The Order of Enoch is a religious organization that is essentially a division of the Catholic Church. TOE seems to place much faith in the creed “for evil to triumph, good men need only do nothing.” TOE’s purpose is to actively combat what they see as evil in any form. This can entail almost any normal everyday evil (poverty, crime, etc.) but mainly focuses on those evils with a supernatural component. The Shadow Entities are known to TOE and they consider them to be their top priority. TOE believes that the entities are purely demonic in nature (the Legions of Lucifer is the term they use). TOE operates worldwide and, in fact, entities are not a problem exclusive to Angelus; it’s just that Angelus has the world’s greatest concentration of them.

The leadership of TOE is composed of a council of 13 members. There are 12 Masters, who oversee regional operations. The council is led by a Grand Master. Some people refer to this as the Master and the 12 Apostles. The symbolism is intentional but members of the Order will rarely use such terminology (some consider it to be border line sacrilegious). All thought the TOE divides the globe into 12 regional areas there is actually a good deal of overlap since the decisions of the council are usually applied globally.

TOE has had past interactions with XSWAT, thus XSWAT is aware of them. The public only has a vague knowledge of TOE and this is mainly due to their charitable work. Virtually no public knowledge exists of the true purpose of the Order. TOE is well funded by the Vatican; the revival of traditional faiths that took place following the cataclysm of 2024 has renewed the Catholic Church and its donation coffers.

TOE has its own paramilitary forces. These forces consist of regular soldiers and even a power armor corp. The military arm of TOE is mainly used to combat entities wherever they are found in the world. Sometimes the military of the TOE will be called in to provide to security to Catholic charity operations in areas of the world where piracy or banditry are considered a threat. During such operations the TOE forces are generally not in the lime light so even if the public sees them they are usually misidentified as private security forces or mercenaries.

Those with inside information know that The Order of Enoch have their own Espers, and Crusaders who have in the past tangled with Entities. There are rumors of several holy weapons (swords and such) that seem to be especially effective against Entities when wielded by one with true faith. In the past TOE has actively sought to find and obtain such holy relics.

TOE has a fairly sizable artificial Island base in the region in which the City of Angelus operates. The Isle of Solace is home to a refugee camp which turns away none. The island became the refuge of choice for dispossessed Clades who had managed to escape the clutches of their corporate masters. As in any refugee camp bad elements managed to worm their way inside. Covert support from sympathizing Clades1 on the Island of Solace found its way to several pirate groups who staged damaging raids in the area. In addition a TOE research effort was launched to attempt to ensure that Clade offspring would be freed of their “tainted” genes allowing them to produce fully human offspring. This started a division within the refugee community. Many of the Clades did not consider themselves to be “tainted.”

The advent of increased Shadow Entity activity furthered the schism of TOE as various factions believed that only adopting more stringent measures would allow the Order to overcome the rising evil in the world. Clearer heads have tried to prevail but the order has become dangerously splintered in the last several years and it is torn by factional in-fighting within its ranks. The Grand Master or the Order Gabriel Gates has made many concessions that he does not necessarily agree with in order to hold TOE together. The first of these concessions (ten years ago) was a program on the Isle of Solace that requires refugee Clades to provide genetic material for the ongoing “purification” program and to ensure tighter security to staunch the spiriting of supplies to pirate groups.

A large percentage of the Clade population on the Island of Solace chose to leave rather than knuckle under to what they perceived as unreasonable constraints and bigoted policy changes. Curiously the Director of XSWAT in Angelus managed to convince the city council to accept the displaced Clade population. It is rumored that Directory Cadbury and Grand Master Gates have had dealings in the past. Whether this was a case of working together or merely contacts of convenience is unknown. Thus the current situation in which Angelus has become the new haven for Clades. Some Clades harbor a severe mistrust of anything to do with The Order of Enoch. It should be noted that there is still a considerable Clade population on the Isle of Solace since many chose to remain even under the new policy.

Some factions within the Order are carrying out operations that have not been officially sanctioned by the TOE’s ruling council. It is likely that one or several of the Masters have their own designs for the organization and are leading their factions in covert operations aimed at furthering their personal agendas.

[1] There are many Clade power armor pirates. Many megacorps who created Clades did so to use them for security. Many such Clades were created in an effort to make improved power armor pilots. When such Clades fled their corporate masters they took their power armor with them and became power armor pirates in order to survive.

GM Only Information

If you are playing in the campaign, DO NOT read the following or it will spoil the game for you.

Paragraph 2: Each Master of the Order also fulfills functions besides being regional directors. For instance there is a director of technology, a director of bio-technology, a director of training, a directory of public relations, etc.

Paragraph 3-4: XSWAT knows that TOE has power armor thought it has not actually gotten a visual image of what they look like and also lacks any data about their armaments. XSWAT knows that TOE battles entities across the globe. Until now TOE has stayed out of Angelus and concentrated their efforts in the rest of the world. As things heat up in Angelus TOE will begin to intervene when it starts to feel that the problem is beyond XSWATs ability to handle. The TOE power armor is well-made by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann corporation of Germany. The KPz-17 “Kreuzritter” features good armor protection and a pair of 12.7mm multi-barrel machineguns. In melee the armor truly shines being equipped with a massive two-handed sword which, combined with the unit’s strength, can cut up most entities and will do a number on most armored vehicles too.

Paragraph 5: Masada (one of the Masters) is himself a gifted Psychokinetic Esper. If they discover a useful artifact in the possession of one unwilling to use it in the way TOE feels it should be used, then TOE may be willing to take the item by force. As Masada gains more power this trend intensifies.

Paragraph 6-9: Masada was/is the Director of bio-research and has been covertly using the research to determine a way to more quickly tube-grow Clades in order to rapidly field an army when he is ready. In fact there is no effort to “purify” the Clades that is merely a cover story. Grand Master Gabriel is unaware of Masada’s activities here since he has been duped as well. Masada has a couple of other Masters of the Order in his pocket (notably the Director of Procurement and Director of Financing) which is allowing him to covertly build a military within the TOE military.

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