Val	CHA	Cost	Roll	Notes
15	STR	5	12-	200kg; 3d6
18	DEX	24	13-	OCV:  6/DCV:  6
18	CON	16	13-
10	BODY	0	11-
15	INT	5	12-	PER Roll 12-
15	EGO	10	12-	ECV:  5
15	PRE	5	12-	PRE Attack:  3d6
18	COM	4	13-
8	PD	5		Total:  PD/PDr
6	ED	2		Total:  ED/EDr
4	SPD	12		Phases:  3, 6, 9, 12
7	REC	0
40	END	2
30	STUN	3
Total Characteristics Cost:  93

Movement:	Running:  6"/12"
		Swimming:  2"/4"

Cost	Powers & Skills
Combat Training:
16	Combat Skill Levels:  +2 with all Combat
10	Combat Skill Levels:  +2 with Ranged Combat
24	Martial Art:  Police Training; Use Art with Tonfa
	Maneuver	OCV	DCV	Damage
	Aikido Throw	+0	+1	Grab, 3d6+v/5, Target Falls
	Boxing Cross	+0	+2	Strike, 5d6
	Choke		-2	+0	Grab, 2d6 NND
	Judo Disarm	-1	+1	Disarm
	Kung Fu Block	+2	+2	Block, Abort
	Wrist Grab	-1	-1	Grab, STR 25

Pyrokinetic Powers:
60	Pyrokinetic Abilities Multipower:  60 point pool
4	u RKA 4d6, Full Phase (-1/2), 6 END
5	u RKA 2d6, AoE:  Any Shape (+1), No Knockback (-1/4), 6 END
5	u RKA 2 1/2d6, AoE:  1 hex (+1/2), No Knockback (-1/4), 6 END
5	u RKA 2 1/2d6, Damage Shield (+1/2), No Knockback (-1/4), 6 END
5	u RKA 3d6, Indirect (+1/4), No Knockback (-1/4), 6 END
2	u Missile Deflection (Bullets), At Range, Costs END (-1/2), 3 END

6	Flame Resistance:  Armor 8 ED, Only vs. Fire & Heat Attacks (-1)
2	Flame Resistance:  Life Support:  Immune to Extreme Temperatures, Heat Only (-1/2)
10	Heat Vision:  IR Vision, Discriminatory

AMP Equipment:
39	AMK-02 GW Graviton Multipower:  126 Point Pool 3 Shots (-1 1/4), OAF (-1)
4	u - Hi-Power Setting:  RKA:  4d6, AoE:  Megahex (+3/4), +2 RMod (+6 pts)
3	u - Standard Setting:  RKA:  3 1/2d6, AoE:  One Hex (+ 1/2), +2 RMod (+6 pts)
19	HBG-35 Hi-Power Blaster Multipower:  48 Point Pool, 8 Shots (-1/2), OAF (-1)
2	u - Creature Setting:  2 1/2d6 RKA E, +1 OCV, +1 RMod, 6 Shots (-3/4)
1	u - Basic Setting:  1 1/2d6 RKA E, +1 OCV, +1 RMod, 12 Shots (-1/4)
17	Stunstick:  EB 5d6, NND (Defense is being grounded or insulated or having a 
	non-human nervous system) (+1), +1 OCV, No Range (-1/2), 6 charges (-3/4), OAF (-1)
9	Drain:  3d6 (vs DEX), Linked to NND (-1/2), 6 charges (-3/4), OAF (-1)
5	AMP Armored Jacket:  Armor DEF 4 , Locations 8-14 (-1), OIF (-1/2)
6	AMP Boots/Shinguards:  Armor DEF 5, Locations 15-18 (-1 1/4), OIF (-1/2)

Police Skills
2	Perk:  Concealed Weapons Permit
3	Perk:  Police Powers
2	AK:  LA 11-
3	Breakfall 13-
1	Bureaucratics 8-
3	Combat Driving 13-
1	Criminology 8-
2	KS:  Criminal Law & Procedures 11-
3	Streetwise 12-
1	TF:  Spinners
3	WF:  Small Arms, Tonfa/Nightstick

0	English (native)
1	KS:  Occult 8-
3	Lockpicking 13-
3	Mechanics 11-
3	Seduction 12-
4	Spanish
1	WF:  Knives
298	Total Powers & Skills Cost
391	Total Character Cost

150+	Disadvantages
	Distinctive Features:
5	AMP Uniform (EC)
5	Gives off Magic Aura (EC)
5	"Smells" Like a Cop (EC)
10	Enraged:  when at half-BODY (11-/11-)
15	Lucifer Folk (MoPow) 8-
5	Street Gang (AsPow, Lim. area) 8-
20	Normal Characteristic Maxima
3	Package Bonus:  AMP
	Psychological Limitation:
15	Hot-tempered (C, S)
10	Lives for the moment; Reckless (C, M)
5	"The end justifies the means" (UC, M)
5	AMP Officer 8-
10	Maverick Cop 8- (Ext)
10	Susceptability:  Low Temperatures:  1d6 STUN/Turn
13	Watched:  AMP (MoPow, NCI, Subject to Orders) 8-
105	Experience
391	Total Disadvantage Points


1. What is the character's name?
The name's Sgt. Enrique Figueroa (Fih-Gue-Roh-Ah), but you can call him "Rick". Never call him "Ricky".

2. Character's sex?
Very, very good, according to the female grapevine in the precinct. Oh, you mean his gender... He's definitely a man. Oh yeah.

3. Character's physical size?
He stands about 5'6", weighs about 155 lbs. He has wide shoulders, flat stomach, and narrow hips; looks very much the Latin hunk.

4. What is the color of the character's hair, eyes and skin?
(Are these natural colors, how is the hair worn, are those your original eyes, if not do they look normal? etc.)
He has black hair which he has cut very short (not quite a buzz cut). His eyes are root-beer brown, and he has the natural bronze tan of the Latino. He is clean-shaven and has very little body hair.

5. What is the character's general appearance?
(How does he stand? How does he dress? Are you attractive? Do you try to look intimidating or casual?)
Rick is the kind of guy women follow with their eyes when he walks down the street. And he knows it. He doesn't overdo the Latin hunk image (no chains and low-cut shirts), but he doesn't hide it either. The one exotic detail is a pair of tattoos on his forearms, looking like red lizards, or snakes with legs, at any rate.

6. Where was the character born?
He was born in an East LA barrio, which still exist to this day.

7. When?
2007, which makes him around 26 years in age. He's been five years in the force and already reached the rank of Sergeant.

8. Does the character have any family?
(If yes, do you know where they are? Do they know where you are? Do you care?)
His parents are still alive, as are most of his siblings (the ones who didn't get into gangs or drugs). I figure he visits them once a month or so; keeps in touch. I wasn't planning for them to be a big part of his life, but that's up to you.

9. Where or how was the character educated?
(Corp school, "public" schooling, the school of hard knocks?)
Rick went through what passed for public schooling in his neighborhood. He got inspired by the community service speeches given by visiting police officers at his high school, and went to the police academy about a year after graduation. He passed by the skin of his teeth and joined the force when he was 21.

10. What did the character do for a living previously?
He pretty much went straight from high school to the police academy. During high school, he did some part-time work in an auto repair shop and as a bartender in a strip joint.

11. Who is hunting the character and why?
The only people who might have a grudge with him are the gang members in his old 'hood. He's made a point of letting them know he won't let them harass or "recruit" any of his family and has had to prove it by cracking a few heads.

12. Does the character have any political beliefs? Religious?
Rick was brought up Catholic, but he's not an avid follower. Politically, he's with whoever allows him to continue doing his job: giving scumbags "the business".

13. What is the character moral code?
(Will you kill? ... okay, stupid question... What do you define as an innocent? Do you have any sort of sexual code of ethics?)
In Rick's mind, anyone who's not a cop is either potentially (or actually) a perp or a victim. He'll "protect and serve" a bystander until he's figured out which he/she is; if they end up on the perp side, watch out. Rick's the kind of guy who sees the Miranda laws as a challenge.

14. Does the character have any goals?
(Is this enough for you? Do you have any ambitions beyond this? Is yes, how long are you willing to wait?)
Right now, Rick sees being a cop as his career choice. He's far more likely to get his ass kicked out for being a maverick than him voluntarily quitting the force. If someone asks him for his long-term goals, he'd say something like "twenty years to retirement, then I'll open a cop bar where I'll talk with the guys and schmooze with the ladies."

15. What led the character to join the AMP?
(Are you trying to get back at someone? A personal plan? Will you leave? If so why?)
Depending on how you want to play this, Mike. If he's the LAPD liaison, he'll have been chosen for the "honor" since he's off the wall enough himself to beconsidered as "fitting in with those weirdos." Otherwise, he'll have joined because this'll give him a chance to use his "gifts" without restraint and play with all these neat toys. (Besides, he'd heard rumors that the AMP had some awesome babes).

Game Master's Note: Enrique is the liasion officer between the LAPD and the LA AMP.

16. What is the character's personality?
(This is apart from just basic psych lims. Are you an idealist, radical, pessimist, militant, aloof etc.)
Rick's a pragmatist. ("Good, Evil, I'm still the guy with the badge and gun.") He has very much a "live for the moment" attitude towards life. Even if he sometimes(!) comes across as a lech, he does have a deep respect for women and would never take advantage of one.

17. What is the character very good at?
(Aside from whatever skills you have written down, is there anything else your characters does well? Dealing with people, planning, taking care of business etc.)
Not to belabor the point, but Rick considers himself a ladies' man. If any of the other characters actually do a little research, they'll find not a few women in the department who will vouch for his bedside manner. He also mixes a mean margarita.

18. Are there certain things the character just can't do?
(Get close to people, work well with others, handle money, think clearly under stress etc.)
Rick is, pardon the pun, a hot-head. Keeping his cool under a high-stress situation's not easy for him.

19. What does the character hate?
(MegaCorps? The media? Certain people? If so, why?)
Being called "Ricky". Street gangs, especially the kind that do drive-by shootings on crowded streets. Scuzzball lawyers who let scum out on the streets. "Frito Bandito" jokes.

20. What does the character love?
Women. (No, seriously. The one thing you can't accuse Rick of doing is treating women as "objects".) Really spicy food. The camaraderie you only find among people who risk their lives on a daily basis. Cold beer. Oh, and did I mention women?

21. Is there anything else I should know?
The physical image I have for Rick is the actor who plays the sniper in Clear and Present Danger with a touch of Antonio Banderas. The tattoos on his arms are salamanders, a gift from his grandmother when she realized he had the "gift". They cover the length of his forearms, with the heads just above his wrists.

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