My fellow X-SWAT officers;

Within the last hour, in an emergency council session, Coordinator Owen Hart relieved Alice Cadbury of her duties as X-SWAT Directory. (She has not, however, been arrested.) Furthermore, he has decided to disband X-SWAT immediately. His orders will be enforced by X-SWAT Internal Affairs personnel. I do not know exactly when he intends to announce these decisions, or when they will become effective. Most likely he feels that he needs a few hours to move Internal Affairs personnel loyal to him into key positions to lock regular X-SWAT personnel out of sensitive areas when his decision is announced. Unfortunately, Coordinator Hart has run out of time.

We all have.

Due to the Coordinator's willful and myopic abuse of power, the Angelus PD's entire fleet of patrol boats has been idle since the declaration of martial law which began Hart's dictatorship. This has allowed five transport ships full of Enochian clades and power armor troops to approach Angelus completely unobserved. As I type this, they are only minutes off-shore. By the time you read this, they may already be landing. This is our last chance to take action, to change the Coordinator's decision, and possibly to save our City.

As X-SWAT officers who have kept your oaths and served Angelus loyally, you may be justifiably angry at the Council and the Coordinator, but now is not the time to settle grievances with City Hall, or Internal Affairs. Pitting us against each other is Hart's 'leadership' style, but it leads only to weakness. Cadbury may no longer be Director of X-SWAT, but she is still our leader in spirit, and we all know what she would have us do: Defend our City! If we survive, if City Hall still stands, perhaps cooler heads will prevail, and the Council will recognize X-SWAT as their allies once again.

If you are in Internal Affairs, examine your conscience closely. Do not allow yourself to be used as a political game-piece, to weaken Angelus when she needs all her strength. Hart considers X-SWAT an obstacle to his personal agenda, and is systematically destroying it when Angelus needs all of us more than ever. He is taking advantage of the tensions between Internal Affairs and the rest of X-SWAT. But when X-SWAT is gone, what need will he have of X-SWAT Internal Affairs? You'll be redundant, and you'll be next. Far better for you to join the rest of us now, and help us Defend our City!

As I'm certain this message will eventually come to the attention of our esteemed Council members, I should point out that Coordinator Hart's policies have led to disaster for Angelus, and that while he sat in the Council chamber disbanding most of our City's defensive forces, an invasion fleet approached the City unobserved and unchallenged. I urge the Council to recall Coordinator Hart, or call for a vote of No Confidence, or if they find it more expedient, just drag him out back and have him shot for treason.

May God have mercy on us all.

Sgt. C. Malachi Brogan, X-SWAT 13th Precinct/9th Squad

"Enemy of the State"