The following 20 questions are given to all players in the Silent Möbius Zeta campaign. Based on a similar set of 20 questions found in an older version of Shadowrun, these questions do a good job of setting up the character's personality and history.

  1. What is the character's name?
  2. Character's sex?
  3. Character's physical size?
  4. What is the color of the character's hair, eyes and skin?
    (Are these natural colors, how is the hair worn, are those your original eyes, if not do they look normal? etc.)
  5. What is the character's general appearance ?
    (How does he stand? How does he dress? Are you attractive? Do you try to look intimidating or casual?)
  6. Where were you born?
  7. When?
  8. Does the character have any family?
    (If yes, do you know where they are? Do they know where you are? Do you care?)
  9. Where or how was the character educated?
    (Corp school, "public" schooling, the school of hard knocks?)
  10. What did the character do for a living previously?
  11. Who is hunting the character and why?
  12. Does the character have any political beliefs? Religious?
  13. What is the character moral code?
    (Will you kill? ... okay, stupid question... What do you define as an innocent? Do you have any sort of sexual code of ethics?)
  14. Does the character have any goals?
    (Is this enough for you? Do you have any ambitions beyond this? Is yes, how long are you willing to wait?)
  15. What led the character to join the AMP?

    (Are you trying to get back at someone? A personal plan? Will you leave? If so why?)
  16. What is the character's personality?
    (This is apart form just basic psych lims. Are you an idealist, radical, pessimist, militant, aloof etc.)
  17. What is the character very good at?
    (Aside from whatever skills you have written down, is there anything else your characters does well? Dealing with people, planning, taking care of business etc.)
  18. Are there certain things the character just can t do?
    (Get close to people, work well with others, handle money, think clearly under stress etc.)
  19. What does the character hate?
    (MegaCorps? The media? Certain people? If so, why?)
  20. What does the character love?
  21. Is there anything else I should know?

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