written by
Benjamin Baugh

The native creatures of the hellish alternate world known as Nemesis have been given the rather dry and scientific designation "Entity". They are divided by the AMP into category, as are all of their known methods of manifestation. But the word "entity" fails to capture what the creatures in essence are: demons and nightmares made flesh. They come in an infinite variety of twisted shapes, some shifting like protoplasm or unfolding like lotus flowers of teeth and intestines. Others are almost human in appearance, revealed only by their perversions, their cruelties. The old name is better for these creatures. Call them Lucifer Folk.

Entities in the Game
The simplest method of representing entities is with creature schticks, and sticking to the Feng Shui definition of supernatural creature as any being possessing such powers and is thus subject to the Summoning schtick of sorcery.

Low Level Entities
These can be simple unnamed supernatural creatures. Elite mooks, but nothing a group of AMP officers couldn't handle with one hand tied behind their backs. These monsters should not be very bright but could easily be very strong. generally it will either be quick and weak or strong and slow, rarely both. Skills will be limited to those directly dealing with hunting and killing, usually only Creature Powers and Martial Arts, though especially disturbing mimic-monsters might possess Seduction enhanced with Transformation or pheromone glands. These creatures come in all sorts of disturbing forms, many taking their shapes from worms and grubs. These entities should rarely have more than three creature schticks.

Medium Level Entities
These frightening monstrosities are often named characters and can give some characters a run for their money one on one. They will have very high physical attributes and many will be as intelligent as a human, but with a low cunning possessed only by hunting animals. They have a wider selection of skills, and are often quite fast and deadly strong both. These creatures will have at least 5 creature schticks and some might even have a single sorcery schtick to represent their black, magical nature.

High Level Entities
While not the most powerful of their kind, these creatures are frightening to behold. They are usually huge-- much bigger then a human being-- and their bodies are warped horrors in themselves. Many of these creatures parody men in form, but never well. They wield frightening powers with a high, devious intelligence. They are strong and fast both and have as wide a range of skills as any player character. They will always have at least 5 creature powers and can have as many as 10. If that isn't frightening enough, they wield potent sorcery in the form of three or more sorcery schticks.

Lucifer Hawks
The awful pillar of the Entities' malevolent order. The Lucifer hawks are brilliantly intelligent, forming plans that span generations and they are enormous and appallingly powerful. Their physical attributes dwarf a human's, rating closer to those of elephants and tigers. They are lethally fast for such huge creatures, though their forms are rarely stable. The possess a vast array of creature powers—from 10 to 15—and at least five sorcery schticks. Their skills in the use of their powers is very high, at least 15 all around, and they posses a wide array of other skills and talents. These creatures are as powerful as they are rare, and only half of that statement is good news. Lucifer Hawks are always Named Characters.

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