Below is a timeline of commonly known events in the history leading up to the start of the game. Note that this is subject to change (if someone’s history contains a worthy addition) and, as the game progresses, it may be updated to reflect historical events.




First scientifically quantifiable measurement of psionic abilities, prior to this there had been some acknowledgement that such abilities existed.


Parapsychology becomes a seriously-studied field of science.


The San Andreas fault finally fails, dropping most of California into the Pacific Ocean and causing worldwide cataclysm.


“Sorcery” and “Magic” become hotly-debated topics. Irrefutable evidence is displayed that these concepts exist in a fashion heretofore relegated to fiction.


Reports of bizarre creatures are collected by various government agencies. Privately, world governments decide to keep these reports quiet. The CIA coins the term “Entities” for these encounters.


Angelus completes construction.


Reports of Entity encounters are rare and isolated. Most are ignored as either Esper or Sorcerer activities.


Dominic Van Goren arrives in Angelus and settles there with his family. His daughter Hope is born the same year.


Dominic Van Goren receives permission from the Greek government to perform archaeological digs in the Aegean Sea.


Dominic Van Goren cements his reputation as the world’s preeminent sorcerer by foiling an assassination attempt on the King of Spain by Basque rebels. The King was in Angelus on a public-relations tour.


The Treaty of 2088 recognizes Angelus as a sovereign city-state.


Hope Van Goren dies in an industrial accident. Several dignitaries, including the Prince of Spain, attend the funeral.

2093, October 31st

Entities explode from Van Goren’s residence, causing the Van Goren Incident. Angelus police forces respond as best they are able, and manage to contain the outbreak at a horrific cost in lives.


XSWAT is formed. Kappa Sector becomes known as Omega Sector. Low yield nuclear weapon detonation cover story is used.


Pending entry.

2110, March 16th

The Animus Mortis is recovered from old Los Angeles. Eight men die soon after the painting is brought to the surface. Agatha and Mark Patton die later the same day. Ed Bentley is placed in Chadworth Asylum.

2110, April 25th

Windsor Golf Course tragedy results in the death of 27 high school students.

2110, May

The Blue Steel Project, a combination effort between Norton Defense Industries and XSWAT, is initiated.

2111, May 10th

XSWAT Precinct 13, 9th Squad (Sergeant Andrew Weston, Sergeant Ellison Kincaid, Corporal Marcus Saffron, Corporal Warden, Officer Janet Omar) enter Omega Sector in search of Michael Hart, the son of Councilman Owen Hart. The 9th Squad does not return.

2111, June

The Blue Steel Special Mark II is introduced.

2112, March 3rd

XSWAT Precinct 13 sees the formation of the new 9th Squad with five new members. The new officers are: Mirko Song, Rhonin Thanatos, Shilo Mokushi, James Thomas and Rachel O’Shea.

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