written by
Benjamin Baugh

AMP Team members
All AMP officers have at least basic police training and typically some martial training (guns or martial arts) to complement their more specialized talents. In addition, AMP agents are bound by agency policy and their duty to police the supernatural and defend Earth from the Lucifer Folk. These characters will tend to be a fractionally more powerful than the standard types which could be adapted from Feng Shui, but this is countered somewhat by the responsibilities these characters must bear, for the very fate of the world rests on their shoulders.

"By the seven sons of seven mothers, I call upon the fires that burn below and within to strike... DRAGON TONGUES LASH!"

You are a trained sorcerer in one of a dozen or more mystical traditions, but you are also a member of the AMP and have more responsibility than simply advancing your own mystical study. You are a front-line soldier facing off the hordes of faceless, slavering Lucifer Folk waiting to ravage the Earth. The responsibility is ultimately yours to send these things back where they came from, or at least to exterminate them from this world. Your powers give you great insight, but also demand a great price. Your karma is bound tight to the war against the entities, and the lines in this sand have been drawn in innocent blood.

Attributes: Body 5, Chi 0 (Magic =8), Mind 5, Ref 5
add 3 to one primary attribute, 2 to another.
add 2 to one secondary attribute.

Info/AMP +5 (10)
Martial Arts or Guns +6 (=11)
Police +3 (8)
Sorcery +6 (=14)

add 6 skill bonuses as desired.

Schticks: 4 sorcery schticks, or 3 sorcery schticks and 1 magical item schtick.

Unique Limitation:
Trouble Magnet: If something bad is going to happen, its going to happen to you. This has no real effect on your fortune sub-attribute and any dice you choose to spend from it, but rather represents a general tendency for the universe to dump on you. You get attacked in the shower by slimy entities, demon cults are always after your blood and your loved ones tend to be so many victims-in-waiting. Sometimes it hardly seems worth getting up in the morning. Other times the dreams alone keep you up all night. Such is the price of power.

Weapons: 1 gun.

Quick Schtick Pick: Blast, Movement, Summoning and Magical Weapon ("Ice Blue Slayer" a magic sword and mystic advisor).
Blaster (11/3/15)

"You need information if you are going to take that thing out, therefore you need me."

Your mind and nervous system have been tuned and modified with advanced technology to allow you to plunge your consciousness into the world's wildly complex network of intertwined computer systems. Your mind flits between corporate megaliths, duels rogue AI's, and scours the information ways for any kind of data you desire. In addition to your visionary talents, you are an expert in the most advanced technology. You can build computers that put the finest corporate constructs to shame, and some even seem to have a personality of their own. You coordinate your team of AMP officers at the speed of your thought. Sometimes you wonder at the messy, disorganized minds you encounter every day. Machines are much better company.

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 0 (For= 2), Mind 8 (Intelligence = 10), Ref 5
divide 6 among your primary attributes

Drive +3 (8)
Fix-it +7 (=15)
Guns +5 (max 13)
Info/AMP +5 (15)
Info/Computers +6 (=16)
Info/Networks +6 (=16)
Police +2 (10)
add 6 skill Bonuses.

Schticks: Interface

Unique Schtick: Visionary: You can enter the global computer network and extract information. You make an Info/Computers check against a difficulty based on how well defended the Info is (ranging from 10 to 30). If you succeed, you get the information. If you fail, the Info can't be extracted. If you fumble, you suffer neural feedback and suffer 5 wounds and 2 impairment until receiving medical attention.

Drones: You may take 5 mecha or cyber schticks and create as many as 5 drones (1 schtick each) or as few a single powerful one (all 5 schticks). You may communicate with these AI's via your visionary uplink. In addition, divide 30 points among the drone's attributes (excluding Chi, which must be 0) and 20 points of skill adds. These can be divided as desired among several drones or in a single one.

Unique Limitation: You know too much: You have cracked so many systems and read so much illicit Info that more than a few big and powerful organizations would be very very happy of you met with an "accident". Expect trouble, you miscreant.

Weapons: 2 guns

Quick Schtick Pick:
"Herby" (floating body guard and gun platform; chassis, sensors, EW suite, hard point x2).
Blaster (11/3/15)
High Power Blaster (6 to 13/4/7)

"Don't... make.... me.... ANGRY!!!!" (followed by sounds of pavement splitting.)

The YLEM project birthed you, lacing your genes with strange sequences, but they never told you where the DNA came from. The other participants (you never liked being called a "subject") used to talk about aliens and crashed UFO's, but it was all so 20th century you blew it off. It was science, not weirdness. Not magic. It all made sense until they juiced your chromosomes. They call it "ylem perception" whatever that means, and they frowned on you calling yourself an esper saying that the term went out with the millennium. But who cared? The powers you were granted dwarfed anything they believed possible. Mind reading, fire starting and massive telekinesis all a thought away, but the headaches if you pushed, the visions that came without warning... You watched your fellow espers go mad, some even turned on each other, tearing up their bodies and minds, careless to their own self destruction. When the doctors started using the Genedrive to strip the ylper sequences out of some of the candidates and implant them in the others, you'd seen enough and hit the streets, running from YLEM black bag agents and rogue espers alike until you came to the attention of the AMP. Now you have friends, rights and a duty you'll give your life fulfill.

Attributes: Bod 5, Chi 0, Mnd 5 (Ylem= 10), Ref 5
add 2 to one primary attribute, 2 to another
divide 3 among your secondary attributes

Info/AMP +4 (9) Police +4 (9)
Ylem Powers +5 (=15)
add 8 skill bonuses

Schticks: Pick 3 esper schticks.

Unique Schtick/Limitation: Ylper Surge: When you use your powers in anger you gain triple the AV bonus for spending Ylem points, but if you fumble this check you will experience a violent psychotic episode during which you will act as if you had six more Burn points than you really do. This usually involves berzerker-style attacks against your enemies, casual violence against your friends if they irritate you and wanton destruction of property and structures. This will last for roughly ten minutes for every Burn point you currently have (including those points from this fumble). Regardless, using an Ylper surge automatically causes you to gain 1 Burn point.

Weapons: 1 gun if you have the skill

Quick Schtick Pick: Blast, Clairvoyance, Movement
Buster (11/3/15)

"Get behind me! I'll take care of this slimy bastard."

You are more machine than man. Whether by accident or design, you have been modified, rebuilt, enhanced with the finest military grade cybernetics. Your body is dense and heavy, floors creak when you walk and your blows can break concrete. It takes a lot to put you down. But what about your humanity? When you're nothing but a brain in a jar, how can you love and live and be a man? The cyberclinic that outfitted you with your cybergraft upgrade offered extensive psychotherapy to help you adjust to your new life, but you declined. If metal you must be, then you'd be as strong as metal, as unbending, as powerful. Let your uncertainty vanish as you push your new body to its limits, striving for peace through blood and violence. The entities don't know what their in for. You could almost feel sorry for the slimy, stinking mother f... well...almost...nah.

Attributes: Bod (special), Chi 0, Mnd 5, Ref 5
add 6 to your secondary attributes

Skills Police +5 (10)
Martial Arts +6 (max 14)
Guns +7 (max 14)
Drive +5 (10)
Info/Cybersystems +6 (11)
add 5 skill bonuses

Schticks: 4 cyber schticks, 1 gun schticks.

Weapons: 4 weapons

Quick Schtick Pick: Cybergraft Upgrade, Life Support, Power Leap (x2)
Signature Weapon (Graviton)
2 Heavy Busters

"No cousin, this world is not for the likes of you. Back to nemesis, back or die!"

Pumping through your veins is the blood of Nemesis. One of your parents was of the cursed Lucifer Folk. Your childhood was full of alienations: your strange powers, thoughts and mannerisms frightened the other children and not a few adults. As your grew older you found yourself highly sensitive to the supernatural, especially incursions of entities into our reality. When you were recruited by the AMP you professed hatred for the creatures, but secretly you can hear that seductive alien whisper in the back of your mind all the time, and sometimes after being cut off in traffic or jerked around by a waiter, its all you can do to avoid lashing out with your powers. Perhaps the AMP will redeem you of your inhumanity.

Attributes: Body 5 (Con 8), Chi 0 (magic 8), Mind 5 (Will 8), Ref 5
divide 6 points among your primary attributes

Skills Creature Powers +4 (=12)
Deceit +6 (11)
Martial Arts or Guns +5 (10)
Police +5 (10)
Sorcery +5 (=13)
add 5 skill bonuses

Schticks: 2 sorcery schticks, 2 creature powers

Unique Schtick: Blood of Nemesis: You are immune to the harmful environments of Nemesis and because of that anything Earth could throw at you is pretty pitiful by comparison. You can endure any extreme of natural heat and cold and are immune to poisons, acids and diseases. You can even survive a total vacuum for a number of minutes equal to twice your Constitution. You can also sense the presence of entities in a radius equal to your Magic rating in kilometers. You use your Perception to spot those which seek to cloak their presence.

Unique Limitation::
Traitor: All the creatures of Nemesis regard you as a traitor to your race and you are branded for extermination. In addition, if you have any siblings who share your mixed blood its better than even odds that they'll be backing the more gnarly branches of your family tree.

Dark Blood:Techniques designed to register Lucifer Folk will reveal you as one. Make sure and explain things to any new members on the team. In addition, because of your entity parentage, you can be summoned and bound by sorcerers powerful enough beat you down and any other magics which work against supernatural creatures will effect you as well.

Weapons: 1 weapon of choice

Quick Schtick Pick: Blast, Movement, Inevitable Comeback, Regeneration
Blaster or Sword

Other Archtypes:
These characters are not AMP members, but they can easily be played side-by-side with a team of AMP officers. Most types converted directly from Feng Shui fall into this category, and most can easily be played in SM-FS with little or no change.

Any type with Arcanowave schticks has instead Cyborg schticks, and any character with Gun schticks may choose to trade some or all of them for Cyborg or Mecha schticks. This allows the creation of cyborg killers and the mech-maveric cops who hunt them as well as horrible Lucifer folk/cyborg crossbreeds (from a converted Abomination character type). The use of martial arts characters with Fu schticks is also acceptable and not at all beyond the scope of the Silent Möbius universe. Note however, many Fu schticks will cause Collateral Damage like Sorcery and Esper powers, so they must be used with caution when a missed Lightning Fist can shatter the support beams of an office building.

"Your powers are nothing compared to mine."

The YLEM project was dedicated to the production of espers of terrible but stable power for use as battlefield weapons of the Nth order. You were a subject of YLEM research and in order to boost your already potent ylper powers, you received special treatments in the project's Genedrive. They striped the ylem sequences from the DNA of your fellow espers and reweave your own chromosomes with these new factors and the results were awesome. Your powers were magnified beyond the project leader's wildest hopes-- you can lift buildings, crush tanks, teleport across the world and read minds from across a city. Your Ylem perception grants you glimpses of the future and the past. It was all golden until they decided to put you in the Genedrive, but on the giving end! They planed to strip your cells bare and juice another promising test subject, and that's when you had to bail. Your on the run. Hunted, harried and haunted by the voices of the dead espers woven into your genes, but anyone foolish enough to face you deserves what they get-- messily killed.

Attributes: Body 5, Chi 0, Mind 5 (Ylem = 10), Ref 5
add 3 to one primary attribute, 2 to another and 2 to one secondary attribute

Skills Info/esper underground +5 (10)
Streetwise +3 (8)
Ylem Powers +6 (=16)
add 4 skill bonuses as desired

Schticks: 5 Esper Schticks

Unique Schtick:
You Are Not Alone: During character creation roll 1 die. The result is the number of other espers who's ylem factors have been written into your DNA. During any given session you can add this number to any Ylper Powers AV you use, but every time you do so you gain 1 Burn point automatically.

Unique Limitation:
And They Want Out: If you ever fumble and fail a Ylper Powers check, you must roll 1 die. If your result is below the number determined above, you loose partial control of your actions to your inner personalities. Until the psychotic episode passes your character actions are determined individually by your inner selves, in a logical sequence. Only after all your personalities have acted through you may you choose and action. After you, your inner selves then decide what they want to do again, and so on.

Quick Schtick Pick: Blast, Clairvoyance, Influence, Movement, Thermokinesis

Wealth Level: Poor

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