Prior to 2113, Angelus' "Omega Sector" was considered a line of death—it was a well-known fact that no one who went inside ever came out again. However, elements of XSWAT managed that feat (though not unscathed) not once, but twice in 2112. And after the emergence of the Class 5 Entity known as Gurzorath, the Sector became even more of a boogeyman, now openly known as a hell-on-earth and spawning ground for monsters and demons.

However, in the last ten years the problem of Omega Sector has become much less significant. Thanks to the efforts of XSWAT and a dedicated squad of "Entity Busters", the sector has actually gotten smaller as several blocks have been reclaimed. Roughly half its former size, Omega Sector remains Angelus' dirty little no-longer-secret that will present a challenge for decades to come.

The restored portions of Omega Sector have taken their old name back of Kappa Sector. It should come as no surprise that few have expressed any interest in residing there, but several corporations have taken advantage of the low land prices to set up heavy industries there, mostly automated to reduce the amount of turnover in their only-human-after-all personnel.

By order of the Coordinator, Omega Sector is a restricted area and is completely off-limits (with exceptions made by special dispensation from the Coordinator's office). Anyone found within 150 yards of the wall that surrounds the sector is subject to search and arrest. The entire sector is also a no-fly zone. The wall itself is still patrolled, although the guards change far more frequently than before.

Even with these precautions, the sector still claims lives with depressing frequency. In 2112, 87 people went missing or were confirmed to have been lost in Omega Sector. By 2122, that number had fallen to "only" 48. It is unknown how or why some people feel compelled to come to the sector—some have claimed that the streets simply led them there, as if the wall did not exist.

"I saw him walk down the alleyway. He was weaving a bit, maybe drunk I thought at first. Probably a worker from one of the factories. I was about to warn him off when the words just died in my throat. It was as if I was frozen there, completely numb from head to toe. Because my eyes just couldn't believe what I was seeing. The alley, you see. It should've terminated at least 300 meters from the wall, that's regulations.

On any other day, I should be able to look down that alley and see a spot not far from my post, just a big blank expanse of ferrocrete. Instead, I was looking at a street, an honest-to-God thoroughfare, with storefronts and everything. I could even see a bus.

That's when I shouted, trying to call out to the guy. I wasn't even thinking about arresting him, just trying to give him something, some kind of warning. And I blinked. Next thing I know, the alley is just an alley, the wall's right there like it always has been. And the drunk? Gone. As if he never existed at all."

-excerpt from the report of Sergeant Yukio Harakawa, XSWAT, on patrol near Omega Sector, April 9th, 2120.

XSWAT still sends personnel into the sector from time to time. Reports indicate that navigation remains a serious hazard, as all electronic gear continues to suffer inexplicable malfunctions. Time and space are described as being `twisted,' and reports often have addendum's indicating corrections in logging exactly when or where an incident occurred.

Officers are encouraged to be highly vigilant when on patrol in or around this area. Entity encounters are far more likely here than in any other part of the city. Squad leaders and officers are highly encouraged to keep a close eye on their men for any indications of madness or possession. (See chapter 12 of the XSWAT Officer's Handbook for details).

For 2123, Omega Sector is considered a priority C posting. This year we are allowing a tour of the wall for cadets at the academy. Entity reports were down from 16 (in 2121) to 12 (in 2122).

Michael’s Addendum: As of 2132, Omega Sector is akin to the DMZ in Korea. It’s been 40 years since the initial breakout and much of the sector is now a weed-choked ruin. Officers along the wall report it to be quiet and peaceful, almost eerily so. There are far less incidents of madness and disturbing dreams, but those posted there still report a general feeling of unease after an extended stay. People still vanish around Omega Sector as well, although that number has hovered around a dozen for the last few years. While some claim the Entity threat is long gone, Director Renuka and others feel that the Sector is only biding it’s time, waiting for, as one officer suggested, ‘the stars to be right’.