Anyone at the XSWAT Academy.
Anyone who has graduated from the Academy but has less than 6 months in the field.
Patrol Officer
Anyone with more than 6 months in the field.
Promotion to Corporal usually happens anywhere from 18-36 months in the field. Jama probably holds the record for fastest promotion to Corporal—24 hours.
  • Technical Sergeant 5th
  • Technical Sergeant 4th
  • Technical Sergeant 3rd
  • Technical Sergeant 2nd
  • Technical Sergeant 1st
Sergeants are usually squad leaders. Technical Sergeants are ranks for anyone who works behind the scenes. For example; Michael Erica de Normady and Angie Winterfox are both Tech Sergeants, working in Server Administration and Pathology repectively. In both cases, they were probably brought in to XSWAT at the rank of Tech Sergeant, either that or were an officer for 6 months, then were promoted right away. On the down side, Technical Sergeants spend a lot of time at their rank, since there's not the option for quick advancement that you get in the field.
Lieutenants are squadron leaders. They also run the smaller station houses.
Captains run station houses. Captain is also the rank given to those XSWAT officers (like Chrysine Winterfox and Tyger) that end up as solo operatives.
Highest rank that can still expect to see field duty. Majors command in the field if needed. They, along with Captains, also assist Sector Chiefs.
Sector Chief
There are 12 of these, one for each sector.
Deputy Director
There are a number of Deputy Directors, each in charge of a certain aspect of XSWAT. Examples include: Deputy Director Tyger—Field Combat Operations, Deputy Director Chrysine Winterfox—Clade Relations, Deputy Director Angie Winterfox, Pathology, Deputy Director of Esper Operations, Deputy Director of Magical Operations, and so on.
Assistant Director
These people assist the Director (naturally). Their main purpose is to stand in for the Director and to be her (or his) eyes and ears. For example, in Director Jamadigni Renuka's case, a lot of her policy ideas and decisions are discussed with her Assistant Directors. She may also assign them to look into specific aspects of XSWAT and report back. In effect, Assistant Directors are the Director's cabinet.
This is who ultimately runs XSWAT.