Skill Notes

Computer Programming: The expanded rules for Computer Programming will be used as outlined in the Ultimate Skill. AIs exist but are not common in public use. The powered armor used by XSWAT feature a limited AI on-board computer. Legal AI designs in Angelus are required to have heavy safeguards and fail safes. There has never been a case of a rouge AI in Angelus, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen one day.

Fast Draw: Remember that you must specify what category of weapons your fast draw skill applies to. This is based on Weapon Familiarity groups. Large weapons incur a penalty to the Fast Draw roll based upon the size of the weapon.

KS: Entities (or Shadow Entities): No starting character can buy this above an 8 or less for a starting character. The XSWAT package gives a starting character an 8 or less but if you buy the Skill Enhancer Scholar Hero Designer will try to raise this to an 11 or less (you’ll have to force it to be a Familiarity only).

Systems Operation: The expanded rules for Systems Operation will be used as outlined in the Ultimate Skill. Basic, everyday functions (using a communicator, simple computer operations, using tactical radio) do not require the character to have Systems Operation.

Transport Familiarity: Remember that if you buy Combat Piloting or Combat Driving you will get one transport familiarity for free. Hero Designer should automatically adjust the costs of your Transport Familiarities. XSWATs common mode of transport is the Spinner (or Aircar) and Combat Piloting would apply to it.

Mecha exist at this time in the form of Powered Armor, similar to the Landmates in the Appleseed OVAs. My current intention is to build these as vehicles, anthropomorphic mecha if you want to buy the proper Transport Familiarity. However, unless your character is specifically designed as a Powered Armor Jock, it is not really that common that the characters will be running around in Landmates. The XSWAT power armor design is known as the Blue Steel Special.

Weaponsmith: The expanded rules from the Ultimate Skill will be used. You MASER Pistol is an energy weapon.

Weapon Familiarity: If you want to be able to operate the weapons mounted on a vehicle (for instance an XSWAT spinner or power armor) you will need to proper weapon familiarity. It costs 1 point to buy a weapon familiarity with a specific vehicle mounted weapons. For 2 points you can buy a group familiarity with all weapons on a particular type of vehicle. For example, WF: Vehicle (mecha) costs 2 points and would buy you familiarity with all weapons mounted on mecha. Also please note that power armor are mecha.

GM Gets The Final Say

Even if you follow all of the guidelines above the GM reserves the right of review and can disallow any character build. In these cases I will provide reasons for my disapproval, enumerate required changes, and/or make suggestions to better assimilate the character into the campaign setting.

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