Dommel is a drug created from the internal body fluids on an Entity. It is a clear liquid, and is usually administered by injection. The drug is impossible to synthesize, and its creation process is makes it rare and expensive.

When administered in small doses, Dommel will have a significant affect on the user's strength and reaction time. Someone useing Dommel will find that they become stronger and more powerful. Use of the drug seems to be widespread in Silent Möbius; in the manga, Dommel is mentioned as being used by both the military and by sports teams. Later in the manga, the Tokyo government is seen subjecting a squad of police officers to regular injections of Dommel, trying to create a unit of 'super-police officers'. However, there is a significant drawback to Dommel in that it has potentially lethal side effects.

A overdose of Dommel has the potential of mutating the user into a monstrous, virtually mindless form. The user will transform into a low-level Lucifer Folk himself, driven mainly by base instinct. The user no longer looks even remotely human, and can under go sufficient tissue growth to more than double in size. Naturally, once a user mutates, there is no way to return the victim to their original state. The user no longer registers as a human either, and the only solution is a quick death.

Game Effects of Dommel

If taken in small amounts, Dommel works as a 1d6 Aid to the user's STR and DEX. The Aid drains at a rate of 1 Character Point every 5 hours. Thus a daily dose will keep the user at or near top performance. Heavier doses will act accordingly.

The mutation side effect is handled as a Transformation Attack. This Transformation Attack is Cumulative, and has Invisible power effects. The actual rate of Transformation is very slow. If Dommels is taken normally (ie, if the user limits himself to the 1d6 Aid), then it could take weeks or months for the drug to take affect. With the large doses, it might only take one dose. For example, in the Robert DeVice story arc, TPD Officer Aida is given an overdose of Dommel and mutates late the next day. Thus, the mutation process is pretty much at the GM's option.

A Dommel mutate should have at least one level of Growth, a STR of 20+ and a DEX of 18+. Within a short time, the user will have two or more levels of Growth and a STR of 30 or more. Damage Reduction (Stun only) and extra Body (in addition to that granted by Growth) are also recommended.

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