written by
Benjamin Baugh

The World: Conversion Considerations

This is intended to allow a Silent Möbius campaign to be run using the Feng Shui game engine, but not most elements of the Secret War setting. However, much of the established rules material for standard FS can port pretty well into Silent Möbius-Feng Shui. Discussion follows.

Collateral Damage
The characters of Silent Möbius seem capable of dishing out a truly appalling amount of damage to their environment-- exploding buildings, wrecking vehicles, splitting pavement and mowing down whole crowds of innocent bystanders-- but still have difficulty actually killing each other. To simulate this in SMFS, unnamed structures, vehicles and crowds have a kill rating just like individual fighting mooks. A crowd of unnamed mooks much still be dealt with individually, but a crowd of innocent shoppers...well watch out with that Fireball! Any attack which deals 15 or more wounds of damage (certain powerful firearms, chi-enhanced martial arts moves and potent supernatural attacks) or those attacks which can naturally be assumed to cover a large area (most magic and esper attacks-- unless deliberately focused with a specific special effect-- and explosive weapons) can be used to "take out" special unnamed targets as follows.

Thing to be Destroyed	Required Outcome
Small Crowd (up to 25 bystanders)	5
Medium Crowd (up to 100 bystanders)	6
Large Crowd (up to 500 bystanders)	7
Small Building (House)			6
Medium Building (Apartment Building)	7
Large Building (Office Building)	8
Enormous Building (Space Elevator)	10
Complex (oil refinery, airport) 	12
Small Vehicle (car)			4
Medium Vehicle (Small truck)		5
Large Vehicle (Mac Truck, Jet, tank)	7
Huge Vehicle (Ocean Liner)		10

Remember, it is entirely possible to accidentally destroy property (and in fact, the GM should use this to spice up his fight set-pieces by endangering civilians or having the PC's duke it out with entities on a collapsing bridge). If an especially powerful attack misses its intended target or even if it strikes the target with a huge Outcome, the GM should determine exactly what else it does hit, then consult the listings above to figure just what kind of appealing damage to people and property occurred. This is especially common with magic and esper powers. Katsumi Liqueur herself destroyed the nearly completed space elevator with an especially successful Blast/Summoning spell combination targeted at the Lucifer Hawk she was fighting.

Also keep in mind that this massive destruction is more special effect than anything, and PC's who try and use it collapse buildings on their enemies should be required to make the standard stunt checks, and results should take into account the target's status: named, unnamed fighter or unnamed bystander.

Any vehicle driven by a named character must be destroyed normally, as must any building large enough to kill them if it collapsed with them inside. Also, if any member of a Bystander Crowd begins fighting, they become separated from the crowd and must be targeted individually.

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