A few short months after the defeat of Gurzaroth, Yiska retires from XSWAT. Jama urged him not to go, citing that XSWAT needs a good liaison between the Espers of Psi-Sector. Yiska replied that he had seen his fair share of the darkness of humanity—and instead of spending all of his efforts holding it back he was going to actively fight it.

His weapon of choice was the Institute of Tomorrow. Inspired by his trip to the alternate dimension, the IOT started out as a home for orphaned espers and castaways. Combined with a few technologies, a market precognition program funded by Richard Hemelshot, and a unique service agency, the IOT has grown into what it is today.

Which, unfortunately, was not exactly how Yiska had intended it. As the IOT grew, it grew away from Yiska's initial ideals and models. It became more of a corporation, and less of a non-profit organization. And so Yiska has semi-retired as chair of the board of directors for the organization. In the past few years, his health has been failing him (due to an unknown affliction), and he is seen very rarely on campus, let alone at a board meeting.

Yiska's personal life is more or less kept secret from the outside world. And if his personal life is private, his relationship with Scanner is even more so.

GM Suggestions for Yiska: To make him a more interesting entity, give him some serious bipolar disease. One half altruistic, and one half dark. After all, he does spend a significant amount of time with Scanner—and that can't be good for anyone. The IOT can also have some darker undertones. Nothing's perfect, and the IOT is far from it. Some espers don't like the IOT—what with their badges and registrations and legalisms. A few go so far as to claim the IOT is a conspiracy—developed to make the espers docile and easily controlled. Maybe their suspicions are right?

Institute of Tomorrow (IOT)

4 Main Branches

Institute of Tomorrow Academy (IOTA) grades pre-K through 12
Science and Technology Research Center (STRC) "Saturk"
Administration and PR (APR) "Ahpur"
Esper Guard (& Psi-Sector PD?) (EG)


"One IOTA can make a difference!"
This is a boarding school for grades pre-K through 12.

At first it was a good way to educate the homeless Esper children,and Esper children of normal parents who could not care for them. Now, it is turning into an exclusive school, where attendance is fought over. The education is superb and the Espers who graduate from this school are well-adjusted and well-suited to support society. Here, the Espers live in a non-hostile environment where psychic dampeners keep their powers under control until the Espers themselves mature. They are taught by older Espers in the use and control of their powers. Graduation not only involves high academic achievement, but also Esper fitness—similar to physical fitness in normal schools—the Espers have their own mental fitness program. They learn mental defense in addition to other basic Esper skills.

The Academy's "Proving grounds" is a cerasteel underground bunker where the final 'fitness' test is taken. In addition, this school allows researchers at STRC to monitor and investigate Esper power manifestation and growth. High-scoring graduates of the IOTA are given scholarships to attend the STRC college or other graduate degree program of their choice.


"Knowledge is the key unlock the door of tolerance."
This is a research and technology company. They investigate how to use Esper abilities for commercial, non-profit, restraint, and martial interests.

Notable Research Discoveries:


"Save the world."

The idea behind the EG is a combination of a peace corps with coast guard—unarmed, of course. Esper abilities should be put to use for practical, noble purposes. We are, after all, not weapons anymore. Namely, espers are being trained and used as disaster relief forces. We can hold back waves of water. We can put out fires. We can fly and carry people. We can stop bullets. Etc. They also handle Esper Security, and act as hired bodyguards as well. The EG works very closely with the Psi-Sector PD, and does Esper Combat Consulting for XSWAT in general. The IOTA's proving grounds offers a unique training facility for officers and esper's alike.


"Fear breeds Fear. Love breeds Love."

This is really just the administration. It's there to make the IOT feel complete, and it's comprised primarily of good PR people. It also has a registry of Espers and the level and control of their powers. (i.e. Lorraine might have a Class-6 Pyrokinetic license—saying that she is powerful, but safe) Each letter is 10 Active points. For a scale from 0-9 A-F (<10 AP to >160AP)—and yes, the scale does go thru Z and then Alpha through Omega. But we don't say their names aloud.)

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