The following facts have been gathered from many years of experience and the works of the late Dr. Graham Burton.

  1. Entities are creatures from another dimension, a place known only as "The Black World."

  2. Entities vary in size and power but can generally be categorized by a series of escalating numerical classes.

    • Class 1 Entities are about the size of a dog and generally seem rather unintelligent.

    • Class 2 Entities are more humanoid and human-sized (7-8 feet tall). Class 2's also show more intelligence and a willingness to use more tactics and critical thinking.

    • Class 3 Entities are generally humanoid and roughly 10-15 feet tall. Class 3's have been known to employ magic in addition to their other abilities and apparently have the power of speech.

    • Class 4 Entities and above are extremely rare, but possess incredible powers. The Class 4 Entity 9663X "John" possessed power over space and time, for example.

    • Class 5 and above: This class of Entity is almost unique. Only one Entity of this class has ever made the transition to Earth, as far as it is known, and was defeated in battle only at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives.

    • The Classes of Entities can vary based on specific individuals. Some Entities are considered a Class 2+, 3+, or 4-, depending on circumstances and observed abilities.

  3. All Entities share some basic appearances. All are uniformly black and oily, leaving behind a slick residue upon anything they touch. All have vaguely tentacular shapes and make low, bass growling sounds. Another common feature is a single, baleful red eye generally at the center of mass.

  4. Entities cause what is known as "Entity Sickness" - according to Dr. Burton's notes, Entities are an intrusion of another dimension into our own, and there is a reaction to that in surrounding lifeforms. XSWAT Officers have described Entities as just feeling "wrong" on a very primal, significant level. Entity Sickness manifests as a general breakdown in the body's health, usually characterized by sudden onsets of disease and bleeding. Mental instability is also common with prolonged exposure.

  5. Entities display the following abilities.

    1. Entities are extremely resistant to damage, and are particularly difficult to injure with solid or projectile weapons. Energy attacks tend to perform much better.

    2. Entities are vulnerable against "holy" or "blessed" items from various faiths, sustaining much more grievous wounds than would normally be the case.

    3. Entities are extremely strong, able to lift varying amounts of weight. Class 2 Entities have been witnessed lifting 10 tons, while Class 3's have been seen to move over 30 tons without seeming effort.

    4. Entities also generally can shift their shape to reveal claws or spikes which can rend or tear with frightening efficiency.

    5. Entities can warp space to teleport for short distances, and can temporarily render themselves incorporeal through some unknown means.

    6. Entities appear able to somehow sense lifeforce itself through some unknown means.

    7. Class 2+ Entities appear capable of generating extremely powerful energy blasts over distances.

  6. Entities are extremely inimical to human life and seem driven to feed upon human flesh. DO NOT APPROACH unless otherwise directed.