Clades are human clones that have undergone genetic engineering during their development. Most often they are human-animal hybrids, but there are rare fully-human looking exceptions. This theoretically gives them some of the strengths of their animal genes. Many combinations are possible (A tiger-man, a fox-woman, etc.). In most other places in the world clades are definitely considered second-class citizens at best. Most were produced by mega-corporations or rouge labs for use as little more than slave labor. In the world abroad, even where they are free, they are looked upon as something less than human. In Angelus the clades are considered people even though they have not yet been awarded the franchise. Even in progressive Angelus old prejudices die hard and a clade is justified in taking a Social Limitation (Frequent, Minor) to represent the prejudices they must still sometimes deal with. The common animal-hydrid clades often have distinctive characteristics (example, color patterns in their fur) which make Distinctive Features an good disadvantage for them. A rare human-looking Clade would only be justified in taking a Social Limitation (Occasional, Minor).

Clade characters are usually better than normal humans in some area or group of areas. That is why there were created in the first place. So a Tiger-man may be stronger than a normal human and possess claw-like finger nails. A Fox-woman may be more dexterous and stealthy than a normal human, etc. If you have an idea for a clade character discuss with your GM what attributes fit the hybrid you are intending to build.

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