Shadows Angelus Timeline
circa 7,800 BCE Alice Cadbury "born."
circa 1819-1880, January 8 His Imperial Majesty Emperor Joshua Abraham Norton I
2007 Santoro Bodyguards founded.
2018 Parapsychology becomes a seriously-studied field of science.
2032 The San Andreas fault finally fails, dropping California into the ocean and causing a worldwide cataclysm.
2035 "Sorcery" and "Magic" become hotly-debated topics. Irrefutable evidence is displayed that these concepts exist in a fashion heretofore relegated to fiction.
2040 Reports of bizarre creatures are collected by various government agencies. Privately, world governments decide to keep these reports quiet. The CIA coins the name "Entities" for these encounters.
2046 Angelus completes construction.
2050 Reports of Entity encounters are rare and isolated. Most are ignored as Esper or Sorcerer activities.
2074 Dominic Van Goren arrives in Angelus and settles there with his family. His daughter Hope is born the same year.
2078 Dominic Van Goren receives permission from the Greek government to perform archaeological digs in the Aegean Sea.
2083 Dominic Van Goren cements his reputation as the world's most preeminent sorcerer by foiling an assassination attempt on the King of Spain by Basque rebels. The King was in Angelus on a public- relations tour.
2088 The Treaty of 2088 recognizes Angelus as a sovereign city-state.
2090 Hope Van Goren dies in an industrial accident. Several dignitaries, including the Prince of Spain, attend the funeral.
2093, October 31 Entities explode from Van Goren's residence, causing the Van Goren Incident. Angelus police forces respond as best as they are able, and manage to contain the outbreak at a horrific cost in lives.
2093 XSWAT is formed. Kappa Sector becomes known as Omega Sector. Nuclear weapon detonation cover story is used.
2100 Dr. Allen Nevius and/or James Masada takes control of Castaway Cay. Dr. Nevius begins working on a project to genetically engineer clades as super-soldiers to hunt down and fight Entities. Alice Cadbury talks with Dr. Nevius and James Masada to try and find a better way to deal with the growing problem of Entity incursions. The talks fail, and Cadbury decides that even if she can't save all of the clades on Castaway Cay, she will save one.
2102 A laboratory accident causes the premature release of a mature male feline clade. The clade is soon found floating out at sea by the crew of the (pirate) ship Revenge. Given the unimaginative name of Tyger, the clade becomes part of the crew, having no memory of his past or true purpose.
2110, January Tyger, now captain of the Revenge, leads disastrous raiding campaign against Angelus. His armor is shot down and he is captured by Angelus XSWAT forces. XSWAT Director Alice Cadbury offers Tyger a curious deal: he can join XSWAT and serve with them or he can stand trial and expect a long stay in prison. Tyger accepts the offer, intending to escape/leave at his earliest opportunity.
2110, March 16 The Animus Mortis is recovered from under Angelus. Eight men die soon after the painting is brought to the surface. Agatha and Mark Patton die later the same day. Ed Bentley is placed in Chadworth Asylum.
2110, May The Blue Steel Project, a combination effort between Mishima Heavy Industries and XSWAT, is initiated.
2110, June Tyger becomes the test pilot for the Blue Steel Special Mark I.
2110, September Tyger fights Jared Croe on an artificial island just outside the walls of Angelus. He wins and becomes one of the Supreme Ten.
2111, April Tyger enters the Omega Sector in search of a young girl said to have been kidnapped by Entities. He finds the girl and returns alive, but the Blue Steel Special Mark I is effectively destroyed in the process. At the time, it is the furthest anyone has entered Omega and returned alive.
2111, May 10 XSWAT Precinct 13, 9th Squad (Sergeant Andrew Weston, Sergeant Ellison Kincaid, Corporal Marcus Saffron, Corporal Warden, Officer Janet Omar) enter Omega Sector in search of Michael Hart, the son of Councilman Owen Hart. The 9th Squad does not return.
2111, June The Blue Steel Special Mark II is introduced.
2112, March 3 XSWAT Precinct 13 sees the formation of the new 9th Squad. Members are Sergeant Tyger (commander), Sergeant Richard Hemelshot (2nd in command), Officer Graham Burton, Officer Nathan Carpenter, Officer Jamadigni Renuka.
2112, March 4 Officer Jamadigni Renuka promoted to Corporal.
2112, sometime between March 4 and May 18 Sergeant Hemelshot is made commander of the Squad.
2112, May 18 Tyger goes on trial for his actions during a clade protest (among others). He remains with XSWAT, but is demoted to Corporal.
2112, June 3 9th Squad goes on patrol with the Angelus PD. Jamadigni meets Officer Paulie Santerino.
2112, June 5 Jamadigni is supposed to go to the opera with Leo, she is unable to.
2112, early June Officer Yiska Karouk joins the 9th Squad.
2112, June 13 The 9th Squad enters the Omega Sector in order to find Dominic Van Goren's home and the Esperanza Grimorium. They seem to spend 2-3 days there, but only 25 minutes pass in the rest of the world. Once it is all over, Graham Burton is dead, Richard Hemelshot has lost his arm, Jamadigni Renuka is hospitalized for an extended period, the rest of the Squad suffers minor wounds.
2112, August 19 9th Squad awarded the Silver Star for Bravery. The Squad then heads to Rio for vacation. While there, the Squad fights elements of the Nominus Circle at the feet of Cristo Redemptor. Jamadigni is once again hospitalized for an extended period.
2112, circa August Jamadigni and Yiska discuss/discover Cadbury's status as Defender of Angelus.
2112, October 1-2 9th Squad sent to Rho Sector, when the Entity Ysarille traps all but Jamadigni Renuka in a parallel timeline. There, Yiska encounters "Madam President" Shion Nys and the Esper Institute.
2112, October 2-4 Richard Hemelshot discovers his daughter is an esper. Richard also orders psychological evaluations for all members of the 9th Squad and recommends preparing a "CYA" file.
2112, October 5 Cynthia Marks (Cindi Saber) and Marcia O'Keefe (Marice the Mechanic) graduate from the XSWAT Academy. The 9th Squad gets new gear and goes on a ride-along with the Angelus PD (Officers Cooper and Hankerson). They deal with the "Ghost Faces," a Phi Sector street-gang.
2112 October 8 The 9th Squad investigates the "Celestial Mary," a ship belonging to the Masada Consortium.
2112, between October 8 and October 29 Jamadigni and Yiska recover a fragment of an ancient medicine wheel belong to the Karuk Tribe.
2112, October 13 Angelus Police Department Bomb Squad responds to a bomb threat in Epsilon sector.
2112, October 14 Angelus Police Department Bomb Squad Officer Malachi Brogan reported killed in action.
2112, October 29 James Masada announces the existence of the Order of Enoch. The 9th Squad learns the name of Gurzorath.
2112, October 30 The 9th Squad arrives in Cuba.
2112, October 31 The 9th Squad hires a ship to tkae them to Castaway Cay. Along the way they discover the Silver Bird out of Tuscany, New York floating empty and abandoned. At 9 PM they arrive at Castaway Cay. They eventually commander a space shuttle and disable the Sword of Damocles an Order of Enoch space station.
2112, November 1 9th Squad attends a formal dinner (partially in their honor). All members awarded the Golden Sun of Angelus. Jamadigni Renuka promoted to Sergeant First Class. The Weasel (a cyborg) kills Coordinator David Hunter.
2112, November 2 9th Squad attends the funerals for 6 XSWAT officers killed by the Order of Enoch.
2112, December 10 Sergeant Malachi Brogan joins the 9th Squad. Angelus sees a huge rise in suicides, domestic violence, sexual assaults, and mob violence. 9th Squad helps stop a riot at the Glenmount Hotel.
2112, December 11 The Battle at Silver Hills Mall. Jamadigni Renuka is nearly killed by an Entity, but survives by calling upon Alice Cadbury for aid. As a result, the door into this world from the world of the Entities is opened just a little further.
2112, December 12 Sergeant Tyger places various artifacts in the Vault. Later, Director Cadbury, Coordinator Hart, and Lt. Shade access the Vault for reasons unknown.
2112, December 19 (approximate) Coordinator Hart and Lt. Shade access the Vault for reasons unknown.
2112, December 24 Sergeant Brogan released from the hospital following the events a the Silver Hill Mall.
2112, December 25 9th Squad Christmas Party.
2112, December 26 Leo leads 250-1,000 clades to XSWAT HQ to volunteer as auxiliary police.
2112, December 26-29 The 9th Squad enters Omega Sector to speak with Scanner/Raven and the Entity known as Jester. The 9th Squad experiences the passage of roughly 6-8 hours. Tyger looses his hand to an exploding maser pistol.
2113, January 4 (Session 20) One of the worst storms on record has formed near and over Angelus. It is almost a "perfect" storm. The 9th Squad attends a council meeting at 1 PM. Jamadigni realizes Hart's plan—to trade artifacts in the Vault to Gurzorath in exchange for Hart's missing son. The 9th Squad intercepts Lt. Shade at the Vault and stops him. Shade dies in the process. Afterwards, Director Cadbury takes the 9th Squad deep into Rho Sector and reveals to them "Santa's Workshop"—a storehouse of military-issue weaponry.
2113, January 4 (Session 21) While Sergeant Carpenter is called away, the rest of 9th Squad battles a Soul Stealer, who has possessed Lt. Hemelshot's daughter. The Squad then visits Satori Hanzo to see about getting the Yakuza to take Hemelshot's family to safety. As they return to Angelus they encounter James Masada's invasion fleet. Upon landing, the Squad discovers XSWAT has been disbanded, Cadbury dismissed, and the 9th Squad has been declared Enemies of the State by acting Coordinator Hart. The Squad also discovers that Carpenter had physically attacked the Vault with his sword, forcing it into 72-hour lock-down. In place of XSWAT is the forces of Internal Affairs.
2113, January 4-5 (Session 22) The 9th Squad organizes the resistance to the impending invasion by the Order of Enoch. They recover the Esperanza Grimorium, gather their gear at the 13th Precinct, and recover Nathan Carpenter from XSWAT HQ before returning to Santa's Workshop to plan. Masada's forces hit Rho Sector. Part of the 9th Squad trucks in weaponry to help the defenders of Angelus. Brogan takes Renuka to the center of Angelus. There, she summons the Digital Angel to assault Masada's troops. The 9th Squad then battles Masada and his elite forces directly, at the foot of the wall around Omega. The battle is won, with Tyger single-handedly battling 6 Enoch Armors, while Brogan captures Masada's nuclear weapon. Later that night, members of the 9th Squad disarm it. Nathan Carpenter is made a Knight of the Order of Enoch (the faction opposing Masada's Order of Enoch).
2113, January 13 Richard Hemelshot assassinates Roger Davies.
2113, January 15 Jamadigni Renuka discovers a way to stop Gurzorath from taking over the world. But it will take her a day to create and cast the spell (the Ordinus Seal). The 9th Squad, with Alice Cadbury, assault XSWAT HQ, and are able to secure Cadbury's old office, Meanwhile, the walls to Omega burst, and Gurzorath emerges. While Jamadigni remains behind to create the Seal, the rest of the 9th Squad, led by Alice Cadbury, gather at Rutger Bridge. Backed by remaining XSWAT, Angelus PD, and Angelus Volunteer Defense Forces, they stop the Entity invasion. Cadbury leaves the bridge to sacrifice herself in order to create the Seal. As the seal is created, Gurzorath himself appears, driving most everyone at the bridge insane. The 9th Squad do battle with him (and Yisarille). By utilizing Cadbury's gift—each member of the 9th Squad has a Moment of Perfect Grace—they destroy Gurzorath (at the cost of Carpenter's Spatha Sancta [his holy sword]). Hemelshot returns to XSWAT HQ to organize recovery. Carpenter is taken to an Order of Enoch hospital, accompanied by Jamadigni (Tyger followers later). Yiska returns to Phi/Psi sector, and Brogan remains at the bridge.
2113, January 16-17 Richard Hemelshot appoints himself Disaster Relief Coordinator and acting Director of XSWAT. He field promotes Tyger to Master Sergeant, Malachi Brogan to 2nd Lieutenant, Nathan Carpenter to 2nd Lieutenant, Yiska Karuk to 2nd Lieutenant and Director of Esper Affairs (with honorary rank of Captain), and Jamadigni Renuka to 2nd Lieutenant and Director of Metaphysical Affairs (with honorary rank of Captain).
2113, January 16-24 The Recovery Of Angelus begins. The death toll is estimated a 800,000, the injured at 1.6 million, the numbers of insane are unknown. As a sign of things to come, the Yakuza, in the form of the Kurobara-kai, show heavy and obvious involvement in the relief efforts.
2113, January 24 The 9th Squad meets with Acting Coordinator Hart and the remaining members of the City Council. Among their decisions are: Jamadigni Renuka is instated as the Director of XSWAT; all clades are given full citizen's rights up to and including full rights under the law and full voting rights; Rho Sector is opened up to become a clade enclave and "homeland"; Leo is appointed Director of Clade Affairs and Relations; normalize relations with the UN; refuse extra-territoriality for multinational megacorporations; regulate the operations of Sentinel Watch into something akin to a neighborhood watch, not a police force; seal off Omega Sector. Yiska Karuk retires from XSWAT to found the Institute of Tomorrow, Nathan Carpenter retires from XSWAT to work with the Order of Enoch full time. This is the last time the 9th Squad is together as members of XSWAT.
2113, January 25 Jamadigni moves into Alice Cadbury's old office, starts the process of rebuilding XSWAT.
2113, February 25 Tyger marries Marcia O'Keefe. Nathan Carpenter is Best Man, Jamadigni Renuka stands in for Alice Cadbury as the "mother of the groom."
2113, February 25 (or 26) Richard Hemelshot confesses to Nathan Carpenter about his assassination of Roger Davies. On February 27 (a Monday), Hemelshot gives Director Renuka a report detaining his involvement.
2113, March Richard Hemelshot is put on trial for murder. Leo is his defense attorney. Hemelshot is found guilty, but given a fairly light sentence of one year in prison. He is removed from the ranks of XSWAT.
2113, June Owen Hart steps down as Coordinator and confesses to his involvement in the Gurzorath affair. He is sentenced to life in prison.
2113, Spring to 2114, Spring Richard Hemelshot serves his prison sentence.
2114, circa July It has been 18 months since Gurzorath fell. The 9th Squad is no more, and per Director Renuka's request, the number has been "retired" from all XSWAT precincts. Jamadigni Renuka is Director of XSWAT, Nathan Carpenter is a Knight of the Order of Enoch, Lieutenant Malachi Brogan leads the "XSWAT Entity Busters," Master Sergeant Tyger serves as his second in command. Yiksa Karouk is Councilman for Phi (now called "Psi") Sector and the primary founder of the Institute of Tomorrow. Richard Hemelshot serves as a civilian combat instructor at XSWAT HQ.
2115, circa July It has been 2 years since Gurzorath fell. Angelus is recovering, crime is down, but the multinational megacorporations haven't invested as heavily as the city would like. The middle class is struggling, but is still there. Rho Sector (nicknamed "Roar Sector") has become a separate "clade nation." Omega Sector is still there and still dangerous, but not as bad as it was before. The Yakuza have become the dominate crime cartel in the city and have wormed their way into all parts of society and the government.
2116 XSWAT officer Mitch Brogan marries Director Jamadigni Renuka. The wedding marks the first time the 9th Squad has been together in at least two years.
2123 Sean Dastoor, rookie XSWAT officer, speaks with Director Jamadigni Renuka about what it was like during the "Dark Times" the morning of his first day on the job.

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