Track List

  1. Emergence Suite
  2. Cyborg Battle
  3. What's the World Come To
  4. Omega Sector—The Wall
  5. Kurotachi's Theme
  6. Neuromancer
  7. Unending Journey
  8. Breakdown
  9. Omega Sector—The Fringe
  10. Eve of Destruction
  11. Release My Heart
  12. Saved by Science (Burton's Theme)
  13. Reachin' for Heaven (Jama's Theme)
  14. Marcy's Theme
  15. Uneasy
  16. Salva Nos (Carpenter's Theme)
  17. Investigation (Angel Night)
  18. 9th Squad Montage (Free Will)
  19. Omega Sector—Do we go?
  20. Blow Me Away
  21. Victory (part 2)

Source Material

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  21. (Same song name), Ronan Hardiman, Lord of the Dance

Soundtrack Notes

  1. I thought this song was a good intro to the disc, as it has a slightly harder, more "corporate" feel.
  2. Always good to have some fightin' music—this song brings to mind the madness of the battle with the cyborgs that nearly cost Hemelshot his life.
  3. This song is fantastic for Angelus, the lyrics are especially fitting. I also like the James-Bond-esque feel of the song as an the campaign opened up to bigger and better things.
  4. The Kull songs are all nice pastiches of rock and orchestra—Mike is helping me find more "creepy" songs for the Omega sector, but these Kull songs I think do at least a little justice to the big badness.
  5. Pure corporate shill. This song is intended to give that "happy-joy" face that most corporations put on for the public façade. Don't be fooled by appearances.
  6. Neuromancer is an excellent song for the setting and grasps much of the cyberpunk feel.
  7. Unending Journey is a great "let's get ready to kick butt" song that always brings to mind the squad's many meetings in the ready room to discuss strategy.
  8. Breakdown always makes me think of the scene at the Lace & Steel tournament where Carpenter and Tyger had the confrontation with Marcy and Cyndi.
  9. More Kull Omega Sector goodness.
  10. Eve of Destruction is an interesting choice, because there are actually a lot of similarities with Angelus and the 60's, including the threat of Armageddon (nuclear war) and a struggle for equal rights (the clades).
  11. Release My Heart is intended as a romantic interlude song—Tyger/Marcy, Carpenter/Elaine, Hemelshot/Michelle, Burton/Madame Red, Jama/Leo, whatever you think best, but there are definitely romantic subplots involved in the game and this song always makes me think about them.
  12. An admittedly cheesy song, but great lyrics! Plus, Burton does usually save the squad by science! *grin*
  13. An admittedly upbeat song, Reachin' for Heaven always leaves me feeling inspired. I often imagine Jama thinking about her Grandfather and living up to the legacy of a sorceress. Also, it captures the sheer joy of doing what you were born to do.
  14. Marcy's theme is a pretty happy-go-lucky song, intended to represent the new direction her life has taken since she was healed by Carpenter.
  15. Uneasy is a song Bob gave me, so you'll have to ask him what he thinks about the song. I like it a lot since it makes me imagine that the city itself is the subject of the song—you never quite know what you have until it's gone.
  16. Salva Nos is unrepentantly a techno chant song. Awesome Latin lyrics that give me the impression that Carpenter is out there battling the forces of evil whenever I hear it.
  17. This song calls to mind many of the investigations the squad has undertaken, especially those that take them into strange territories—the domestic disturbance, the steam tunnels—not terrifying and ugly places like the Asylum, but more on-the-job places in the city.
  18. A great song to imagine the whole team with—the new addition of Yiska prompted me to try and find something that sounded like it would apply to everyone equally.
  19. More Kull Omega Sector goodness
  20. Another excellent piece for the entire squad, this song brings to mind several fights the team has had—particularly the battle against the Angel's Blood Entities, Dr. Kamang, and Ysarille.
  21. Victory, like the song of the same name in the first soundtrack, is intended to represent the "holy cow, we made it!" feeling. Overall, this soundtrack has a positive outlook going forward, and Victory helps accomplish that.