[This scene takes place after Madam President dismisses the group for the first time.]

Yiska stands in front of a window looking out across Nuevo LA. The camera is at 5 o'clock, and the viewer can see more of Yiska's face in the reflection on the window. The expression on his face is solemn. His left hand is placed on the window glass while his right hangs by his side.

"An ESPer Institute..." He thinks solemnly to himself. "A place where I can be equal with everyone else, a home... I know why my other self is strongly aligned with this organization; to be among people who aren't constantly looking at you as if you have some horrific disease must be so nice."

"To be accepted somewhere." At this Yiska turns his face down and to the left and his right hand clenches. "Even my parents rejected me. No one wants to have anything to do with my powers... Not even me sometimes."

"XSWAT has been the only place that I've fit in. But that's more because I'm a freak among freaks, rather than being fully accepted. And I let them down too, in Omega Sector." Yiska looks back up out across the city, the neon lights and crowded streets beckoning to him. "But here..."

"Here at this institute I could be someone. Here in this city..."

"This City..."

At that thought Yiska's face drains of color. The dream he had several nights previous comes crashing down onto him. Pressure from all sides chokes the air out of his lungs and he falls to his knees. Images from the dream flash through the camera, spasmodically breaking the image of the room. The duplicates of everyone standing around: Hemelshot shaking hands with himself, natural hand and cyber hand; Yiska standing face to face with himself; Carpenter, Tyger, but no Jama. Images of Yiska walking through the city being pressed in from all sides by people in the rainy streets, then the people start screaming and running every which way, nearly trampling Yiska in the process.

"This city! THIS city! Here? Now? What is happening?!" The feeling of great urgency comes over him, and Yiska is almost weeping in pain, "We must leave! The cataclysm is imminent!"

Yiska stands, not noticing the cracks in the window where is hand was and the upturned furniture in the room. Running to the door he remembers to carefully open it and steps into the corridor outside, the automated lights not turning on until he has taken several steps...


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