written by
Benjamin Baugh


Ofuda: You can enchant traditional Shinto ofuda with mystic power. These talismans can be projected at an enemy like any other Blast but they have no effect on mundane foes. Against supernatural creatures, however, they are very effective. The base damage with an Ofuda attack is Magic +5, but you will only have a finite number of specially prepared talismans at any given time. You can be assumed to have prepared a number of blast Ofuda equal to your Magic sub attribute. It requires a Sorcery check with a difficulty of 10 and at least an hour with proper supplies to create these during play, but after each session when characters heal it can be assumed that you replenish your supply.

Holy Water: Like ofuda, sanctified holy water can be created which causes great harm to supernatural creatures. A vial of holy water will cause 1 wound to supernatural creatures every shot for a number of shots equal to your Magic sub attribute. Such creatures may not resist this damage with their Toughness or Armor and they gain two temporary points of Impairment from the pain so long as the water is still burning them. You will only have a finite number of specially prepared vial at any given time. You can be assumed to have prepared a number of holy water talismans equal to your Magic sub attribute. It requires a Sorcery check with a difficulty of 10 and at least an hour with proper supplies to create these during play, but after each session when characters heal it can be assumed that you replenish your supply.

Magic Disruption: You create a blast of pure magical energy which can interfere with standing magical patterns such as those in spells and in the bodies of sorcerers and supernatural creatures. The damage of this effect is only your Magic sub attribute, but it can break spells. The difficulty to break a standing spells is either the same as the difficulty to cast it or the Sorcery skill AV. of the mage who cast it originally. Success shatters the spell.

Spirit Slash: You summon up spiritual forces and direct them to attack your foe's Chi essence. This effect causes normal blast damage but is resisted by your opponent's Chi attribute or their highest Chi sub attribute.



Psychokinetic Punch: You channel your telekinetic power through your body, generating an enormously magnified physical blow. This blow is so powerful it invokes the Collateral Damage rules, and causes your Ylem plus your Strength as its base damage.

Body Field: By magnifying your own physical strength with ylem power, you can perform truly superhuman feats. You can lift weights according to the Gross Manipulation table but the effect lasts for your Outcome in sequences. You can move any weight you can lift up to half your normal movement rate. The TK field you generate supports the objects you lift as well as your own body, so you can pick up huge structures which would crumble or snap in two without normal physics crunching them or you.

Dash: In the blink of an eye you can accelerate yourself to mach speeds then slam yourself still again in a new location near by. Your flash is followed by a clap of air rushing into your former space and a swish of wind. A Dash frequently breaks glass and other fragile objects nearby to its path. Make a Ylper Powers check with a difficulty equal to the number of meters you wish to move. This action takes a number of shots equal to 5 minus your Outcome, minimum of 1.


This seductive drug is popular among athletes and military units, but it can have severe side effects. It is quite psychologically addictive but its most frightening side-effect is what it can do to the bodies of its users and abusers. Dommel is derived from the internal fluids of certain Lucifer Folk, and will eventually cause users to mutate horribly.

A dose of Dommel lasts hours and grants a +2 to Body and Reflexes and an increase in all relevant AV's. It also grants the Big Bruiser character type's unique schtick allowing them to take gross amounts of damage without dropping. When the user comes down, however, he looses these benefits and suffers any impairment or must even make death checks if his wounds are beyond the normal human threshold. Every day of Dommel use gives its user a Mutation point.

For every day of use, a character must make a Constitution check with the difficulty being the number mutation points he possesses. Failure means the user begins exhibiting aberrant behavior and thoughts and begins to feel dependent on Dommel. A fumble and a failure means they mutate horribly into a minor entity creature.

A week of clean living spent without Dommel reduces a character's total of Mutation points by 1.


The following provides more structured rules for the creation of magical artifacts like those seen in Silent Möbius. These objects will be very powerful, but will possess a will-- and possibly an agenda-- of their own. Only a character who possesses a Magic Item schtick related specifically to the artifact in question will he be able to fully wield it. Artifacts acquired through play often come with strings attached and some are actually bound to others who use them to control you. Just look at Demon Sword Medium.

If the artifact is willing, the wielder can use its AV's instead of his own. This allows a magic sword with a Martial Arts AV. of 14 to grant that to an untrained novice while being wielded. Generally a character can depend on his artifact's powers and skills to aid him when he commands it so, but when his own motives come into conflict with those of his artifact trouble can reign.

An artifact does not improve with experience like a character, but a wielder can expend some of his own experience to enhance his artifact. Some artifacts demand this concession to remain loyal.

A character may not possess more than one of these greater artifacts, and each one comes with its own backstory and Melodramatic Hook which can lasso a character into conflict with enemies he has never met. Use the following to create artifacts.

The following template can also be used to create familiar creatures-- magical beasts who serve spell casters. This is not really seen in Silent Möbius, but wouldn't be out of place. Artifacts like Grospolina already border on being familiars anyway.

Basic Artifact Template

Attributes: Body 5, Chi 0 (Magic 5), Mind 5, Ref 5
divide 6 points among primary attributes and 4 among secondary attributes

Skills Assign 12 adds as desired with a maximum of 15 in any single AV.

Schticks: Pick 5 creature schticks and adapt them if required to suit an artifact. Defensive powers like Armor, Inevitable Comeback and Regeneration can be transferred to the wielder if the artifact so desires and expends a Magic point. Such transfers cover the current scene and require of complex action for the "power-up" sequence. These schticks can bring actual changes in the wielder or his costume, though they need not, though most are accompanied by magical special effects.

Special New Schtick:
Enhancement: This schtick is available only to magical artifacts and familiars and it allows them to boost the sorcery AV. of their wielder in certain circumstances. This must be selected from the Artifact's base pool of schticks, and the type of magic which is enhanced must be described when the artifact is created.

Enhancement Level AV Bonus
1 +2
2 +3
3 +4
4 +5
5 +6

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