Rally Cheyenne, commander in chief of the AMP, stood at the far end of her office, staring out the window with a worried expression. Somewhere, in the restricted wastes of Shinjuku, her officers were almost certainly engaged in direct combat with the human sorcerer known as Gassosa. Sighing slightly, Rally turned away from the impressive vista to look back into the room.


"Yes, Chief?"

"Will they be alright?"

"I..." Yuki paused, her expression distant. "I think so."

Rally visibly relaxed at the news. As vague as Yuki's vision was, at least she hadn't foreseen any deaths... this time.

"Good. Then let's get back to work, shall we?"

"Sure Chief," Yuki chirped, "I..."

Yuki's comment died unspoken as once again her gaze became unfocused. "Chief! Look out!"

Rally whirled, looking for the source of Yuki's precognitive warning.

Across the spacious office, a hexagonal section of the floor had begun to glow a brilliant white, the light forming a luminous column. In the center of the pillar a dark shape had begun to form, rapidly becoming apparent as a human figure.

"Rosa." Rally hissed between clenched teeth.

Yuki backed up, eyes wide, as Rosa Cheyenne stepped out of the glowing spot of floor. Rally's equal in height, Rosa possessed a long. flowing main of reddish brown hair that fell almost to the floor. She was dressed in tall boots and long gloves, worn with an extremely revealing bodysuit and floor-length cloak.

"Dearest sister..." Rosa gave a predatory smile, bowing insolently to Rally.

"Why are you here?" Rally's voice was calm, but strained.

Rosa ignored her sister for the moment, giving her surroundings a through examination. "Impressive dear sister, I see you tastes haven't changed since we last met." Gesturing at the floor, Rosa caused a weirdly shaped throne to form itself from the decking. Settling herself, Rosa leaned back, legs crossed, a deep goblet of wine held loosely in one hand. "I thought we could... talk."

"I have nothing to say to you Rosa."

"No?" Rosa sipped from her glass, laughing slightly at Rally's obvious discomfort. "No questions? Not even about Gassosa's aims?"

A sharp intake of breath marked Yuki's reaction, while Rally stood impassive.

"He will destroy them you know. Gassosa's power is grown since you fought him last. Your precious AMP will fall before him like so much chaff."

"I doubt that," Rally responded, "I think you will be surprised at how the AMP has grown."

"Really?" Rosa gave Yuki a sharp stare. "Perhaps I could test that theory..."

Rally glanced from her sister to the AMP officer. "Rosa...," she started.

A sudden rending sound marked Rosa's attack. The floor distorted and rippled as Rosa sent a massive bolt of force slamming into Yuki. Fragments of floor, ceiling and furniture exploded outwards, as a momentary cloud of dust obscured the results of the assault. When at last the dust cleared, Yuki was revealed to be standing unharmed in the center of destruction.

Rosa's eyes widened, "How..."

Yuki's response was one of pure reflex. She hadn't considered who her target was, or the possible out come of attacking, she simply lashed out with as much force as she could muster, unleashing a devastating telekinetic blast that shattered Rosa's baroque chair and pitched her across the room. Staggered by the impact, Rosa was equally unprepared for Rally's intervention. Attempting to rise, Rosa screamed in pain and rage as her leg bent and twisted underneath her, bones snapping audibly.

"Now..." Rally breathed, her fury barely contained, "it's time you explained yourself."

Rosa struggled to her knees, spitting blood. Wiping her hand across her mouth, she grinned evilly at her sister. "Gassosa has allies, dear sister. Allies that I have recruited for him. Not all my acquaintances are among the Lucifer Folk..." She paused and coughed, "And these allies know this city quite well, having lived here for centuries. I hope you enjoy trying to find them." Finally attaining her feet, Rosa's mocking laughter was all that remained as she faded out.

"Chief?" Yuki's sounded slightly shaken, "What did she mean?"

Rally didn't respond, but only stared at the spot where her sister had stood.

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