13  STR 13  DEX 11  CON 10  BODY    15  INT
13  EGO 15  PRE 18  COM 3  PD   2  ED
3  SPD  5  REC  22  END 23  STUN

Powers and Skills Lame Leg: Running -2" (4" Total), Perk: Concealed Weapons Permit, Perk: Private Investigator's License, AK: Baltimore 11-, AK: Maryland 11-, Climbing 8-, Concealment 8-, Conversation 8-, Criminology 8-, Deduction 12-, Electronics 11-, English (native), KS: Camera and Video Equipment 11-, KS: Fairies 11-, KS: History of the Phenomena Department 8-, KS: Occult/Supernatural Phenomena 11-, Lockpicking 12-, Paramedic 8-, PS: Gardening 8-, PS: Private Investigator 11-, Security Systems 12-, Shadowing 8-, SL: +1 with Electronics, Lockpicking, Security Systems, Stealth 12-, Streetwise 12-, System Operations 8-, TF: Automobile, WF: Small Arms, Blades (swordcane)

25 + Disadvantages: DF: Limp (C), DF: Very Attractive and Long Haired, Easily Mistaken for a Woman (C), Phys Lim: Lame Leg (F, S), Psych: Cautious in the Face of the Unknown (C. M), Psych Lim: In Love With Michael Erica de Normandy (C, M)

Total Character Cost: 76

Trent DaSteel

Background: A former private investigator specializing in insurance fraud, divorce cases, and repossessing cars, Trent joined the Phenomena Department after assisting several field agents on case near Burkittsville. He enjoyed his work, finding it far more exciting than sitting in a car trying to film some man cheating on his wife in a dingy motel (usually while it was raining). Unfortunately, work could get a bit too exciting, as Trent found out first-hand, when one mission ended in disaster, with several field agents dead, and Trent in danger of joining them. Brought to a local hospital, Trent was saved by the actions of Doctor Christine Akagi, although not without a price - Trent's left leg would never be the same.

No longer a field agent, Trent works in and around the Phenomena Department maintaining the grounds and the perimeter fence. He's fairly happy with his present occupation, as his near-death experience at the hands (and teeth) of a ghoul pack have made him less eager to challenge the unknown.

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