ganossa in Mobius Klein.

Naruse Heavy Industries - A company that had its data stolen by Holonic in Side 3.

Necron - The pile of buildings (and yes, it is a pile) located in Hong Kong where Avalanche and Lum Cheng live. First seen in Side 9.

Nemesis - Extradimensional planet or plane that is home to Lucifer Folk. Nemesis itself is lethal to human life. In Side 8 it is revealed that Katsumi and Ganossa are slowly dying due to their exposure to Nemesis. Rosa, on the other hand, is unaffected.

Nozen - Dummy corporation used by Nagata Heavy Industries to secretly ship megadynes.

Nozomu Izawa - Tokyo Police officer. Member of the squad that was injected with minute quantities of Dommel in order to make him a 'super-police officer'.

Okazaki Bar - This is the bar where the AMP celebrated Nami's 18th birthday. Supposedly, the bar is owned by a former manga artist.

Osaka International Expo - This 1970 Expo marked the start of construction on new technilogical defenses for Tokyo. These defenses took until 1999 to build. These defenses take the form of the immense 6-pointed star seen to underlay Tokyo in both the Silent Möbius anime and manga. The circle that surrounds the star is the basis for the Gaia Cyclotron.

Police 00 - The AMP's new offices, built after the destruction of Police 65. In Silent Möbius Zeta, the AMP still use this office.

Police 21 - Building that housed the AMP's temporary headquarters until Police 66 was finished.

Police 65 - The building that housed the AMP's original offices. Destroyed by Ganossa in Side 2.

Police 74 - Police precinct where Ralph Bomers works. This building is featured heavily in Side 6

Project Gaia - The name of an international project designed to open a gate between Earth and Nemesis. The objective of the project was an exchange of 'pollution' between Earth and Nemesis (Earth would get clean air and water, while Nemesis would receive acid rain and smog). The Project had a staff of 3000 people and used a combination of magic and technology. A Central oF the Project was the Gaia Cyclotron, and immense particle accelirator buried 100 meters under Tokyo. This cyclotron has a circumfrence of 238 kilometers (or, a radius of 75 km). The Project was due to start July 7, 1999 at midnight. Ganossa prempted the starting time and opened the gate about 12 hours early. It is this action that sets up the entire Silent Möbius story line.

Professor Tajima - The man responsible for the development and operation of the YLEM Project.

Rally Cheyenne - Director of the AMP. Rally is a half-human, half-Entity crossbreed. Her mother was human, her father a being from Nemesis. Rally possess great mystical powers as a result of her heritage, but tends not to use them. She has set up the AMP to combat the incursions of Lucifer Folk into the world. Rally also has a sister, Rosa, who is a crossbreed as well. In Silent Möbius, Rally is replaced by Mana Isozaki when Rally is made Station Chief. In Silent Möbius Zeta, her job remains virtually the same, except she oversees all three AMP offices.

Ralph Bomers - Tokyo Police officer, Special Investigations Squad. Ralph was the officer investigating the Creature Trap at the very beginning of Side 1. He is also the officer charged with bringing in Wire. He initially argues with Kiddy, but eventually falls in love with her. As of the beginning of Side 7, the two are living together. Viz Graphics gives him the name of Ralph Bomaz. In Silent Möbius Zeta his whereabouts are unknown.

Razan Yamigumo - Nana and Nami's father. He is a Shinto priest and sworn to fight evil. He tries to kill Gilgelf in Mobius Klein, and ends up fighting entities during the early years of the 21st Century.

Reviver - Low-level Entity seen at the beginning of Side 1. It seems capable of creating 'undead' zombies of the people it kills. After Kiddy starts destroying the zombies, they combine together to reform into the Reviver.

Robert De Vice - Tokyo Police officer. He is Katsumi's boyfriend. At one point, he and the other members of his squad were injected with small amounts of Dommel to increase their physical strength and reflexes. He is also known as Roy. In the Viz Graphics version his name is Robert DeVice. Robert proposes to Katsumi in Side 6, but is killed by Ganossa in Side 7. It his his death that drives Katsumi over the edge and causes her conversion to evil in Side 8. In Silent Möbius Zeta he did marry Katsumi and lives with her in MegaTokyo.

Rosa Cheyenne - Rally's younger sister. Rosa possesses the same abilities as Rally, although it seems Rally is much more powerful. Rosa left for Nemesis in 2017, finally returning to try and destroy Rally in 2027. She was driven off, only to return in the company of Ganossa. In Silent Möbius, Rosa looses a battle with the newly changed Katsumi and ends up entombed in some sort of crystal. She is released and battles with her sister. In Side 11 she is killed. In Silent Möbius Zeta, Rosa remains free and active, doing her best to bring about Rally's (and the AMP's) ruin.

Science Squad - Division of the Tokyo police responsible for scientific investigation of cases.

Silver Swallows - One of Katsumi's spells. It has the appearance of a cloud of silvery birds that streak into the target.

Simurgh - An immense airship the AMP uses to track Lucifer Folk as well as coordinate actions by AMP officers. It is also called the 'Seamurg'. According to Persian legend, the simurgh is an immortal bird that nests in the branches of the Tree of Knowledge. It is so old, that it has seen the world destroyed three times.

Shell Bugs - Small (about 12 inches long) insect-like creatures that bear a close resemblance to sowbugs. Viz Graphics calls then 'Jewel Beetles'. In Silent Möbius Zeta, these creatures inhabit the Shinjuku restricted zone in great numbers, where they serve as prey for many free-roaming Entities.

Shibuya - District Yuki is sent back to in 1991 by the Labyrnth Coffee Mill.

Shinjuku Restricted Zone - One of the areas sealed off from the general public after the great earthquake. This earthquake resulted from the Gigelf's clan casting their spell to open a gate to Nemesis. Buildings here are heavily damaged and entry is forbidden. We see a similar area in the second Silent Möbius film (near Katsumi's old house), while Katsumi wanders into a 'restricted zone' in the first film. Trespass within these areas falls directly under the jurisdiction of the AMP and is considered grounds for immediate imprisonment. All restricted zones are guarded by floating monitors that will shoot any trespassers.

Shiobara Ichiro - A minion of Ganossa in Mobius Klein. He is capable of changing his shape due to a bargain he struck with the Lucifer Folk. Shiobara is killed at the end of Mobius Klein.

Shinjuku Sumitomo Building - The office tower where the AMP battle with Disuent.

Shooter Van - Mana's rather unimpressive name for her very impressive attack spinner.

Shutoru Zekku -

Souri - A member of the Tokyo government.

Spires - An orbital elevator. It was under construction in 2024 and is finished in 2028. This building is where Fuyuka Liqueur died and where Katsumi decided to join the AMP. It is features in Silent Möbius the Movie I and in Side 5. In both cases, the building is destroyed in a massive fight with a powerful Lucifer Hawk.

Spirit Shield - A wall (or field) of force used to contain and trap Entities. Both Katsumi and Nami are shown creating them.

Stephen L. Maverick - Father of Lebia Maverick. A university professor. He is charge of the scientific branch of Project Gaia.

Sumi Pharmaceuticals - A company that had its data stolen by Holonic in Side 3.

Takai Nemoto - An employee of the Government Weapons Agency. He is killed by an Entity at the beginning of the Silent Möbius series.

Teres Bahji - Teres hails from the manga series "Vagrants", which Asamiya illustrated but didn't write. In Mobius Klein she is seen working with Ganossa. After double-crossing him (sort of) she ends up in a position that we can only presume will result in her being very dead.

Third Attraction - A Category Three Entity encounter, also called a 'Creature Trap'.

Thunder Spell - One of Katsumi's spells. It is apparently a 'low level' attack spell.

Toji - Someone who created a plan to seal up the Nemesis gateway. He is mentioned in Side 9

Tokyo Dome - Runied sport stadium where Rally, Rosa, Ganossa and Katsumi all meet to fight their final battle in Side 10. I presume that this is where Kiddy and Rosa meet their deaths.

Tokyo Electric Company - Mentioned in Side 9, Rally seems to own stock in this company.

Tooru Washio - Japanese youth who fell in love with Yuki after she was sent back in time to 1991 in Side 4.

Visionaire - Term used to describe those who can enter Logic Space. A more familiar term would be 'netrunner'. Lebia is a "special alpha class visionaire".

Wave Spell - A mystical attacked used by a Lucifer Folk in Side 2. It may also be known as a 'Prisoner Spell'.

Wire - A megadyne built by Nagata Heavy Industries. Wire was stronger and faster than a normal human and had a long cutting wire implanted in his right arm. Wire was responsible for the deaths of an unknown number of people until his self-termination in 2026

YLEM Project - Secret government project that used orphans to create powerful 'Ylper Weapons'. Known members of the project were Annie, Doug, Hiroko Suzuki and Yuki Saiko. The project was headed by Professor Tajima.

Ylper - A word derived from 'ylem perception'. In the world of Silent Möbius, the term ESP is considered obsolete. In the Viz Graphics translation, this term becomes 'Esper'. 'Esper' is also the term used in Silent Möbius Zeta, mainly because it is a common anime/manga term for powerful telekinetic/psychokinetic characters.

Youma - Japanese word for undead or underworld creatures. Commonly used to refer to all forms of supernatural monsters as well as Lucifer Folk.

Yoshida- Stephen Maverick's assistant.

Yuki Saiko - AMP officer. Yuki joined the AMP in either 2024 or 2025. Yuki is a survivor of the government sponsored YLEM Project, an attempt to create powerful 'Ylper Weapons'. Yuki possess erratic psychokinetic powers, that include precognition, telekinesis and force fields. In Silent Möbius (as of Side 8) she ends up hospitalized by Katsumi. In Silent Möbius Zeta, she is has much better control over her powers, and still works in the Tokyo AMP office.

Yutaka Saito - News woman for Kanto TV News and co-worker of Fuyuka Hadzuki.

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