House Rules for Shadows Angelus IV

  1. Every 20 STUN from a single attack (after defenses) = 1 BODY of additional damage.
  2. When unconscious, a PC may make a roll at -1 per 5 points of Stun below 0 on his phase to try and make a recovery. Every failed roll adds +1 to the next opportunity.
  3. A roll of an 18 is a critical fumble. Something unusually bad will happen. A roll of a 3 is a critical success. Something unusually good will happen. In combat, a 3 on the attack roll indicates that the attack will do the maximum amount of damage possible.
  4. x3 STUN Multiplier for Killing Attacks.
  5. No Hit locations are in use, all attacks are assumed to target location 11.
  6. Knockback and Super Heroic Endurance are in effect.
  7. The following rule sets from the Kazei 5 sourcebook will be used: Cyberware, Cyberhacking, Espers, EXO & Apex Suits.