GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Silent Möbius Zeta is a near-future campaign combining elements of the cyberpunk genre with the "Call of Cthulhu" mythos. Player Characters are members of the Attacked Mystification Police (aka the AMP), battling extra-dimensional supernatural horrors in downtown 21st Century Los Angeles.

IMPORTANCE OF THE PC'S: Very important, as the game is about them. Overall, with regards to the world at large, the Player Characters go virtually unnoticed.

(2) Good vs. Bad is mostly clear cut. The PCs are obviously the 'good' guys, but the motivations of others might be suspect.
Realism: (4) Realistic. Although this is a world where magic works, it does so under certain rules. The highly fantastic is not possible, instead things are treated in a more serious tone. Naturally, truly powerful sorcerers (and monsters) can over ride this call to realism to some extent.
Outlook: (3) Successes balanced by failures. The PCs will not find that everything ends on a happy note. People can and will die, and they may be unable to protect everyone all of the time. And they may find that to the AMP, some successes may seem more like a failure.
Seriousness: (4) More serious than light-hearted. In this game, there are no 'comedic' villains or monsters. Light-hearted are more the result of PC actions as opposed to GM created situations. This is not a pleasant world.
Continuity: (4) Mostly serial, some enforcement of campaign continuity. In general, there should not be large amounts of missed time in the game. The storyline is important and adventures should link rather close together.

PHYSICAL WORLD (DESCRIPTION): Typical 21st Century cyberpunk city setting. Los Angeles in the campaign is very much like the Los Angeles from the movie "Bladerunner." Here, tall 100+ story buildings, constant rain, acid rain, pollution, over-population, synthetic humans and synthetic animals are the norm. However, magic also works and is widely accepted and practiced.


  1. Starting points for the PC's: 150 base (250 total)
    Max points from one Disadvantage Category: 50
  2. Maximum Disadvantage Points for PC's: 100
  3. Characters automatically have the Characteristic maxima disadvantage at no point value: NO (PC's should take it, but don't have to - especially if playing a cyborg or similar character.)
  4. Characters can carry normal technology (weapons, etc) at no point cost: YES (Note, this equipment allowance is within reason.)
Power Levels
Beginning Range
Attack Powers
~60 Active Points
Defense Powers
~30 DEF
Skill Rolls
11- to 14-


  1. Combat uses Hit Locations chart: YES
  2. Knockdown Rules Used: NO
  3. Long-Term Endurance Rules Used: NO
  4. Limited Push: NO

HOUSE RULES: The house rules for the Silent Möbius Zeta game are extensive. It uses the "Kazei 5" rules with regards to cyberwear, cyborgs and psychokinetics. It also uses very genre specific concepts and SFX for magic.

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