The initial portion of the ceremony was fairly standard as far as promotion and award ceremonies within XSWAT go. Thirteenth Precinct from Beta Sector got another round of awards, while squads, individuals and even entire Sector stations also saw their share of commendations, promotions and awards handed out.

The ceremony lasted for at least an hour and a half, by Marcy's judgment, before the Director of XSWAT made her way back towards the center of the stage with her cat, Corporal Cadbury keeping perfect pace at her side, after delivering the last set of awards. She was a rather short, petite woman in comparison with many of the other XSWAT officers around. But there was just something about her that commanded attention despite her size. Her ample hair was tied into a messy ponytail on the top of her head. Unlike the previous Director's business suits, she wore the XSWAT dress uniform, although with a more impressive series of iconography to designate her rank.

Once she had taken her place behind the podium, Director of XSWAT Jamadagni Renuka cleared her throat and began speaking. Marcy really did not pay too much attention to what was being said. Not because she did not respect the sorceress, rather, she knew what this part of the speech was supposed to be about: Over the last few years, violent crime in various sectors due to gang-warfare had spiked. Compiled with this, was the increased threat of pirate raids as well as old Enochian fighters coming out of ground to wreak havoc in their zeal to "purge the unfaithful murderers of their prophet". These were very real and very dangerous threats to the lives of the citizens of Angelus. There was also the added distraction of The Corporal occasionally batting at the tails of the Director's dress coat. There was just something about cats and their ability to utterly ruin any serious situation. Marcy's attention immediate darted to her husband, who was, oddly enough, behaving himself, although he looked quite bored.

In light of these problems, it had been suggested that a special, highly mobile rapid-response force be created to aid beleaguered XSWAT and Regular Police forces. It would be a small force, despite the sheer size of Angelus, such problems did not come up very often. Due it's nature, this force would, by necessity, have to be able to bring the heaviest firepower authorized by the treaty of 2088 as quickly as possible. There were few things in the arsenal of XSWAT that could do this quickly and efficiently and in sufficient numbers than the next generation of XSWAT Power Armor suits.

Unlike the Blue Steel Zero, these mecha were still well within the limits of the Treaty of 2088, but they were still better than the standard AM-66 Power Armor in use currently. They were still in a testing phase, and what better way to give these new mecha their official field tests by allowing the best and brightest pilots put them into action? It was then that Director Renuka announced the creation of the First Mechanized Tactical Armored Corps to the thunderous applause of the audience.

"With the creation of the MTAC, it then occurred to me that this elite force would require an elite field commander. It has taken me some time to go over the list of viable officers to fill this position. However, I came across one man who, despite his tremulous and, to be quite frank, sometimes abysmal, record with XSWAT throughout most of his career, still consistently provided positive results in his duties to the protection of Angelus and her civilian population.

"As a police officer, his abilities and methods are often questionable. As a pilot, however, he has no rival; boasting more confirmed Entity kills and enemy mecha shot down than the next five best pilots combined. Such skill and ability can not, will not, be denied." Director Renuka paused and scanned the audience for a brief moment and then cracked the briefest of smiles. "Lieutenant Tyger, post!"

Upon command, Tyger stood up and made his way onto the stage with quick, brisk, confident steps. Marcy had to admit, that after almost fifteen years of service in XSWAT, her husband managed to finally get at least some discipline pounded into his thick skull.

When Tyger stood to the right of the podium, Director Renuka looked over Tyger's uniform and shook her head slightly. "Tyger..." she began; her words unheard by the microphone and anybody not close enough to the stage to hear her speak. " now I would think you knew better than this. Who checked your uniform? It's non-regulation."

Tyger lifted a brow, swallowing hard as he did so. He obviously did not catch the mirth in the Director's voice. " wife did ma'am."

Director Renuka shook her head, sending strands of her dark brown and red hair bouncing playfully about her shoulders. "That just won't do Lieutenant. You are completely out of uniform for the position I have appointed you to hold." She said with a smile. "Captain Cadbury, post!" the command given was still out of range of the microphone, but loud enough for Marcy to hear it. Just like her husband, she stood up and made her way directly to where Director Renuka and Tyger were standing.

"Lieutenant Tyger tells me that you were the one who checked his uniform today before the ceremony. Is that true?" Director Renuka asked.

Marcy gave a curt nod. "It is ma'am."

Director Renuka shook her head once more, tisking softly. "Well, I guess since that is the case, you are going to have to fix that." With a murmured string of arcane words and a short gesture with one hand, there was a flash of light and resting in her palm was a small black box.

Without word or ceremony, the box was offered to Marcy who took it. She opened the box to find a set of Captain's bars inside. Her eyes glittered mischievously then and between the two of them, they had the Lieutenant's bars removed and thrown away. Marcy then carefully pinned the Captain's bars in place and gave the metal rank-pins a good, hard thud o make sure they stuck.

"Congratulations Captain Tyger." Director Renuka smiled and then turned to the podium. And spoke in range of the microphone. "My apologies for the delay. I could not very well present a position of command of such importance as the First MTAC to a Lieutenant. Now that that has been taken care of, I now present the commander of the First Mechanized Tactical Armored Corps; Captain Tyger Cadbury, XSWAT PD."

The award of command and promotion came with an uproarious applause from the audience. It was then that Director Renuka stepped aside and made the mistake of allowing Tyger to speak. Tyger gave a fairly short, though very poor speech. It was not filled with his usual string of curses or other colorful language. Nor was it droning and boring either. The only way to really describe it was that it was a 'Tyger Speech'. Marcy shook her head with a smile during the final applause.

With the ceremony concluded and before those that had been awarded and promoted received their congratulations from their coworkers, Marcy looked over to Director Renuka and smirked. "You know...this new position is going to require him to spend a little more time behind a desk with paperwork thane he'd really like."

"Yes, well, he can delegate a lot of that" Director Renuka replied with a smile.

"If he can't he will just do it anyway." Both Marcy and the Director giggled at that. "He really has come a long way" Marcy smiled as she watched Tyger shake hands and exchange pleasantries with the other officers. "And I owe it all to you Jama. You and the rest of 9th Squad. I don't think he would be the man he is now if it weren't for that."

"Maybe, but I know someone who deserves just as much recognition for that as any single person in 9th Squad." Jama smiled as she looked pointedly at Marcy. "I meant what I said up there you know. After all these years, he hasn't changed much. After all of these years, he is still a bad cop Marcy, and I think he always will be, no matter how much he changes or improves.

"Despite that, he still brings me results, just like he did for Alice. That is something I need now more than ever. I need someone who is able to give me results. But having him close by will also let me make sure he doesn't get out of hand."

Marcy shrugged her shoulders a little bit as she still watched her husband. "He is still quite rough around the edges and he still has his anger and violence issues too, it's true. I don't think there is anybody who knows that better than I do." She then looked at Director Renuka "But you also know that he's a good man, with good intentions and that you can trust him to do the right thing."

Director Renuka smiled knowingly. "I know. Why else do you think I am giving him this opportunity? If I did not think he could live up to the expectations set before him, I would not have given him the command. He is a good man Marcy, and there is nobody I could trust more in the position I have placed him in."