'many, many years ago'Repeated contact between Earth and Nemesis
1970Osaka International Expo; construction begins on new technological defenses for Toyko. Completed 1999.
1974Tooru Washiro born.
1991January 9-15Approximate date that Yuki Saito is sent to by a Entity in Side 4 Labyrinth.
Rally Cheyenne born.
1992Date of the "televised magician's conference'
Gilgelf Liqueur first meets Fuyuka Hadzuki
1993Rosa Cheyenne born
Approximated date for the last time Grospolonia saw Rally before being released in 2027.
1997Date for 'The mistake made 29 years ago', according to Side 1, Cyber Psychic City.
1999Mobius Klien Side 0
MarchGanossa destroys Narita Airport
July 3It snows across the Kanto Plain.
July 6, NoonGanossa opens a dimensional gate to Nemesis.
Death of Teres Bahji
Death of Shiobara Ichirou.
July 7, MidnightProject Gaia's intended start date.
Presumed first time Rally Cheyenne and Ganossa meet.
2000Re-emergance of Entities in force
2001March 18Lebia Mavelick born.
2005September 4Kiddy Phenil born.
2006Death of Gilgelf Liqueur, Grospolina sealed away
August 1Katsumi Liqueur born.
2008June 26Nami Yamigumo born.
2010Death of Razan Yamigumo. It is possible that both Razan and Gigelf died at the same time. It should also be noted that this may mark the destruction of the Magician's Guild.
September 10Yuki Saiko born.
2017Rosa Cheyenne leaves for Nemesis
Ylper Project canceled.
2019Replicant rebellion in Los Angeles.
2021 Last time Nana Yamigumo and Mana Isozaki meet before Side 11 Offensive & Defensive Battle.
Based on Mana's comments, Nana suffered some serious injuries at this time. These injuries are a result of Nana's attempt at the rite of sucession for the house of Yamigumo.
Somewhere in here Mana was possessed by Medium. She was rescued when Genvara sacrificed himself to free her.
2022Kiddy Phenil first meets Wire, becomes a cyborg.
2023Formation of the Attacked Mystification Police
Linda Maverick joins the AMP
Nami Yamigumo joins the AMP
Kiddy Phenil joins the AMP
2024December 29Katsumi Liqueur travels to Tokyo to meet her ailing mother.
Death of Katsumi's mother
2025Katsumi Liqueur joins the AMP
Yuki Saiko joins the AMP
Yuki Saiko meets Tooru Washiro for the 'first' time. They are introduced by a 'Mr. Fudusanya.'
2026Silent Möbius Side 1 begins (manga)
AprilPossible beginning of Side 1 Cyber Psychic City.
June 26Nami given the Kirin Dagger.
Termination of Wire.
2027Silent Möbius Sides 2 & 3.
Katsumi recovers Grospolonia.
Destruction of Police 65 by Ganossa Maximilian.
The AMP moves into Police 00.
Deaths of Doug and Hiroko.
Death of Annie the Esper Weapon.
Rosa Cheyenne reappears.
2028Silent Möbius Sides 4, 5 & 6.
Date given for Silent Möbius: The Motion Picture.
Silent Möbius: The Motion Picture contains several continuity errors when compared to the manga series. This date is for reference only.
April 26Mana Isozaki joins the AMP.
Nami given the Sword of the White Tiger.
Yuki sent into the past via the Labyrinth coffee mill.
Destruction of the Spires.
Robert DeVice proposes to Katsumi Liqueur.
2029Silent Möbius Side 7.
JuneRobert DeVice gives Katsumi an engagement ring.
Death of Robert deVice. Katsumi vanishes.
At some point between the death of Robert deVice and December 25, Ganossa gives Katsumi the sword Medium and she becomes possessed by the blade's evil nature.
December 25AMP Disbanded.
Katsumi returns.
Yuki hospitalized
Lebia hospitalized
December 28 or 29Kiddy and Nami go to Hong Kong (Rally sent them to have Grospolina fixed). They meet with sorcerer Avalanche Wong and Lum Cheng.
Rally becomes president of the Cheyenne Corporation. The Cheyenne Corporation takes control of the Tokyo Police, and the are AMP reinstated.
2030Silent Möbius Side 8-12.
January 2Approximate date that Lebia is released from the hospital.
Police 00 becomes the sole property of the AMP and the AMP becomes the supreme authority over all other police departments.
Lum Cheng joins the AMP.
Police 00 is invaded by a Lucifer Folk.
Rally attempts to have Tokyo evacuated.
(exact day unknown)
Rally battles Rosa and Ganossa at the Tokyo Dome.
Police 00 invaded by 1000 to 1500 Lucifer Folk. Police 00 is absorbed by the Lucifer Folk and destroyed. Donald destroyed, Lebia hospitalized.
One Week Later
(possibly late February)
Katsumi stabs Kiddy with Medium. Medium relinquishes control of Katsumi.
Plan to activate Tokyo started.
Death of Kiddy Phenil and Rosa Cheyenne.
1 Month Later
(possibly late March)
Katsumi leaves the hospital.
Ganossa enacts his pact with Nemesis. He is given his full body back and starts to open the Gaia gate.
Avalanche Wong returns to Hong Kong.
Katsumi learns she is to be a mother.
The final battle. The AMP fight Ganossa, who has reactivated the cyclotron and assumed a monstrous form. Kiddy is revealed to be alive after all (she was further rebuilt as a cyborg), while Nami and Lum are seriously injured. The Simurgh is destroyed. In the end, Katsumi, with the aid of the Entity Lucifer and the rest of the AMP, destroys Ganossa.
2035Silent Möbius Side 12.
According to Rally, the AMP still exists at this time. The current membership is unclear, but seems to be Rally, Lebia, and Mana. Kiddy is a possible member, while Yuki, Lum, and Nami seem to have gone on to other jobs. Katsumi has quit the AMP for certain.
Kiddy Phenil marries Ralph Bomers.
Katsumi goes out into the sun to be with her daughter (who looks to be about four and-a-half).

Events are listed by year, and then in order of occurrence per year.

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