The 9th Squad

Sergeant First Class Richard Hemelshot
Sergeant Nathan Carpenter
Corporal Jamadigni Renuka
Corporal Tyger
Officer Yiska Karouk
Doctor Graham Burton (nominally a Corporal) (killed in the Omega Sector, body never found)

9th Squad support staff and 13th Precinct personnel

Captain Alexander Richards—Esper and chief of the 13th Precinct
Corporal Hanler—Dispatch officer at the 13th Precinct
Sirkowski—Lead technician/mechanic for the 13th Precinct
Officer Cadet Marcia O'Keefe (a.k.a. Marcy the Mechanic)—Cadet
Officer Cadet Cynthia Marks (a.k.a. Cyndi Sabyr)—Cadet

XSWAT HQ personnel

Alice Cadbury—Director of XSWAT

Previous 9th Squad
(killed in the Omega Sector, re-animated by Entities, died the final death):

Sergeant Andrew Weston—A psychokinetic esper
Sergeant Ellison Kincaid—A partial hardshell conversion cyborg, ex-mercenary.
Corporal Marcus Saffron—A sorcerer
Corporal Warden—A clade (escort model) and accomplished sniper
Officer Janet Omar—A power armor pilot

Associated Civilians

Alec Lafitte—Curator of the Darwin Memorial Museum of Fine Art
Andrea Larkin—Reporter for Channel 88
Cardinal Raul Denalls—spiritual head of the Order of Enoch
Chris Patton—Heir to Patton Salvage
Councilman Owen Hart—Member of the city council
Daniel Blackwater (deceased)—Hemelshot's former squadmate
David Hunter—Coordinator of Angelus, head of state
Dominic van Goren—(deceased, genesis of Omega Sector)
Dr. Louise Harmon—Free clinic doctor
Dr. Spencer (deceased)—Head Psychiatrist at the Chadworth Asylum
Hope van Goren—(deceased, exists as a haunting spirit)
Jay Patton—Owner of Patton Salvage, former owner of the Animus Mortis
Jeffrey R. Wilkins—Intern at the Chadworth Asylum
Judge Reinholdt—Angelus Circuit Court Judge
Leo—Clade Rights Activist
"Lucky" Jack Steele—Smuggler
Madame Red—Clade strip club owner
"Old Pauly" Santorino—Normal Police Patrol Sergeant
Scanner—Mysterious denizen of the Omega Sector
Sister Carmen Rosetta—Nun with the Order of Enoch


Andrew Dumas—Organlegger
The Animus Mortis (deceased)—Cursed painting
Anne—Mysterious esper
Carl Hansen (deceased)—Mercenary, leader of "Hansen's Howlers"
Dr. Sudra Kamang (deceased)—Blood Mage, creator of "Angel's Blood"
Ed Bentley (deceased)—Possessed human
Jaeger—Combat cyborg commander
Lucien St. Croix—Lace & Steel promoter
Marcus Bentley (deceased)—Possessed human
Mr. Akira Ozaki—CEO of Kurotachi Corporation (Angelus)
The Nominus Circle (The Circle of the Name)—ambitious sorcerer’s organization
Richard Thomas—Phoenix Interactive VP
Roger Davies—Special Prosecutor for the DA's Office
Ryan Sand—Domestic Disturbance husband and esper
Satori Hanzo—Oyabun of the Kurobara-kai Yakuza
Ysarille—powerful Class 3 Entity


Elaine Carpenter (Nathan Carpenter's wife)
Elizabeth Carpenter—Age 14
Timothy Carpenter—Age 8
Angelique Carpenter—Age 4
Michelle Hemelshot (Richard Hemelshot's wife)
Marianne Hemelshot—Age 8