There are a lot of normal humans in the ranks of XSWAT but each of these people is an exceptional individual. The normal people who swell the XSWAT ranks are the best and the brightest that the city has to offer. Many of the normals in XSWAT were once regular police whose exceptional talent and ability caused them to be recruited into its ranks. Many more were recruited from elite organizations around the world. If your character is a normal you’ll still be exceptional. The normal man on the street certainly wasn’t built on 200+ points.

Mixing Archetypes

Certain things just don’t seem to mix. For instance there has never been a recorded case of an esper who could also use magic. The most popular theory is that the gifts that make a magic-user or an esper just are not compatible with each other, but nobody has any proof of this. Likewise cyborgs never seem to be able to use esper or magical powers and neither do clades. Clades have altered genes so that probably precludes them developing such powers. Likewise you never see a cyborg with mystic or esper abilities, perhaps the physiological changes in their bodies makes such things impossible. In game terms it just means this; you cannot mix types.


It is possible to come up with something other than the character types listed above. If you do come up with a unique concept that doesn’t seem to fit any of these molds then please discuss it with the GM.

A power armor jock is not really a character type but it is something you might want to explore. Generally speaking combat cyborgs are too large to operate powered armor; their body is already a sort of powered armor anyway. An esper or a magic-user could technically operate powered armor but that is going against their arch-type and so it is discouraged. Normals and clades often are good candidates for those wishing to explore this avenue of character development.

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