The status of various PCs and NPCs from Shadows Angelus I and II.

Brogan, Malachi (SA I): Malachi remained in XSWAT after the events of SA I. He continued to do field work, eventually forming the “Entity Busters” squad with Tyger. These days, however, he’s rarely seen, as he tends to work solo. In truth, the Entity inhabiting his body is continuing to change him, making him uncomfortable with most human contact. That said, the Graveyard Shift is more than happy to welcome him into their ranks.

Brogan, Mitch (SA II): Mitch remained in XSWAT after the events of SA II. He’s still a Lieutenant, and is apparently happy with how his life has turned out. About a year after SA II he became the father of twins: Alice and Malachi. Having served in the APD and XSWAT for over 20 years, he fully intends to retire when his wife (Jamadigni Renuka) does.

Burton, Graham (SA I): One of the founding members of the storied 9th Squad, Graham was killed during an excursion into Omega Sector.

Carpenter, Elizabeth (SA II): “Liz” left XSWAT after the events of SA II. Purged of her Entity infection, she lost her supernatural powers and chose to join the clergy. She is now a lay deacon at the church where her father is entombed. There she manages the day-to-day activities and sings in the church band. She also works with the disadvantaged youth in the area and has been responsible for a number of them joining the church.

Carpenter, Nathan (SA I): One of the founding members of the 9th Squad, Nathan left XSWAT after SA I, choosing to work with the Order of Enoch. He died just before the events of SA II.

Corporal Cadbury (SA I): Going on 20 years of age, Cadbury has slowed down some and has taken to sleeping in the sunny spots in Jama’s office. He’s fiercely protective of Alice and Malachi, and accompanies them wherever they go in XSWAT HQ (they, in turn, spoil him rotten).

Hemelshot, Lorraine (SA II): Lorraine remained in XSWAT after the events of SA II (much to her surprise, since she initially felt her career was going to messily explode before it even got started). That said, she seems to be permanently stuck at the rank of Lieutenant.

Hemelshot, Richard (SA I): Richard went to prison for two years after the events of SA I. Upon release he became a security consultant and is now one of the richest men in Angelus (if you know how to look, that is). He also helped rebuild Angelus and these days is a powerful behind-the-scenes mover and shaker of Angelus’ politics.

Karuk, Yiska (SA I): Yiska left XSWAT after the event of SA I. Inspired by the Esper Institute of an alternate 2112 time-line, he created IOTA, with the intent of assisting espers in using and developing their powers. Yiska died soon after the events of SA II.

Renuka, Jamadigni (SA I): Currently the Director of XSWAT, Jamadigni is preparing to retire in March of 2133, after spending 21 years on the force. She married Mitch Brogan in 2116, and about a year after SA II became the mother of twins: Alice and Malachi. However, even if she retires as Director, she’s still the Defender; thus certain elements of the Graveyard Shift would still report and/or consult with her regardless of who is her replacement as Director.

Thornhallow, Diedre: Diedre left XSWAT after the events of SA II. Since she’d become something of a living holy sword, she joined the Order of Enoch to fight on their behalf. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Tsanthos, Nicodemus (SA II): As far as can be determined, Nicodemus left XSWAT after the events of SA II, a potential magical cataclysm adverted. Where he went is unknown, with rumors stating he went back to his own time (circa 13,000-15,000 BC), went sideways in time, or even went forward for reasons known only to him. It is also possible he simply stuck around after leaving XSWAT and hides in plain sight, watching over the world.

Tyger (SA I): Tyger remained in XSWAT after the events of SA I. He joined Malachi in forming the “Entity Busters”, and was a field operative for some time. By the time of SA IV, he’s married (to Marcie), has the rank of Captain (much to his surprise), and works in XSWAT HQ (much to his horror).

Winterfox, Angelina (SA II): Following the events of SA II, Angie as adopted by Chrysine. She’s now 16, and an intern at XSWAT HQ. Her experiences with the Blue Lady and Boogyman have granted her the ability to see the dead, a skill she intends to put to good use as a pathologist.

Winterfox, Chrysine (SA II): Chrysine is still in XSWAT and has was promoted to Captain right before the events of SA IV. She’s one of the highest-ranking Clades on the force, and no longer does field work (much), instead working as a liaison between XSWAT and the Clade community. She also works to recruit promising Clades into XSWAT.