Shadows Angelus 1 Final Thoughts
by Nestor D. Rodriguez

For me, there are two things that stand out above all the other compliments about the Shadows Angelus campaign that I hope to properly describe.

The first is one that others of my teammates have brought up: the closure that the campaign achieved.

Too many times, a campaign ends when interest or participation wanes, leaving plots unfinished and character backgrounds unexplored. In Shadows Angelus, we were able to grow and develop our characters in the story, reach the climax of the primary story arc, and deal with its aftermath.

Even with the inevitable deviations and monkey wrenches that we as players are wont to throw in, Ross managed to keep the campaign on the path to its destination without leading the characters by the nose or in any way making us feel railroaded. A large part of the satisfaction that the campaign gave me was the fact that we finished the story and completed the quest.

The clincher is that there was still enough left over in the rich tapestry of the game world to allow us to return to it and start a new campaign.

The second point is more personal. I saw the campaign as an opportunity to experiment with a character concept I had not had the chance to explore before: the holy warrior. I wanted to see if I could create and credibly play the concept without falling into the old stereotypes of prudish zealotry or "Dudley Do-Right" naivete.

I praise Ross for the courage to accept my submission and the intelligence and wit to provide the story elements to challenge my character's beliefs and goals without dismissing or ridiculing them.

Religion, especially a faith that exists in the real-world, can be a difficult topic to tackle in-game, yet Ross managed to treat it in an adult and open manner. I also commend my fellow players for likewise treating the concept with respect and support.

Of the many characters I have created and played in my years as a gamer, the role of Nathan Carpenter is one I will always be happy and proud to have donned.