Roman Catholic Church
The Holy See isn't known for being the most up to date with social trends. The current Pope, John VIII, is rather modern in his thinking as has opined that while Clades aren't people and they don't have souls, they are still entitled to some basic rights. While this does not carry the weight of a papal decree, it is viewed to be an official position by many Catholics.
Liberal Judaism
Mainstream Jewish opinion is split on whether Clades have souls, though nearly all support Clade rights.
Orthodox Judaism
The traditionalist Judaic leaders do not regard Clades as people, though they usually stop short of condemning them as abominations. They are a relative minority, found in certain areas of the United Palestinian Territory and small enclaves elsewhere.
Moderate Islam
The modern Islamic movement does not recognize Clades as people with souls. Many educated Moslems are willing to work with them and treat them as people.
Extremist Islam
The adherents of the strict interpretation of the Quran view Clades as abominations cursed by Allah. They are usually only found in small communities in North Africa, the Middle East, and Malaysia.
Moderate Protestant Christianity
The prevailing view among most modern Protestant sects is that Clades are people that possess souls; they generally support Clade rights.
Dominionist Christianity
The Fundamentalist christian sects believe in a mostly literal interpretation of the Bible. They believe that Clades are animals, and therefore subservient to mankind. As such, they have neither souls nor rights.
Anglican Christianity
The Church of England is more of a cultural artefact than a religion at this point in history. It supports the belief that Clades are true people with souls, and is a strong supporter of Clade rights.
Orthodox Christianity
The Orthodox church, found in the Greek, Baltic, and Russian areas of Europe, does not recognize Clades as people possessing souls. They take a more traditional view of religion, akin to that of the Roman Catholic Church.
he 16th Dalai Lama has stated that she believes that Clades are people capable of achieving enlightenment. The Buddhist philosophy strongly supports equal rights for Clades.
The Hindu faith covers a wide spectrum of opinion on how Clades should be viewed, from treating them as equals to superstitious fear.