Some player-created rumors created after the first Rumors story was written.

Since its formation, the new 9th Squad has racked up more hospital time then the rest of the 13th Precinct combined.

In addition, the 9th Squad has the least number of citations for bravery, courage under fire, commendations for heroic actions, and so on. Conversely, they have only a single demerit listed for the same period of time.

Roughly 50-75% of 9th Squad's after-action reports are classified.

This is because the 9th Squad is Director's Cadbury's personal Black Ops Squad.

Which is why Hart has them listed as traitors, the 9th Squad is trying to bring down Hart's administration, and establish Cadbury in a para-military coup.

Why do you think the 9th Squad has all those high-grade weapons to hand out?

The 9th Squad is the unluckiest squad on XSWAT. The previous Squad was sent into Omega and suffered 100% KIA. The current Squad has been in Omega twice, but never survived the first trip. The ones you see now are clones and/or clades made to look like the originals. XSWAT did this to keep morale up. Oh, and that second trip? Faked.

XSWAT has a dead man working for them:

- They know how to bring people back to life (compete resurrection).
- They built a monster, animating it with Magic (i.e.: a golem).
- Using technology, magic and the dead, they built a super soldier (a Frankenstein's Monster).

XSWAT has an ex-con working for them:

- He is still a convict, he still does his dirty dealings on the side and nobody knows about it (once a crook...)
- As above...but they DO know about it and are in on it as well (some members have a lot of money and/or pull as of late)
- He gives "insider information" to his criminal buddies and is playing 'the good guy' so after lulling Angelus into a false sense of security, he take Angelus for all he can. (seems fitting considering the majority of the forces that just attacked)
- He must have a lot of clout and/or money or backing because he is trusted with a one-of-a-kind mecha

XSWAT's sorceress actually summons Demons/Entities (Hantu/spirits):

- She also worships said Entities (Bride of the King in Yellow)
- She has sold her soul to the Entities for power and is working behind the scenes to bring about the ruin of Angelus by aiding her Entity "Masters"

Their ESPer is running the show, he has all of their minds under his sway. (remember, Having telepathy and telepathic powers is fairly rare for an ESPer).

9th Squad was sent to South America by Cadbury, not as a vacation as would be thought, but as a Special Operation mission. While there, they uncovered a plot by terrorists to animate the giant Jesus to cause unknown havoc. Reasons for animating the giant Jesus could be numerous. Suffice to say, this could be anything from they were stopped just in time to they fought the giant Jesus itself.

- 9th Squad was sent to the Caribbean to put a stop to a Clad Pirate (or smuggling) gang.
- 9th Squad was sent to deal with clade insurgents. Stupid clades thought that they could create their own country!

Cadbury/Angelus is waging covert war against [insert country here]. Why else would they be sent to specific and very remote locations (in relation to Angelus), that always end up disaster areas? and why else are so many of their missions secret?

9th Squad died the first time over the wall. This current "9th Squad" is not XSWAT at all. They are a secret and very elite Special Forces unit that is being built and tested so that Angelus can force itself out from under the thumb of the UN/other nations (imagine a healthy portion of Angelus' defense forces being made up of squads built like 9th Squad with the same skill and ability) and they are going with the excuse of "we just reformed the old 9th to consolidate our numbers." Usually (but not always) when a unit gets totally wiped out to the man, the unit number/ID is not reused.