The bar's name was Eastwood's and it was located in the depths of the Shinjuku precinct of Mega-Tokyo. Situated at the back end of an alley and reachable only by climbing a rickety set of stairs, the bar was scarcely larger than the average closet. Inside, there was a short bar, five stools, a ceiling mounted TV and a stereo system. The walls were decorated with an assortment of paraphernalia commonly associated with the American West, hence the establishment's name. At the moment, the bar had a single patron, and the bartender, one Shin Onozawa, was convinced that she was an oni sent straight from the depths of hell to torment him.

The woman was of average height, with tanned skin and thick, wavy, blonde hair that fell past her shoulders. She was dressed in boots, black leather pants and a black leather jacket open to her waist. Under that, she wore a similarly cut tunic that fell to about her knees. A broad sash worn about the waist kept the whole outfit secure.

Her clothing certainly wouldn't have attracted any notice here in Shinjuku, but Shin was certain her eyes would have. They glowed with a distinctive red shade when ever her face fell into shadow, along with the odd series of markings scattered across her forehead and cheeks. Shin was pretty positive that these effects weren't the result of cyber implants.

Scattered across the bartop was a number of empty bottles, all of which had been consumed by the woman. Shin had never seen anyone with a greater capacity for alcohol. She was now working her way through the sake, having downed a great deal of other liquors while he was heating the rice wine to the proper temperature.

Marller held out her hand and snapped her fingers. <Gimme,> she demanded.

Shin handed over a small white bottle and a cup. Marller grabbed the bottle with one hand and tossed the cup to the floor. Yanking the stopper out, she proceeded to drink right from the bottle. Shin stepped back as far as he could and regarded her silently. The woman had entered his bar by walking through the door. He had no desire to antagonize her.

Tossing the now empty bottle over her shoulder, Marller belched approvingly. <Ahhh... that's better.> She looked over at Shin. <Well, get another!>

Shin nodded, <Yes'm>

As Shin busied himself with heating another bottle, Marller leaned back in her stool and regarded the decor on the walls. Scattered about were lawman's badges, pistols, wanted posters, pictures, and other memorabilia. Marller indicated it with a wave, <Wass all this?>

Shin glanced over quickly, <My collection.>

Marller smiled, <Really?> Rising she took a closer look at several tin stars mounted in a small case. <This stuff all real?>


<Heh.> Marller chuckled for a moment and then turned back to the bar. <Well then, I've got something you can add to it then.> Reaching into her jacket, she produced a small black case and tossed it onto the bartop. <Here, for you.>

Shin opened the simple leather billfold carefully. Inside, was a badge and an a photo id. He leaned over to get a closer look and almost gasped in surprise. The badge indicated that it's former owner was one Noriko Kobayashi of the Attacked Mystification Police.

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