I hope that this campaign turns out to be as fun as I imagine it being. I have always wanted to run this sort of campaign and I don’t really know why it took me so long to get around to it.

I want to incorporate as many things about some of my favorite anime stories as I can. I have had numerous influences while putting this together. Chief among this is the original Shadows Angelus world book which was posted by Michael Surbrook on this website Surbrook’s Stuff. Numerous anime are the root sources for inspiration, they include, but are not limited to; Silent Möbius, Appleseed, Bubblegum Crisis, Tokko, Black Magic M-66 Ghost in the Shell, Armitage Dual & Poly Matrix and Full Metal Panic. In addition to anime sources, movies such as Blade Runner and The Matrix series come to mind. Then there are certainly dozens of game, movie, and TV sources that have had their influence even though the specifics elude me right now.

There are several new house rules in this campaign; the Dexterity Rebate is the most unusual. I just hope it works.


Thanks to Michael Surbrook, Ross Watson and the rest of the original Shadows Angelus gang. Also thanks to David Mattingly and Blackwyrm Games for allowing me and my players to playtest the Kazei 5 sourcebook.

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