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Executive Summary

Methodological reviews have been used successfully to identify the nanoplague RX-21. Although there have been three methodological reviews of the emerging field of nanotechnology in bio-engineering and human augmentation, they lacked reliability or generalizability. Therefore, because of the capacity for a more in-depth investigation into the side effects of RX-21, 3rd Parties have thus contracted Nano-Helix to secure a sample of the plague and begin test procedures of its effectiveness as a human augmentation alternative.

A random sample of 352 articles of DNA were taken from a population of 27 different animal species.

Testing will begin with clades, as clades are developed from the nano vat itself. All clades should offer optimum submission to the virus. Further inoculations will continue on the surviving case studies for future development.

KEYWORDS: Clades, RX-21, Nanoplague, Bio-engineering, Human Augmentation, Methodological Review, Meta-Analysis

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at a nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely microscopic applications, used across all other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering. Nanotechnology is a continuing field of science and engineering subject to dramatic evolutions.

One nanometer is a billionth of a meter, or 10-9 of a meter.

  • There are 25,400,000 nanometers in an inch
  • A sheet of newspaper is about 100,000 nanometers thick
  • On a comparative scale, if a marble were a nanometer, then one meter would be the size of earth.

Nanoscience and nanotechnology involve the ability to see and to control individual atoms and molecules, and to enhance the overall biochemical makeup of the matter it is linked to.

The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) is a Presidential research and development (R&D) initiative, originally proposed during the early 2000s. each year the NNI's member agencies draft and submit an annual NNI Supplement. This includes funding requests for nanotechnology R&D across the NNI participating agencies. Congress then approves or modifies those requests through its Authorization and Appropriation process. Through this process, and over the course of more than a decade since the inception of the NNI, Federal nanotechnology R&D funding has grown from $464 million per year to almost $2.9 billion, and the number of participating agencies has grown from twenty-seven to over one-hundred and fifty.

RX-21 has been extracted from a number of orphan children. The plague itself is very clean and well constructed, lacking the general DNA and RNA common in most biological masses.

In most cases, children affected by the nanites resulted in different nano-chemical makeups, from the common diamond parallel, to the more stable but least common buckminsterfullerene. Each case has given these children access to super human augmentations, born natural within their body due to the effects of the RX-21.


Each construct formed within the different samples has proven that a controlled environment is needed for a successful merger.

The application of a clade in this experiment is considered noteworthy as clades being a vat grown nano hybrid, are more easily subjected to the plagues adaptability.

By curtailing any deficiencies within the different clade vats, Nano-Helix seeks to find the proper mix of tissue that will best produce the results of a less lethal and more human friendly augmentation via cellular re-adaptation.

Implementation of the following tools required

  • Optical Lithography
  • X-ray Lithography
  • Grey Matter Lithography
  • Sub-dermal Lithography
  • Dermal Lithography
  • Trans Matter Lithography Lithography

Nanoplague implementation into the clade vats has begun as of May 2117.

Head Scientist M. Lundquist has offered the board various finds with the merger between hybrid cellular DNA and the RX-21 - dubbed Sphinx.

I Osiris -Activated- -Lynx-

II Jaden -Activated- -Vulpine-

III Calico -Activated- -Lynx-

IV Epsilon -Activated- -Puma-

V Marigold -Activated- -Vulpine-

VI Melos -Activated- -Feline-

VII Clarian -Activated- -Canine-

RX-21 solution has been accepted by each vat. Gestation period before body construction guesstimated at three months. Daily administration of Neuropozyne has been applied to lower the chance of bodily rejection during the gestation period.

Osiris Calico
Osiris Calico

Subjects Osiris and Calico have been considered for termination. Bodily compatibility negative. RX-21 has reacted negatively to the Lynx combat model.

This proves unfortunate as the Lynx combat models are generally considered top contenders for the security market. Unfortunately, the DNA and RX-21 proved to be extremely fatal to the subject due to a molecular growth that inhibited cellular composition.


Further genetic modifications are being applied to the surviving vats.

Along with cellular construction solutions, Thyzyme is being considered.

Nanoscale gas path and electronically conductive bridging structures made from carbon nanotubes, silicon dioxide, silicon and copper particles.

Nanocomposites are seeing a rise in bodily use. Resulting in stronger, lighter, and augmentation acceptable matter. Increase of 60% recorded.

The biomedical and bio-science fields in Nano-Helix have found near limitless uses for RX-21 as long as test subjects continue to show improvement with accepting the nanites. Tungsten Oxide and Nickel nano crystals present in vats IV show close observation required.


Subject IV Epsilon has completely crystallized and is considered DOA. One month before cellular construction.

The rising Nickel nano crystals had proven extremely fatal to the Puma clade’s vat. Much of the nickel having expelled the organic tissue and completely rendering the gray matter into a series of diamond styled molecular sequences. The matter proves highly conductive, but being a nickel compound, this proves to be unnecessary and extremely costly considering the circumstances taken to improve the likelihood of cellular mergers of RX-21.

In subjects II, V, VI, and VII. Gray matter and RX-21 has proven to show high connectivity.

Clade construction has begun, expected turnout to be one week.

Melos Clarian
Melos Clarian

Subjects VI and VII died after the creation. One construction had been completed; both expired from complications of the lung and heart. Further dissection showed a network of nano wires replacing much of the body's ability to transfer fluids. All molecular advancement has proven lethal to these two clades and termination is considered high priority due to the possibilities of contagion outbreak.

Subjects II and V have shown nominal levels and will be under heavy consideration before application of any of the technological classes are extended upon them. It is considered by the heads of Nano-Helix and the DOD that these two be placed under intense environments in order to fully test their durability and any possible breakdowns that may occur.

Most subjects of RX-21 have been shown to receive a fatal status if not within the month, than within the initial gestation period. Subjects VI and VII had proven to hold life for at least a minimum of 30 minutes before expiration.

Jaden's Brain

Subject II Jaden has shown unknowns within the brain matter. Further researched has been unable to determine the results and further studies have been pressed upon the subject for inquiry.

Both subjects have been placed in field tests in both academic and physical capabilities.

The absence of physical power presented in many of the Lynx models had been considered a disappointment, but during the developmental stages of Clade infancy, a remarkable resilience has been shown in both clades.

Both have shown increased bio-molecular adaptation to RX-21. Increases in brain activity, particularly in the temporal lobe, has shown significant results. Both clades are to be put through Stage 1 and Stage 2 of academic and physical training with the expected results in both to surpass previous clade limitations. Data absorption and field experience are to increase the clades’ survivability and marketable use in the medical field, computer field, and the Department of Defense.

-Jaden- -Marigold-
-Nanite Compatible- -Nanite Incompatible-
-Applying Secondary Emissions-

Due to V's incompatibility, Nano-Helix has been forced to inoculate it with a secondary emission of Thyzyme. Increased production should impart better nano manipulation of the subject’s body composition.


Subject V was found completely irrigate. The body composition has had a complete biochemical breakdown due to the application of Thyzyme.

Further applications to the last subject have ceased.

V has been considered for termination and the room itself quarantined till a level IV E-Team can consider the damage and sterilization.

All applications for augmentation will be tested upon subject II for augmentation acceptance and nano rehabilitation. The military has made contracts to obtain subject II after Nano-Helix is complete with the final phase.

All academic levels and physical training levels have progressed to 3 respectively. The clade has shown increased willingness to do work, forgoing the needs of sleep.

This is a possible sign of advanced metabolism within the clade, increasing production. The heads of office is extremely pleased with these results and we have begun extracting cellular compounds from the subject for further experimentation.

Jaden's Body

Arrival: Brainwaves Theta: 6.3 Cycles/s. Fatigue, curiosity, and stress indicators minimal.

Sleep 2.3 cycles/s, 1.7 cycles/s, 3.0 cycles/s. No dreams. Subject stress levels nominal.

Subject II has absorbed his academic stages up to stage 5 with no consequences.

Physical training under DOD personal has proven fortuitous in nano research.

Implementation of Augment 4DC. Nano remote identification and control. Allows for utilization of drone controls for observation and manipulation. Lack of any wireless output from the subject has lead to the initial work with basic interfacing.

Multiple microscopic compounds found within subject, proves adaptation to previous augmentation upgrades fortuitous.

Internal Recirculation Ionic Polymeric Gel Myofibrils Nano Mathematical Compensators
Bodily functions have proven to create power recirculation. Nanites implement the cell membranes of the subject’s body to allow particles to interconnect electronically and absorb the bodily energy produced by the subject, prolonging nanite adaptation and abilities but increasing metabolism. Ionic Polymeric gel myofibrils are evident in the arms and leg muscles, increasing the speed at which the clade can run, jump, and climb. Previous movement tests had ruptured multiple muscle tissues, which have been glazed over with a new nano polymer. Sorting rotors accelerate calcium ion concentration in the sarcoplasmic reticulum increasing the subjects muscular tear resistance, allowing for heavy abuse from kinetic shocks. Subject has shown increased speed during sparring tests. Embedded nanocomputers found within the body have added to the mathematical computation for reactive kinematics equations produced by movement, walking, or running. This has effectively dampened the sound produced by the clade during mobility. Without the application of clothes, the subject is virtually soundless when approaching any audio detectors.

Subject II has attempted suicide.

Security Guard 1485 Lt. Alex Roanis has been reprimanded and put on probation with pay for not securing his firearm. Expected back on the grounds in one week.

Subject II has survived his attempt with major cranial damage to the left temple and ocular. Suggest full removal of both oculars for implementation of new vision enhancements required.

Operations upon the subject have shown that a brain aneurysm had been missed during the clades developmental stages. Leading to the subject’s delirium and attempted suicide. Ironically the application of force via the small caliber pistol had ruptured the aneurysm and in fact saved the life of II. Close observation of the clade will take place and security staff are asked to double check all weapons at all times in its presence.

During cranial operations, evidence of an info link was detected, but due to extensive damage to the brain tissue, all further research has proven inconclusive. According to Nano-Helixes' information trade with DataDyne Japan, experimentations upon children with wireless connectivity has proven that a neural link is very possible.

Jaden's Skull

Every neuron in the subject’s brain matter has been augmented by RX-21. Any audio produced bypasses the eardrum and sensory neurons and goes directly to the temporal lobe. Evidence of nanites clinging to the axons raise the possibility of receiving and transmitting symbolic information.

Unfortunately, any possibilities of this existing in the clade have been laid to rest.

The ocular implants have been successfully integrated, and also removed the necessity of the subject to require a monitor for network connectivity, though an implementation in the cranial area will most likely be needed to allow a connection to be effective.

Sadly further work upon the subject has proven futile, and the current RX-21 research has been put under scrutiny by the heads of the Science Department. Inquiries from these developments have cast the hand of the DOD to put a hold to the project and for its termination.

The clade is to be eliminated via compactor number 21 and then dumped into Omega Sector. No further inquiries shall be made after its departure.

Jaden's Skill Version 2

Subject II has escaped, possibilities of the clade, II, henceforth called "Jaden" receiving outside help is negative. The clade was last seen placed into compactor number 21 for liquidation. Somehow the activation of the compactor was negated and the clade had escaped through an access hatch that was considered locked with no possible way to open it except from the control room.

Investigations have determined the subject Jaden no longer is within the access tunnels nor on the premises itself. How it learned of the facilities layout is unknown. A breach in the security programs shows that access to the compactor itself was given, but this was considered impossible by the Nano-Helix board of directors.

Substantial proof of II's inability to access the wireless network negates any access of his own. Possibility of a green organization having access is theoretical.

   init me;
   unsigned int count = group_clade->ngroups;
   /* That's a nice wall you have there. It is not the end for Nano-Helix, but I can see it from here */



   //Ah ah ah! You didn't say the magic word!
   //Ah ah ah! You didn't say the magic word!

   //Ah ah ah! You didn't say the magic word!

   //Ah ah ah! You didn't say the magic word!

   //Ah ah ah! You didn't say the magic word!

   //Ah ah ah! You didn't say the magic word!

   //Ah ah ah! You didn't say the magic word!

 ____    |\/|
 \  /\   / ..__.
  \/  \__\   _/
   \__   __  \_      -Ahh you got a Sliver! let me remove it for you!-

Nano-Helix Memory Removal In progress

     |\/|  /\  /
  .__.. \_/  \/
   \____/_ __/       -Oh I gotta go now, bye-

Deletion 0%



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