Epsilon Sector is a creature of many parts. One of its areas is among the cities brightest, presenting ethnic foods and goods in a high-end luxury shopping district. Most of the rest is a pit of humanity’s worst, encompassing entire districts of crime zones where police activity is rare at best.



Murakami has been dubbed “the next silicon valley” by computer industry experts who note the interesting nexus of software development firms, hardware/software outlets, and a population of energetic youths who represent the next generation of programmers and users. Unfortunately, the proliferation of technology and know-how in this region also gives rise to large amounts of cyber-crime as kids become jealous of their more successful peers or decide to attack authority through the datanet.

Places of Interest


This region is the public “face” of Epsilon Sector most often seen in holovids about the city—it is clean, brightly lit, and contains many high-end businesses catering to tourists. Restaurants and entertainment of all kinds are found here among several carefully constructed examples of ethnic Asian architecture: pagodas, bridges and koi ponds, waterfalls and torii gates can be found surrounded by flickering plasma screens and garish LED advertisements.

Places of Interest

X’INLAU (Pronounced “Shin-la-ow”)

This region is the most ethnically “true” of all the portions of Epsilon Sector. Consisting primarily of tight, winding alleyways and small streets that wander through banner-festooned thoroughfares, the citizens of X’ianlau are almost entirely Asian, with any other breed of humanity a distinct minority. Most signs and writing in the region is printed in both Mandarin and Japanese, the two most common languages for the region.

Places of Interest

HANNIGAN (“The Grinder”)

By far the most dangerous and difficult area to police in the sector, the Grinder is nearly 100% lawless. The residents live small, desperate lives in the shadow of larger criminal enterprises and darker things. Violence and brutality is a way of life for the citizens of this region.

Places of Interest