Brian Taylor writes:

A rogue AI, much like Holonic in nature (from Side 3) but not conceived from the mind of any human programmer, roams Logic Space incessantly for it's creator. Though it is designed to operate within cyberspace, that realm is as alien to it as the deep sea is to you and me, and it seeks a more direct means of search...

Meanwhile, in another area of LA, a terminally ill female occult scholar has recently been bedridden from an encounter with the Lucifer Folk, felled by an insidious mental spell of an indeterminate nature that is ravaging her mind and destroying her soul. The facility that she is "on loan" to (another prominent anti-Lucifer Folk organization, a university, or the LA AMP) records the majority of her experiences into a sort of cyberbrain, then lobotomizes that small part of her actual human brain that is:

  1. still uninfected by the sinister spell,
  2. contains enough of her personality that still gives her an identity of being, and
  3. expendable enough that, after the spell has run it's course through the original body and the cyberbrain has transferred all of it's interim experiences back to the original brain, won't be adversely "missed" by the original brain.

A highly advanced human-like cyborg body is prepared for the cyberbrain, her real eyes, and host brain tissue (much like Major Motiko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell, but with significant differences, as we shall see later), but, somewhere in the process, something goes wrong...

Remember our 'Lost in Logic Space' entity of extradimensional nature? Well, it has just found exactly what it needed to get the hell out of the Matrix: the occult scholar's new body. If the cyborg "shell" is being prepared in another facility, it merely "downloads" itself into the cyberbrain. However, if that facility is the LA AMP, then I will assume for the sake of this scenario only that some specimens of living Lucifer Folk tissue (organs, viscera, blood, etc.) are kept by the department for study, and that the AI entity somehow managed to reprogram the cyborg body construction process to include elements of the alien Lucifer Folk tissue. The end result is a being with a cyborg body (but with no superhuman attributes whatsoever) inhabited by a human brain and an alien program and weird Lucifer Folk internals that actually allow the body to "heal" itself, and the brain to manifest some psychokinetic abilities that are needed by the party (namely Force Wall).

Please note that this is different from your current campaign hybrid character; the alien nature of the character is low-level Lucifer FOLK, not Lucifer HAWK. And though the occultist's persona is dominant, she will always find herself driven by a hidden agenda pushed by the program now inhabiting the cyberbrain (which I'm sure you've figured out was created by either a Lucifer Hawk to fight the AMP, or a Lucifer Hawk AMP sympathizer to fight the Lucifer Hawk!). Also, the cyberbrain has a direct remote link to the occultist's "meat" body, so that when the spell has run it's course, the occultist can be revived in that meat body with theoretically no memory gaps (a comatose body on life support makes one hell of a dependent disadvantage too, especially when you consider that that link can be intercepted).

Some physical notes; the body can look like whatever you desire, except that it has short, slicked back, red hair, deathly pale skin with a weird kind of constant blush (a side effect of the Lucifer Folk internals) and is extremely beautiful, mainly due to the fact that although the body and most of the brain is cybernetic, the EYES are real, lending an exotic air about the "shell", and a tall, slim, busty stature (much like Charlie Theran). I haven't decided on a name; that's for you to do (though I had names like Harper von Dorn, Sister Moon, and Meiying Chang in mind when I designed it). This character can be used as an ally, an eventual antagonist, or outright villain; whatever your heart desires.

Michael Surbrook's comments for the GM:

I think it would work best as a villain. Simple to do really; have the cyborg body built elsewhere (sort of like in Ghost in the Shell) and have the virus download there. This unnamed company is also conducting illegal research into Lucifer Folk, which is where some of the body parts can come from. Using this angle, it also becomes possible to include a sub-plot dealing with the creation and distribution of of Dommel.

Of course, as a villain, one can use the split personality thing, where the 'evil' side takes over periodically.

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