Masada was dead; Hemelshot had shot the rogue ESPer in the head at point-blank range. The Enochian Power Armors that were to aid him fled. Tyger and the Blue Steel Zero had not only given them a run for their money, but had given them a reason to fear him. Without command from Masada, the Zombie-Borgs were simply inert automatons utterly incapable of cogent, much less independent, thought. The clades that had were also present to aid Masada laid down their arms after his death. They refused the invitation to fight along side XSWAT, but they would not continue the fight against Angelus, preferring instead to go their own way.

Tyger was tired mentally and physically, and yet there was much that still needed to be done. He and Hemelshot decided to lend whatever aid they could to the battlefield. The others had their own business to attend to, Jama and Yiska were horribly spent and needed rest. Brogan took the deactivated nuke to 'Santa's Workshop' to keep it under lock and key and Carpenter was attending to the body of Masada.

The Blue Steel Zero cruised along the sides of the skyscrapers of Rho Sector, angled in such a way as if those surfaces were the ground. As he approached the scattered fighting, he could no longer see the 'Digital Angel', he was not sure what brought that thing around, but he had the feeling Jama or Cadbury had something to do with it. Considering that it had the face of the former XSWAT director though, he would guess that Jama created it. After all, for all of Cadbury's arrogance and power, she was not that vain.

Even though the creature had wreaked havoc with the invading forces, most of the defenders were still fighting for their lives and things did not appear to be getting any better. "Time to even the score a little..." Tyger smirked. Something was still pounding in his veins after the conflict at the wall. Although he had lost control again, it did not seem so bad this time. Perhaps it was because none of his teammates were in the line of fire. Maybe it was because this time, there was no risk for collateral damage. Perhaps it was because he enjoyed it or even the fact that he had been knocked unconscious for most of that fight and was not entirely aware of what was going on. It didn't matter. All that mattered right now was that his city...his home...was in danger, and he had to do something about it. Tyger powered the blue Steel into a climb and leapt from the skyscraper towards the pressed fighting in the streets below.

The Blue Steel Zero slammed into the ground with a jaw-shattering crash, the leg thrusters cushioning the powerful landing enough to not cause any damage to the mecha, but defiantly left its mark on the pavement. "This is Sergeant Tyger of XSWAT PD! Drop your weapons and surrender immediately! Failure to comply will result in severe retaliation!" Tyger really did not expect the announcement over the loudspeakers to work, the pattering of small-arms fire bounced off the armored hide of his in reply, but he gave it a shot nonetheless.

With utter contempt the Blue Steel Zero stepped towards the small knot of clades who opened fire on him. A single of canister surged from the outer knee of each leg and arced high into the small group of fighters. Tyger barley felt the bass-throb of the concussion grenade that went off, and thanks to the environmental systems of the Blue Steel, the Riot Gas from the other grenade would be simply ignored.

The clades on the other hand were a different story. Without gas masks or other protection, their sensitive ears, eyes and noses would be assailed violently. They would live, of course, but until the effects of both grenades wore off, they would be wishing that they were dead.

"Hey baby, gimmie some tunes..." Tyger muttered to the AI as the Blue Steel stepped past the Clades who were struggling to combat the effects of the painful concussion and gas that assailed their senses "...We're about ready to kick some serious ass, so make sure it's somethin' good." Upon command, the Blue Steel cycled through the vast library of songs that Tyger had stored in the internal stereo system. It found something that it decided seemed to fit and began to play.

First thirty seconds began with an upbeat chorus of strings, drums that caused Tyger to lift a brow and look at one of the displays curiously, as if it were a person. Then the guitar and lyrics started and that caused the ace pilot to grin.

Burst into the wicked show with air-shattering noise
Harnessing and controlling your unruly partner
A spirit that will never back down from the dogfight
I want to be stunned by huge screams from the red zone

The Blue Steel powered into a high-powered jump thanks to the built-in thrusters. He landed hard upon the shoulder of an Enochian power armor that had brought its sword to bear upon a sorely outmatched XSWAT AM-66 power armor.

[A fleeting flash like a shooting star] if there's just a moment to shine, I don't care
[For me to stop is like you telling me to die] I don't wanna look back with regret
So I wanna roll n' roll cause it's a DOGFIGHT

The Enochian fell like a ton of bricks, and with a nod to the grateful XSWAT pilot, the Blue Steel Zero sent a short burst from the chaincannon into the back of the fallen mecha. The pilot would survive, most likely, but his suit would never fight again. Spinning on its heel, the Blue Steel Zero further damaged the Enochian mecha as it reacted to several clades who were hoping to bring him down with sheer numbers.

Your enchanting dream is here, a backfire that rips through the shimmering heat
Throw away the past, it's time to rocket dance [Dogfight!]
If you're pained by your unvoiced wishes, step right up, you're big time gambler
Your foolishness is a beautiful curve in this crazy game
[Break it, break it strike it, shake it]
Baby, this is your ecstasy

Another concussion grenade followed immediately by a riot gas grenade took care of them in short order. On sheer instinct, the Blue Steel evaded a blow from an Enochian power armor that attempted to run him through from behind with its sword. No luck though. The Blue Steel Zero stepped aside with contemptuous ease and fired the railgun at point blank range into the Baroque mecha, shattering much of the armored plating as the round powered through the upper torso, taking off its head and taking it out of the fight.

Haha, the noise is everywhere, a heavyweight that can throw you aside
Driving on the edge, a battle of millimeters
I can still go on flooring it to easy victories

A missile, fired from a clade with a shoulder fired Anti-Tank Missile Launcher, slammed hard into the Blue Steel Zero, causing it to stagger and fall to a knee. Two Enochians moved to take advantage of the stricken mecha to stop it once and for all. As one chambered a fresh magazine armor piercing rounds into its forearm chaingun, the other lunged forwards its sword held high, fully intending to carve the Prototype mecha in two.

Hey rhyme to rhyme, still everything's not enough
Get down n' loose yourself, movin' till I get high
The pain level of the ambient voice is still low
After being able to give it up, you'll find true paradise

The first Enochian never got the chance to land the blow. Acting on sheer reflexes, Tyger brought up his chaincannon and opened fire; a veritable waterfall of brass fell from the weapon as the attacker was disassembled. Armor Piercing rounds pounding, ripping and tearing into the Enochian mecha, tearing it apart in mid stride.

[Get in the beat feel the vibe n' gravity] most of us slips the chances we should have seized
[Many things, no matter what it's possibility] It's only once, fly away
And shine with a dazzling light in the DOGFIGHT

That left the Blue Steel Zero open for immediate reprisal from the other Enochian, who did not hesitate to open fire. Armor Piercing rounds pounded and battered off of the Blue Steel's hardened hide. Despite weathering the storm of bullets, Tyger still suffered for it. He was about to engage the Zero System, but realized that the last hit had disabled the experimental system. Just as well.

Your enchanting dream is here, a backfire that rips through the shimmering heat
With the strength to keep your eyes open for the shiny bullet [Dogfight!]
Can't paint with cheerless tears, hands held up in the burning air
A pleasure more lovely than your love in this crazy game
[Break it, break It, strike it, shake it]
Baby, this is your ecstasy

The Blue Steel faked a strafe maneuver to the left, and fired with the railgun, emptying the magazine. The Enochian lost the arm that carried it's chaingun from the shot. As it realized its more dire situation, it was too late to run as most of the central torso of the mecha disintegrated under a focused hail of fire from the Blue Steel's chaincannon.

Beyond horizon that's my dream that's my goal
Sippin' coffee, chillin' the back seat, sun is getting low
Remember this path never ending road as long as you take this one

Another missile arced towards the Blue Steel, but Tyger was ready for it this time. A short, focused burst from his chaincannon shredded the missile before it could find its mark. That was it. Tyger really did not want to have to resort to this, but he was running out of useable grenades.

Hey yo, burst into the wicked show with an air-shattering noise
Binding and restraining your brutal body
A spirit that will never back down from the dogfight

The Blue Steel leveled the chaincannon at the small squad of clades whom were using a wrecked spinner as cover and opened fire. High velocity armor piercing rounds tore into the civilian spinner like a hot knife through butter. Tyger really did not want to think about what happened to those fighters.

Oh come on give me a loud one
Let me hear you say yeah!
[Yeah Yeah]
[Yeah Yeah Yeah]

Tyger felt the disturbingly familiar stabbing pain in his gut knowing that he had taken the lives of one of his own. He hated it. But they were attacking his home! He had to take them down, what choice did he have?

Somebody oh find me everybody and raise your voices
Come on, come on, come on Scream!
One, Two, kick it!

Tyger would have to wait to lament on that later. Or perhaps he wouldn't, this was all out war after all. Things happen. But killing your own doesn't get any easier. Tyger was jarred out of his brief thoughts as a hail of bullets stitched across the ruined pavement, narrowly missing the Blue Steel. In one fluid motion, the Blue Steel Zero turned and opened fire on the Enochian with his chaincannon, rendering yet another zealot mecha to useless scrap.

Your enchanting dream is here, a backfire that rips through the shimmering heat
Throw away the past, it's time to rocket dance
If you're pained by your unvoiced wishes, step right up, you're big time gambler
Your foolishness is a beautiful curve in this crazy game
[Break it, break it strike it, shake it]
Baby, this is your ecstasy

The Blue Steel Zero paused after the Enochian mecha fell into a heap of slag, taking a brief moment to reload the shoulder mounted railgun. Inside Tyger shook his head as the song began to wind down. This was going to be a long, long day. There was still a lot to do, and even more fighting to be done before he could consider sleeping.

As the song wound down, the AI had already chosen the next song. There was no argument from the pilot as he stepped off to continue the fight elsewhere. There were plenty of knots of resistance from the Enochian invasion force and even more places where the defenders of Angelus were holding the line, but only just. It was time to turn the tide into Angelus' favor.