Another breaking story flickers across the screen, text only with hyperlinks to the appropriate sites on the datanet.

//Coordinator to lead tour of damage sites//

Coordinator Hart has released a schedule of sites in Alpha, Gamma, and Zeta sectors that he will personally tour as part of the government's new dedication to rebuilding and restoring the damage from the recent invasion and terrorist attacks. The Coordinator plans to speak to civic leaders and make further attempts to reach out to the renegade Clade population living illegally in the service areas beneath the city as well as another appeal for peace and cooperation from the espers who have taken over the lawless and secessionary region of Phi sector. Hart claims that his tour is necessary and vital to putting Angelus back together again.

"It is essential that the city government get involved on a personal level. Many of the mistakes made in recent memory owe a great deal to a 'hands-off' approach. Coordinator Hunter, god rest his soul, was an excellent administrator, and I believe he would give his blessing to our efforts on the behalf of the city. If I can reach out to the people who are at the center of each disaster area, I am certain that we can find common ground and work out a schedule that will see Angelus back on its feet and stronger than ever before."

//Report Ends//