"Today," Jama sighed to no one in particular, "Just isn't going very well."

Jama had gotten word this morning at 06:45 that there was going to be a Christmas photo taken of the squad at the office today at 09:00. Which meant wearing that ostentatious dress uniform that was more for show and far too bulky to cast any real magic in. Never mind how the uniform was cut wrong so that it rode up her rear in the most ungodly uncomfortable fashion, there was no place to put her Kris comfortably. But that was moot, seeing as how she left it in the locked room with the Grimorium.

"Don't let anyone near this book until I get back, okay?" She remembered telling the Kris, "It's very important, so be very nasty if anyone tries to touch it."

So she put the stupid uniform on anyway.

If that was the only thing that had gone wrong, today wouldn't have been that bad. But as Murphy would have it, at 07:34 on her commute in to the Precinct building there was a traffic accident.

A garbage gravlift had a malfunction and plunged into the street below, showering Jama (and everyone on the block) in the most unpleasant stuff imaginable. "At least it isn't Entity digestive juices," she mumbled to herself as she assisted other officers in recovering some of the wounded involved in the accident.

After making sure that all of the injured parties were taken care of, she checked her wristband. 08:15. With an explicit train of Indonesian curses, and a few in Greek for good measure, she flew to the Precinct building and arrived with 20 minutes to spare. "Enough time to get clean, but not enough to clean the uniform." She fumed as she barged into the ladies locker room, leaving a trail of gagging officers and clerks behind her, "The backup in my locker will just have to do."

Finally clean, with a miraculous 10 minutes to spare, she made her way back to her locker and found it empty...

Except for a small hourglass shaped red tube of cloth with white fluffy trim. While holding to her towel, she picked up the odd piece of clothing and underneath it she noticed a hat and pair of gloves made in the same fashion. A pair of red pumps completed the picture.

Turning red with both anger and embarrassment as she realizes what has just transpired, she lets out a scream:

"THOSE #$%@^$%& IDIOTS!!!"