My proposal for the government of Angelus works as follows:

As we know, Angelus is divided into 12 sectors (Alpha, Beta, and so on). In turn, each sector is divided into multiple districts (numbered 1 to whatever). Come election day, citizens of Angelus elect their local district representative and vote for a sector representative (one or more are up for election at any time). District representatives become part of the Sector Council, while Sector representatives join the Angelus House of Representatives (a.k.a. the City Council). A Sector Council makes laws regarding their specific sector, while the House of Representatives is the law-making body of Angelus proper.

Within the House of Representatives is a senior Representative, elected by members of the House, who serves as the de facto head of state. His title is Coordinator.

A City Sector Council is probably 100 people (figuring 100 districts per sector). The House of Representatives is probably 48 people (figure 4 people from each Sector). In addition to making laws, the House of Representatives also oversees all city functions. This includes the judiciary (the High Justices, lower courts, crime, and punishment), education (as in public schools and the like), public works and utilities (roads, sewers, power, water, and so on), health (public hospitals and clinics), and public services (busses, trains, the APD, XSWAT, and the like).

Totaling it up, we get 1,200 district representatives, 48 sector representatives, 1 Coordinator, numerous judges, public officials, 50,000 police officers, and 5,000 XSWAT officers. More than enough people to engage in graft, bribery, theft, and any other crime you’d like committed.


To be honest, I have no opinion on what the geopolitical world is like. All I can say is that A) the PCs visited several parts of the world in SA I, and B) I, at the moment, don’t have any plans for sending the PCs out of Angelus in SA IV.

During the course of SA I, the PCs went to Rio de Janeiro and the Caribbean. In either case, Ross never gave any indication that anything was any different in 2112 than they are now. In addition, Angie visits Ohio in 2140 or so, and I felt it was, well... Ohio. Also, in the (to be completed someday) story The Serpent and the Rainbow, Jama and Mitch go to Haiti, and find it’s still not all that great. Oh, and we know that Las Vegas is still around as of 2122.

Other than these locations, I have no opinion on the rest of the world. Feel free to have at it.