Rally Cheyenne looked at the police report before her and slowly shook her head. Her request had been a simple one; to further cooperation among the newest members of the Mega-Tokyo AMP, she had asked that AJ, Aye, Noriko and Takao try and spend some time together, off-duty. She had not expected this.

According to Takao's report, the four of them had met at Aye's apartment, where Aye, AJ and Noriko had commenced drinking heavily. AJ had tried to get Takao to join by playing some college drinking game with him. Noriko had commanded that everyone share several sake toasts with her. Following an argument over regulations, the three senior officers had starting placing bets on what specific numbered regulations were, with the losers being forced to drink further. Apparently, Takao thought such conduct was unbecoming officers of the AMP, not to mention the Sub-Commander. Rally decided that Takao would be in for a big surprise when he met Katsumi and Kiddy.

Eventually, Noriko had announced that she knew of a nearby karaoke bar and had practically demanded that everyone accompany her there. Aye and AJ had agreed heartily, informing Takao that he was to drive, since he was the only one still sober. Since no one owned a vehicle big enough to take all of them, they had commandeered one...

Flipping back a page, Rally glanced down the list. Officers Aye Tehano, Alvin Jenner and Noriko Kobayashi were formally charged with Vehicle Theft, Malicious Destruction of Property, Creating a Public Nuisance, Public Drunkenness, Disturbing the Peace, Operating a Motor Vehicle While Under the Influence and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor. Not to mention abusing their power as members of the AMP by commandeering the mini-bus they had 'borrowed' in the first place...

Closing the report, Rally pushed the offending document away from her. She had gone to see the three in Metro lockup, only to find AJ out cold on the floor and Noriko vomiting into the toilet. Not exactly what she'd consider a good impression of the AMP. Only Aye had seemed coherent, but her rambled explanation of what had happened only served to confuse the issue more. Rally sighed, perhaps the one day suspension without pay she had assigned had been too lenient...

Bent over her keyboard, Yuki Saiko busily typed the latest entity sighting into the encounter database. This made the sixth such case in just under a week. For some reason, Mega-Tokyo was being flooded with a horde of low-level entities, specifically B-series creatures. Fortunately B-series entities were slow and easy to trap; unfortunately, they were very hard to kill.

*Yuki? Can you get me a fresh uniform?*

Yuki sat up, <Yes, Nori... ko...>

Yuki looked around, aside from her, the office was empty. But, she was sure she'd heard Noriko's voice...

Getting out of her chair, Yuki made her way to the changing room, better to be safe than sorry...

Exiting the elevator, Noriko stepped aside to allow Aye to pass. The both of them were covered head to foot with a thick coating of noxious greenish-black slime and were leaving a trail of goo wherever they went. At least this meant they had gotten the elevator to themselves...

"I'm really sorry, Noriko," Aye began, "I didn't expect it to explode like that."

Noriko simply looked at Aye and sighed, Aye's lighting bolt, combined with her own Graviton round, had managed to reduce the entity they had encountered to a fine spray, thus explaining their present condition. "Forget it," she finally replied.

Opening the door to the AMP offices, Noriko looked over to where Yuki sat, <Yuki? Can you get me...> Noriko's question slowly trailed off.

<Yes, Noriko?> Yuki chirped.

Noriko shook her head and made her way to her desk. <Never mind,> she answered. There, laid out perfectly, was a fresh, newly pressed uniform, complete with a change of boots and gloves.

Exiting the shower, Noriko took a deep breath, it felt good to be clean! Wrapping a towel around her torso and a second one around her head, she made her way into the bedroom. Picking up a brush, she began combing the water out of her shoulder length hair.


Noriko froze, what had that been? A sudden premonition of danger swept over her, causing her to drop the forgotten brush and make her way over to a nearby table. There, she picked up her AMP issue blaster, and after a moments hesitation set the selector to 'creature'.

Entering to living room, Noriko silently padded her way across the floor. She was positive the noise had come from the kitchen.

Approaching the kitchen door, Noriko paused to take a deep breath, before slamming the door open and entering in a rush.


Puzzled, Noriko looked around, the room was empty. But she had been positive she'd heard something... Then she saw it; laying on the floor, slowly spinning in a lazy circle, was an empty bottle of sake.

With a sigh, Katsumi Liqueur turned back to her desk. Entity cases had dropped off recently, and now it was time for everyone to catch up on their paperwork. Typing away, she decided that the only way to get out of such a boring task was to get it over as soon as possible.

Staring intently at her computer screen, Katsumi was oblivious to the sudden appearance of a length of red string that had darted forward and tied itself around her finger. It wasn't until she felt a strange tugging sensation from her hand that she looked down.

Staring at her finger in surprise, Katsumi looked up upon hearing an outburst from nearby. Amara Asano was standing behind her desk, her hand held open before her. A length of red string had been fastened to her hand as well. Slowly the AMP officers looked at each other.

"Katsumi," Amara sighed, her ample bosom rising and falling most dramatically, "I never knew..."

Katsumi promptly turned as red as the string, "I... what... I didn't do anything!"

"But, what about this?" Amara waved her hand, "I thought a red string indicated two who are destined to be soul-mates?"

"But... but... I didn't..." Katsumi sputtered.

"You don't like me!" Amara pouted, turning away to hide her smile.

Katsumi resumed staring at her hand, who in the world...?

Abruptly she looked up and across the room, "MIKO!"

Reeling in the length of red string, Amara made her way over to where Katsumi knelt. Dropping in front of her, Amara kissed her gently.

"Oh, Katsumi, I've waited so long."

Katsumi smiled in return and kissed her back, "As have I, Amara."

** ... **

Running her hands up and down Katsumi's smooth back, Amara began to nuzzle the side of Katsumi's neck, pausing only to whisper in her ear, "Won't Roy be angry?"

Katsumi laughed, "Who says he has to know?"

** amara **

Bringing her hands around to caress and fondle Katsumi's front, Amara began to kiss her here and there, bringing moans of delight and passion from the object of her desire.

**Amara! **

Pushing Amara back, Katsumi rose up on her knees. "It's my turn Amara," she purred.

** AMARA! **

"What! Who! Where! I wasn't sleeping! OWWWWWWW!!" Snapping upright, Amara tried to wake up as fast as possible, but only succeeded in painfully banging her head against the roof of her spinner. Rubbing her head, she tapped the radio control, "Yes Kiddy?"

"Amara." Kiddy Phenil's voice sounded amazingly calm.

"Yes?" Amara repeated hopefully. "WAKE UP!!!"

The door to the LA AMP offices flew open with a crash as Amara stomped in the room. Glowering at her fellow officers, Amara stormed over to her desk and snatched up a picture of a smiling blonde haired man leaning on a surfboard.

"MARK NO BAKA!" she pronounced before sending the frame spinning across the room to smash against the far well and drop down into the trash can. Turning on her heel, she then left the room, closing the outer door with a crash.

Blinking in surprise at this rather... emotional outburst, Kiddy and Katsumi regarded each other in silence. Slowly, smiles formed on both of their faces.

Grinning, Kiddy looked over at Amara's desk, "Another week, another boyfriend."

Katsumi shook her head, "Poor girl. Too bad she can't find someone to settle down with."

Turning back to her friend, Kiddy smile grew, "Well, you can help her out you know."

"How?" Katsumi asked suspiciously.

"You could tell her 'yes'".


"Ok, repeat after me." Yuki looked over to Aye. <Hello. My name is Aye Tehano. I am very pleased to meet you.>

Taking a deep breath, Aye attempted to repeat what she'd heard Yuki say. Finishing, she looked up hopefully, "How'd I do?"

Yuki nodded, "Pretty good." Thinking for a moment, she turned back to Aye. "Try this." <I am Aye Tehano of the Attacked Mystification Police, you must clear the area.>

Taking a deep swallow, Aye tried to follow Yuki's sentence. Struggling her way through it, she stopped when she noticed that Nami Yamigumo had dropped her broom and was standing near her desk, beet red and holding both hands in front of her mouth.

"Yuki?" Aye looked over. "Yuki, what did I just say?"

Yuki was face down on her desk, head buried on her arms, laughing.

"Yuki!" Aye repeated, "What did I say!"


Stepping into Yuki's coffee shop, Takao Miyamoto arraigned his uniform, tightened his tie and brushed imaginary dust specks from his jacket. Striding forward purposely, he took a seat at the counter, smiling as Yuki came over.

<Yes, Takao? Can I get you something?> As usual, Yuki was bright and cheerful, even at 6:00 AM.

<Tea please.>

<Of course, coming right up.>

Sipping his team, Takao mentally rehearsed his intended speech Yuki? Would you like to go out to dinner?. Simple and to the point, there was no way he could mess it up.

Looking up, he spotted Yuki looking his way, <Yuki?>

<Yes Takao?>

<Would... uh... would you...>

Puzzled, Yuki came over to where Takao sat, <Yes? Would I what?>

<Would you refill my tea please?> Takao finished lamely.

As Yuki turned to get the teapot, Takao's face fell flat against the counter. He'd blown it again.

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