Rally Cheyenne, chief of the Attacked Mystification Police, glanced at the report that lay atop her desk and gave a slight sigh. If Aye's report was to be believed, and Rally had no reason not to, then the AMP was threatened by a most dangerous foe.

Turning to her terminal, Rally tapped a key, bringing up the day's duty roster. Presently, all of her officers were out on patrol. Takahashi and Tako made on pair, Aye and Azami the other, and a usual, Nami was alone. That only left Yuki at dispatch desk, and sub-chief Noriko, who was catching up on paper work at her desk. Leaning forward, Rally pressed the intercom button.

<Noriko? Could you please meet me in my office?>

Noriko Kobayashi entered the office sharply as ever, presenting herself before Rally she stood at attention. <Yes?>

Rally glanced at Noriko before tapping a sheaf of documents with a finger, <You have read this?> <Yes, I have...> Noriko answered in a slightly stressed tone.

Rally gave a slight sigh, <If Gasossa has returned, then we face a threat greater than any we have had to deal with before. I fear that Aye may not be able to resist him, and she will be lost to us.>

<Aye is much more...> Noriko paused searching for a moment for the right word, <stable than Amara is.>

<We must prepare ourselves Noriko. For if Gasossa is here, then it is almost certain that my sister Rosa will not be far behind. You and I must decide upon a plan of attack, so that we may meet this threat to ourselves and the city of Tokyo.>

Noriko cocked her head to one side <'Plan of attack'? If you don't mind me saying, this doesn't sound like you.>

<Yes... I know...> Rally sighed, <Normally, it's the AMP's duty to defend, but Gasossa is a danger to us all. We must try and stop him as soon as possible, before the entire city is made to suffer from his madness.>

The sun was setting as Noriko landed her spinner in one of the few clear spaces along a Mega-Tokyo street. Hopping out, she began walking to the dry-cleaners to pick up her spare uniform. Passing a narrow alleyway, she heard her name called... <Noriko Kobayashi...>

Turning slowly Noriko looked in the direction of the voice. Small stones and pieces of litter and dirt began to swirl around her as she brought a telekinetic shield into existence around her body.

Gasossa stood at the far end of the alley and gave a slight bow. <So, we meet again...> His smile displayed no warmth.

Noriko stood still, watching silently, muscles and psyche coiled and ready to spring at the slightest provocation. No response exited her lips.

The tall sorcerer stepped forward in a swirl of cloak and hair, <You haven't changed. Still so beautiful and still so cold.> He glanced away, as if contemplating something distant, <Tell me, what has become of that lovely creature Amara Asano. Surely she has not left the AMP?>

A cold silence is her only response. Gasossa chuckled, <Ever the proper AMP officer, neh? I think I like you, Noriko Kobayashi, you have spirit.> <What do you want?> Noriko asked slowly, in an emotionless tone of voice. With incredible speed, Gasossa's smile went from charming to predatory, <Do not interfere this time, sub-chief of the AMP. I will not be thwarted.>

The field of energy swelled in intensity around Officer Kobayshi's rigid form. In an almost inaudible voice she whispered <Get used to disappointment...>

<No.> Gasossa shook his head, hair falling across his face as he did, <Not this time.> Brushing the strands of hair back, Gasossa began to slowly fade away, but his final words came quite clearly, <Tell Rally that Rosa sends her warmest regards.>

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