Video of an underground bunker: a room with plain concrete walls, no windows, and a single reinforced blast door. In the center is a heavy-duty work bench with a dented nuclear device sitting on it. A burned and battered cyborg steps into view next to the bench.

My name is Sergeant Malachi Brogan, X-SWAT, 13th Precinct, 9th Squad. I have spent the last 24 hours working with other members of 9th squad to organize Angelus' response to the Enochian invasion. And I am pleased to report that we have been successful. While Coordinator Hart's regime would disband our City's defense forces, or even pit one department against others, wiser counsel prevailed, and thousands of volunteers answered our call, coming together to defend our great City of Angelus. Regulars of the Angelus PD, current and former members of X-SWAT, including Internal Affairs, along with the City's population of Espers, Clades, cyborgs and other volunteers succeeded in turning back the invasion, despite the complete lack of political leadership from the Hart Regime during the crisis.

The commander of the Enochian invasion was a terrorist known as Masada--now deceased. Masada's intention was to enter Omega sector, and once inside, detonate a nuclear device. The initial casualties would have numbered in the millions, but in the long term, the entire City would have been uninhabitable, if not altogether lost. Ninth squad intercepted Masada's infiltration team at the Wall outside Omega, where a pitched battle ensued. During the fighting Masada realized he wouldn't make it into Omega, and attempted to detonate his nuke on the spot. I personally removed the device from Masada's possession, and disarmed it under heavy fire.

Cut to video of the battle. Cyborgs and Clades running everywhere, gunfire, explosions and wrecked vehicles. In the background, standing against the Wall, Masada stands alone, saying that Richard (Hemelshot) has forced his hand, then he leans over and does something with the nuke. From off-camera, above and to the right, Brogan descends on him like a ton of bricks. Masada goes flying off camera, left. Brogan lies on the ground, surrounded by Masada's troops. Seconds later, all hell breaks loose, as Masada returns, Hemelshot runs through the troops, drawing their fire, and Brogan stands up, taking several hits in the process. He shouts a warning to the Enochians that the nuke is armed, which they ignore, then he disarms it. Video ends.

Cut back to Brogan standing next to the work bench. Camera zooms in on the nuke.

As you can see, I stopped the timer with ten seconds left before the nuke went off. You're welcome. For my next act, I'm going to completely disassemble the firing mechanism of this device and destroy it on camera, to prove that it can't be used as a weapon again. Then I'm going to send this video, and various pieces of the firing mechanism, to City Hall and to the media. This is for the benefit of anyone who still thinks I'm an Enemy of the State--I saved your whole City, so I don't much care what the Hart Regime says about me.

As for the device's core of nuclear material, it's perfectly safe right where it is. So, I'm keeping it. I'll turn it over to the proper authorities just as soon as Coordinator Hart is removed from office and indicted for treason.

Hart did everything he possibly could have done to leave the City defenseless before the Invasion. First, the declaration of martial law resulted in the patrol boats being docked so the Enochians could approach unobserved and unchallenged. Then, Hart's first act after the declaration was to remove dozens of dangerous artifacts from X-SWATS's vault at HQ--items which Masada was interested in. On the day of the invasion, Hart stripped away the City's last line of defense by disbanding X-SWAT entirely. I should add that an inspection of Hart's home will reveal a state of the art bomb shelter, because he knew in advance that Masada would be using a nuclear device.

Finally, when 9th squad became aware of Hart's treachery, and attempted to carry out our lawful duty to stop him, he abused the power of his office and declared us all Enemies of the State. By doing this, he hoped to stop our efforts to thwart him, and silence our charges against him. He failed to do either--his plans have failed, largely due to our efforts, and our accusations stand. It's painfully obvious that Hart tried to sell out the entire City for his own personal gain, and that he was in league with Masada from the beginning. All the blood spilled of Angelus' citizens this past day is on his hands.

I await the Council's decision on this matter.