The Los Angeles division of the Attacked Mystification Police was created at the request of Linda Maverick, who wished to protect her home in a manner similar to how the AMP defended Mega-Tokyo. Los Angeles is plagued with constant entity cases, it is believed that the high population and general 'self-indulgent' attitude of many Los Angeles residents forms an excellent breeding ground for entities.

Unlike Mega-Tokyo, Los Angeles sees very little in the way of supernatural occurrences or mystical threats from human agents. It would seem that Mega-Tokyo's ancient roots and mystic traditions are more to these creature's liking. On the other hand, the LA Division has been called into San Francisco on more than one occasion to deal with strange and bizarre happenings there.

It is standard procedure for all persons recruited by the LA Division to spend at least a six months to a year in Mega-Tokyo, training and operating under Rally's direct supervision. After this initial 'tour' is up, the officer can elect to remain in Mega-Tokyo, or return to Los Angeles. It is highly likely, considering the growing number of supernatural cases the AMP is called upon to handle, that there will be new divisions opened in the next few years. If so, these new divisions will follow this pattern for recruitment.


Chief Linda Maverick
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbS
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Age: 29 (Born March 18, 2001)
Birth Place: Los Angeles
Aura: Yellow, blue, lavender, purple

Linda was the first person to join the Attacked Mystification Police. She is tall, with thick blonde hair that falls past her shoulders and a voluptuous figure. Linda is always calm, reserved and highly polished in attitude and in her dealings with others.

Linda is known as a 'visionaire' and her powers center around her ability to project her consciousness into the worldwide computer network. When doing so, she can command and manipulate machines remotely as well access data beyond the reach of normal, lower-level hackers.

As commander of the Los Angeles Division, Linda tries to keep a firm hold on operations and is very strict about seeing that regulations are obeyed. She is also somewhat of a mechaphile and has at least three AI devices, code named Huey, Duey and Louie, at her disposal. Huey is a massive, high performance motorcycle with a fully-enclosed cockpit. Duey is a mobile system , usually found controlling her spinner. Louie is Linda's mainframe, responsible for all day-today operations of the Division's computer systems.

Officer Aye Tehano
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Age: 24 (Born July 2, 2009)
Birth Place: Arizona
Aura: Pink, red, green, blue-green, light blue
(Green is the prominent color, and her aura is composed primarily of the last three colors)

Aye is a Sioux Indian, very tall, thin and muscular in appearance. She can best be described as 'statuesque', and attractive, if a bit intimidating. Her dark brown hair falls to mid-back, with a thick shock of red that is usually kept braided on the front left side.

Initially, Aye was training to carry on the shamanistic traditions of her family. She underwent a vision in which her grandfather told her to follow her warrior spirit and presented her with the enchanted spear that she carries. When this vision ended, she found herself facing an Entity. Defeating this creature (singlehandedly), Aye joined to AMP to learn more about the threat of the Lucifer Folk.

Officer Amara Asano
Height: 6'
Weight: 146 lbs
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Age: 23 (Born February 17, 2007)
Birth Place: San Francisco
Aura: (Primary) Dark red, yellow-orange, violet
(Secondary) Black

Amara is possibly the oddest officer the AMP has ever had, which is saying something. She claims to be the daughter of a Japanese master swordsman and a Nordic witch. Proving her stories would seem to be difficult as both her parents were killed in an entity assault four years ago. This incident prompted her to apply to join the newly formed LA Division of the AMP. Accepted, she served for a short period in Mega-Tokyo before returning to America.

Amara's exact powers are a bit puzzling, as she claims to be able to 'summon her Ki' when fighting entities and similar threats. She has demonstrated the ability to increase her physical strength, ability and endurance when needed, talents that serve her well in service to the AMP. Amara doesn't carry the standard AMP sidearm either, instead she fights with a katana that she says was given to her by her father. She also uses a .454 Casull revolver when needed.

Of mixed Japanese/Scandinavian parentage, Amara is very tall, with light gray eyes and long black hair. Her figure is best described as 'well-endowed'. While she wears the normal AMP uniform on duty, off she tends to dress in either revealing outfits or traditional samurai garb and wears her father's sword everywhere. In personality, she is fun-loving and adventuresome, and can be considered something of a 'loose-cannon'.

Officer Enrique Figueroa
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye Color: Root-beer Brown
Hair Color: Black
Age: 26 (Born 2009)
Birth Place: Los Angeles

Enrique is short and compact, with stereotypical handsome Latino features. He and Amara have had an on-again, off-again relationship since his joining the AMP, something Enrique doesn't mind a bit. A member of the LAPD, Enrique acts as a liaison between the AMP and the Los Angeles "normal-police." As a side note, he possess potent pyrokinetic powers, which seem to be magical in nature. It is possible his family are natural pyromancers.

Officer Harumito Oshiro
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Age: 24 (Born January 9, 2009)
Birth Place: Osaka, Japan

Harumito is a Japanese swordsman and martial arts expert who has joined the AMP due to the excitement it offers him of fighting "monsters." He has also discovered a desire to fight for a higher purposes, a desire that fits well within the AMP's aims.

Officer Manon Deroulede
Height: 5' 6 1/2"
Weight: 123 lbs
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Jet Black
Age: 24 (Born January 14, 2009)
Birth Place: Laval, Quebec

Manon is a French-Canadian police officer from Quebec assigned to train with the LA AMP office. Of average height, she has very black hair and very pale skin. A devout Catholic, she has no liking for Lucifer Folk and considers that an apt name for them. Possessing potent Ylper powers, she uses them to assist her fellow AMP officers in fighting enemies of all sorts.

Officer Miko Akizuki
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 62 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Age: 30 (Born October 28, 2000)
Birth Place: Japan
Aura: (Primary) Pink, rose, green, blue-green, dark blue
(Secondary) White

Miko is short, very short. Although full grown and physically mature, she stands a foot shorter than Noriko and is slightly built. Despite this, she is quite strong for her size and very physically fit. In appearance, her delicate features, soft brown eyes and tiny size combine to produce a first impression that only can be described as 'cute'. Miko's exact background is bit of a mystery, as she was orphaned at an early age and grew up in a foster home.

The first of the 'new' AMP officers to be recruited, Miko is a very dedicated officer. She considers herself to be a representative of Japan as well as the AMP, and her actions in the LA Division to reflect directly upon that status. Thus, she tries to be open, truthful and honest in all her dealings, both with fellow officers and the citizens she is supposed to protect.

Miko possesses minor esper powers in a manner similar to that of Yuki and Noriko. Her talents include levitation, telekinesis and a limited form of precognition. Her precog allows her warning of impending danger and can often be used to gain insights into future events. There is some (private) speculation between Rally and Linda that Miko and Yuki my be connected in some way, due to the similarity of their powers and events connected with their upbringing.

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