Background/History: Tiberius Caine was born Jan 1 2001 at 7 minutes past midnight, in many places he would have been celebrated as the New Years baby, but the general public would never be aware of his birth. Tiberius was born in a Trust facility, a branch of the Illuminati that concerned itself with creating superior human specimens each breed for a specific purpose. He would be born, raised and trained to serve the trust as a researcher. As Tiberius matured it became evident that the trust had succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

At the age of 5 he was tested and his IQ was off the chart, he excelled at advanced mathematics, far exceeding this peers (who were themselves members of the same breeding program). At age 10 Tiberius (who was now nicknamed “Ti”) was separated from his mother whom he loved dearly, and sent to an "Education Center.” Here he began his studies and later became a researcher. At the age of 20 Tiberius surpassed all his peers and even his tutors soon becoming a lead researcher in the field of quantum mechanics. Everything would have been fine if only the Indoctrination and behavior modification curriculum had done its work, but he grew to question the Trust’s motives.

Ti broke the rules and attempted to find his mother; using his position of trust and his superior computer skills he discovered that he was indeed unique and that his mother had broken the Trust’s highest laws by breeding outside of her group. Only a quirk of lucky timing had saved Ti from being aborted by the Trust, but his mother paid for her crime with her life. By the time the Trust determined what had happened they realized Ti was an asset they couldn't afford to destroy, so he was spared. Ti had been trained to suppress his emotions and use pure logic but he could not hold back his anger. Ti left the trust but not before he destroyed the research facility, almost exposing the Trust.

He hid for many years, yet he seemed to age at a much slower rate than those around him. For a time the trust hunted him doggedly but those who sought his destruction died, their replacements only knew they should look for him. They were not told why and did not know what he had done to the Trust. If the superiors at the Trust admitted what he had done to them they would be admitting weakness. Ti kept a low profile. Occasionally he would appear as a promising graduate student at a university to help with research projects (usually setting his professors on the right path to solving a complicated problem and then disappearing).

Ti has now landed in Angelus where the existence of entities and the rise of magic have piqued his curiosity. Once again he feels it is time to come out hiding and help his fellow man solve the problem of these "entities".

Personality/Motivation: Tiberius realizes he has a valuable gift to share and sincerely wants to be of service to his fellow man. He realizes that the Trust would like to scoop him up, and doesn’t know how others would react if they knew how old he really was and what his background is. Information about his past is only shared with his most trusted confidants. He seldom lets on exactly how smart he really is.

Quote: "Just because the rational answer isn't immediately obvious, doesn’t mean that we should resort to whooping and chanting like a tribe of primitives."

Powers/Tactics: Tiberius prefers to solve problems with his mind rather than resort to force.

Appearance: Tiberius is 6'-2" weights about 170 pounds. He has blond hair, sapphire (almost unnaturally) blue eyes. He is fond of trench coats and fedoras.

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