Tuesday Morning 06:00

Los Angeles' AMP squads are gathered in the briefing room. The commander (an NPC boss - Lebia Mavelick is a natural) splits the group into two teams to address the two murder cases that are both suspected Entity incursions. The first is the grisly murder of young man in the Santa Monica area, he was apparently torn limb from limb in his apartment, and no one in his building heard anything. The second involves suspected mob/gangland thugs killed in a warehouse downtown. With two sets of murders, both Entity related, the commander will ask the psychics if any of them are picking up anything unusual and then stresses that everyone should be careful and watch out for each other.

Apartment Case Background

Thomas Graham, the young man murdered in Santa Monica, was 28 years old and living by himself. No one saw anyone enter the apartment, nor did they hear anything unusual that evening. One neighbor will report that he didn't bother to reply to her when she said hello at around 6:00 PM when he got home and that his television was always on too loud. She'll go into a long rambling story before getting to the point though. The murder was called in at 4:00 AM that morning, when the downstairs neighbor reported red stains appearing on her ceiling. Graham's apartment was opened by the building superintendent for the responding officers and the mutilated corpse was discovered. The large claw like marks and general upheaval that appears to have torn through in the apartment lead the local police to believe that it was Entity related, not to mention the sheer gruesomeness of the crime.

Investigating the apartment will reveal several items that can lead to more information about Graham. He has several check stubs from BioTerra Inc., a bankbook, a personal phone book as well as pictures and other personal items. Calling BioTerra Inc., they'll learn that Thomas was expected in at 8:00 AM that morning, and left on time the night before. They won't give out more information over the phone for legal reasons. The bank book will show normal, regular activity, nothing unusual. The personal phone book identifies four women that he'd dated in the last two years, one for only three months, two for about five, and the last for over nine. None of the women have had contact with him recently. His family last heard from him a week ago at a family dinner in Oxnard.

Inside Thomas' car is a briefcase. Within the briefcase are documents from BioTerra Inc. They describe the machinery BioTerra is known to use in order to convert toxic waste materials into inert matter. Careful examination of the schematics will reveal that the device couldn't possibly do the work they claim it does. Yet it's known that BioTerra converts toxic material on a regular basis. Also included with the schematics are records that describe upgrades on the machinery with parts imported from China, South America, India and Egypt. None of the addresses are high-tech firms, in fact one is known to be an importer of archeological artifacts.

Warehouse Case Background

Downtown is another very gruesome scene, in an old machine parts warehouse the bodies of four men were found at 11:00 PM the night before by some kids, playing in the surrounding area. The bodies were all torn to shreds by what could only be an Entity. Preliminary investigators determined that the four had emptied the clips from their handguns during the struggle, but there is no sign that the Entity was injured in any way.

All four have been identified, all have police records and links to a local incursion of a Japanese mob group, or Yakuza. Checking police records will give enough information to track down the gang's usual hang outs. None of them will really pay off until they check with the organized crime division and learn of where this Yakuza group works out of. Through research they'll also learn that several other murders of possible Yakuza men have occurred over the last two weeks.

Tuesday Afternoon 13:00

A representative of the Yakuza group involved arrives at LAX (LA International Airport). The reports of the trouble with Icarus has created some concern so Matsumoto Hikaryu (the Yakuza rep) has been sent to investigate.

Places of Note

The Raven's Hand
One of the men killed by the Entity has a sister who runs an occult bookstore called The Raven's Hand. The place has a lot of atmosphere, and anyone with psychic abilities will detect very minor neutral energies surrounding the place. Once inside, they'll see everything you'd expect in a both an occult book and new-age store. The back room has a mild dark aura since two of Kristine's brother's friends died of gunshot wounds there. Kristine herself is an attractive young woman and while she talks a great deal about the occult, she has no true powers save her mild latent psi ability that has never been trained. She's also protective of her brother, and while she doesn't know anything of what is going on, she's not very helpful.

Club Zombie
Inquiry with the organized crime division will reveal that Matsumoto has arrived in Los Angeles and headed to a suspected Yakuza controlled nightclub, Club Zombie. A converted warehouse, the place is huge. The doormen give AMP officers dark looks but don't even try to stop them if they walk in. However, one will radio his boss inside, letting him know who has come calling. The inside is dark, lit only by pulsing colored gels that throb in rhythm with the music.

Behind the Scenes Story

Jacob Icarus the Senior VP of technical development and product research at BioTerra Inc. has made both dangerous enemies and dangerous allies. One of the BioTerra facilities is on the site of what was once a US Military base. One of the large hangers was being used to store toxic and radioactive materials for BioTerra to dispose of.

In order to increase profits, Jacob has been smuggling materials out of the country and reporting them converted to inert material. The local Yakuza has acted as smugglers for Jacob, using the left over space on the ships to smuggle their own goods as well as making money supplying the men and trucks to move the materials to the ships. This has progressed undetected, for the most part, for the past three years. However, Jacob's dramatic improvements have caught the eye of the CEO, and now its quite likely that Jacob will be considered to replace him.

Now Jacob Icarus is in the uncomfortable position of needing to hide much of his past dirty work. At the same time, he got a report of a major disaster at the storage building on the base. Apparently the waste is vanishing along with several technicians. When Jacob went to personally investigate, the Entity that had once been locked below the base appeared. It apparently can feed of the highly toxic portions of the waste, and was gaining strength from it. The Entity slew Icarus' guards and turned on him, but he quickly made a bargain with it. If it would help him, he'd be sure it got all the toxins it wanted, as well as help in a few other areas.

With the new found confidence of having this Entity as an ally. He confronted the local Yakuza boss, telling him that he was ending their partnership. Of course this was received poorly and threats were exchanged. When the Yakuza attempted to rough Icarus up a bit to scare him back in line, the Entity intervened on his behalf, killing the goons sent after him in a matter of moments. Since then, the two sides have been striking back an fourth, the four Yakuza men killed in the warehouse was the first time he sent the Entity on the attack.

Expected Combat Scenes:

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